Amazing Charity Shop Haul!!!

Ok so to start with I was already having a pretty good day, firstly Thursday’s are my day off work, and secondly I had an email this morning saying I’ve won £130 of makeup in a competition! Yippee! I’ll do a post all about it when the parcel arrives. So as it’s my day off I usually take a stroll into town and browse through the masses of charity shops where I live. I’ll often come home with something I like, and just as often I’ll come home empty handed. But today, today was exceptional. Take a look at the gems I found…

This printed silk shirt is very similar to the pink one I bought last week, and came from the same shop.



A gorgeous maroon mini dress with cute button details.


A bright neon pink Topshop cardigan.


A pretty beaded top.


A lovely grey jumper with an iridescent green sequin peter pan collar.


A large white envelope clutch.


New jewellery, 50p each, what a bargain!


And this most amazing digital print dress! It’s an H&M Trend dress from last year, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s all mine!!!


This little lot cost me about £25, what a bargain! 😀

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17 thoughts on “Amazing Charity Shop Haul!!!

  1. jamie-lee

    Great post, I love having a little mooch around the charity shops never know what you might find 🙂 I picked up a gorgeous H&M red high waisted skirt for something silly like £2.50 the other day. Bargainn x

  2. Dot

    Oh my gosh, I’m seriously envying your charity shop buys!! Are these shops right in Norwich or on the outskirts? I must find them. xx

  3. Ashley

    I need to start charity shop shopping! I have no idea why but I’m usually too scared to go in and have a look, must get over this! Haha. Some great buys you got though! Xx

    1. Support

      Nooo don’t be scared! Get in there and get rummaging! You never know what you might find 🙂 xxx

  4. Alice

    Wow congrats on winning £130 worth of make-up, I could really do with that as make-up is the one thing I’m known to impulse buy with :’)
    I love the grey jumper with the collar, so pretty and will go with loads of things. That dress is also so amazing xx

  5. Lisa maguire

    You’ve definitely made me want to trawl my local charity shops but I imagine there’s no hidden treasures!


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