Ideal Bedroom Wishlist

There are so many gorgeous things I want for my home right now, if only I could win the lottery! My next project is definitely the master bedroom. The room isn’t particularly big, and I have a second hand divan bed base which I really want to upgrade. A bed with storage really is a must in a small bedroom! Here is my ideal bedroom wishlist!

I found this gorgeous Sullivan Storage bed from John Lewis, just look at the drawers!    This is exactly what I need!

John Lewis Sullivan Storage Bed

While I was on the John Lewis site I found some other gorgeous things-

Such pretty duvet covers! – Scion Lace Stripe Duvet Covers

John Lewis Scion Lace Stripe Duvet Covers

Surface View Brian Hargreaves Lycaenidae Mural

Surface View Brian Hargreaves Lycaenidae Mural

Sanderson Concord Wallpaper

Sanderson Concord Wallpaper Lime

Luminocity Aperture Ceiling Pendant

Luminosity Aperture Ceiling Pendant

What are your ‘must have’ items for your home? xxx

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5 thoughts on “Ideal Bedroom Wishlist

  1. Just Jess

    That bed is lovely! I love built-in storage.
    I really love the butterfly mural, too, it’s gorgeous!

  2. beausandbows

    I just got a similar bed to the John Lewis one at Ikea for a really good deal. It only has 4 drawers, but they’re massive!

    -Tara Joy

    1. sheleznekoff Post author

      I did look at IKEA but you have to have their mattresses don’t you? I already have a super mattress so I just need a bed frame / base! xx

      1. beausandbows

        No, actually! That’s what I thought too. I got the Brimnes platform bed with the storage drawers (there’s a brimnes without the drawers too as well as a twin sized day bed version) and I have an awesome mattress already so we just bought the slats to fit the bed (or if you have a box spring you won’ need slats!) and the midebeam support. It was a great deal. Surprisingly sturdy and great for storage. is called a skorva, but I can’t find it on the site.

        -Tara Joy

      2. sheleznekoff Post author

        Oh that’s great! I always thought Ikea bed sizes were European so British mattresses wouldn’t fit! I’ll definitely look into it, thanks! xx

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