New Look Festival Fashion Wishlist!

Hi Guys!

So, it’s pretty much autumn / winter now and I have to say I’m not happy about it. The shops are stocking up on coats, winter boots and fluffy jumpers and I’m just not ready! I feel like I’ve missed the summer! So in the spirit of hanging on to the summer, today I have a new wishlist for you! This time inspired by festival fashion with a chilled out, laid back feel. Unfortunately I haven’t made it to any festivals this year, this doesn’t stop me lusting after these gorgeous items from New Look though! I think the maxi skirt is such a great wardrobe staple, this one is in a lovely neutral stone colour which will pretty much go with everything!


Everything in my wish list is currently available on the New Look site 🙂

I’d love to hear what your must have items are for this summer? xx

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