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Cosmetic Surgery… do you dare?

Posted on October 31, 2013

Hi Guys!

If you’re like most people there’s bound to be some part of your body you don’t like. I can literally name things from head to toe on my body that I’m not happy with. Would I ever go under the knife though? Absolutely not. Firstly I’m completely terrified of hospitals. When my little boy was poorly lasy year and I found out we had to take him straight to the hospital I pretty much had a panic attack there and then! If that wasn’t bad enough I’m also petrified of needles. Give me spiders, give me creepy crawlies, snakes, rats, bats, ghosts and ghoulies, but mention the phrase ‘blood test’ and I’ll pass out at your feet.

So for these reasons alone, the thought of major surgery out of choice does not appeal to me. Maybe I’ll change my mind, maybe I’ll reach 50 or 60 and everything will have gone south, I’ll be tucking my boobs into my waistband and I’ll feel brave enough for a bit of a nip and tuck. As well as that, seeing scary surgery pictures and horror stories on the internet does not exactly inspire me!

In the spirit of halloween (see what I did there?) here are some people with fabulously scary masks! …Yes I’m being sarcastic! Ha ha!






(Seriously though, these are pretty scary! I imagine these pictures are a lot scarier than anything you’ll see out on Halloween tonight!) 😀

In the mean time though, the only thing I would actually really like to have done is thread vein removal. This is a non-surgical (less scary) procedure. It’s not a major operation at all, I know this because my mum had terrible varicose and thread veins and she had them removed a few years ago. I’ve inherited a few unsightly veins from her that I would really like removed, SK:N Clinics offer straight forward removal of these by laser or injection. I would really love to have this done but in the mean time I’ll just have to cover them up with thick tights or makeup!

SK:N Clinics also offer many other non invasive procedures such as Microdermabrasion, Skin Peels and Laser Hair Removal. I’d be interested to hear if any readers have experienced their services?

Today’s post is brought to you in collaboration with SK:N Clinics. I hope you enjoyed it, happy Halloween!! xxx

Clarks Winter Boots Wishlist!

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Hi Guys!

It’s now reached that time of year when it’s getting colder, the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, and the sun seems to have better things do do for days on end, yes it’s Winter! I need to go through my wardropbe and get up to date with the season! But instead of actually going throught my wardrobe, I procrastinate about shiney things I find on ‘tinterwebs 🙂 So in the name of Winter and procrastination, here is a wishlist of awesome winter boots from Clarks that are going on my Christmas list! I’ve included boots for all eventualities; day boots, flat boots, high boots, ankle boots and cowboy boots!


Clockwise from top left –

  1. Mimic Play Black Leather boots £69.99
  2. Lockwood Quest Black Leather & Suede boots £120
  3. Africa Glow Black Leather boots £69.99 (my favourite)
  4. Majorca Spirit Dark Brown Leather boots £99.99
  5. Majorca Disco Burgundy Leather boots £110
  6. Keller Cove Black Leather boots £99.99

I’d love to hear if you have your eye on any awesome new boots for Winter?

I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 xxx

Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Dark Chocolate Eyeliner Review

Posted on October 28, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today’s post is a review of Clinique’s Quickliner for Eyes in Dark Chocolate. I’m a total eyeliner fanatic, it’s the one makeup item I feel I can’t live without, so when SMP Boutique asked if I would like to review this product I jumped at the chance!

clinique quickliner for eyes review

The eyeliner is in a ‘twist up’ style, so no sharpening is required. This really is a plus point as sharpening a pencil loses product, so you actually waste no product at all this way. The pencil also has a smudger at the end so you can soften your look.

clinique eyeliner review

The pencil draws smoothly on the skin, there is no dragging, and the colour lasts all day!

clinique brown eyeliner

I love this colour on my eyes, the dark brown is great as an alternative to black for a more natural look. Oh and did I mention this eyeliner is only £4.25!? You can’t barely buy a drugstore eyeliner for that price! You can still purchase this at full price from the Clinique site at £15!

clinique review

SMP Boutique also stock loads of other big name brands including MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Dior, all at hugely discounted prices, make sure you check them out!

You can use code TSNC at the checkout for a 10% discount on your order, happy shopping! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

Time To De-Clutter?

Posted on October 27, 2013

Hi Guys!

I’ve got a couple of days off work next week so I’m starting to have a massive clear out of ‘stuff’ I’ve accumulated over the years. I need to get rid of some junk and make some money, as well as free up some space in my house! I have tonnes of clothes, vintage clothes, makeup, house stuff, kids stuff, you name it really! I was going to do a car boot but now the weather’s turning colder I don’t think it will really be worth it. Plus getting up at 6am on a Sunday doesn’t really appeal to me! I’ve started off by selling my old clothes on local Facebook selling groups, and I’ve just discovered a great way to de clutter and make money is to sell your old CDs!

I’d never really thought of selling my cd’s until now. Most people have their music in digital format now anyway so CD’s are increasingly becoming redundant. I can’t actually remember the last time I bought a CD! What better way to free up some space and make a bit of money!?

It’s really easy to do with Music Magpie, all you do is enter the barcode of your cd on the homepage and Music Magpie will tell you how much you will receive for it, easy! You can also sell electronics such as mobile phones, laptops and LCD TV’s, as well as your old brand named clothes. Another selling point for me is that it’s free to send up to 25 items (not including Tech) so there are no postage costs either! 🙂

Have you used Music Magpie before? I’d love to hear if you have, or if you have any inventive ways of de-cluttering and making money?

I can’t wait to find out how much all my stuff adds up to! xxx

Sarah G Cosmetics Mineral Diamond Lipgloss Review

Posted on October 25, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today I’m reviewing Sarah G Cosmetics Mineral Diamond Lip Gloss in Northern Lights.

In case you haven’t heard of Sarah G Cosmetics, here is a bit of background info –

‘The brand was founded in 2011 by Irish girl Sarah McGough. With many years experience in the cosmetic industry, Sarah has a strong knowledge of what women want when it comes to makeup which led her to create Sarah G Cosmetics an innovative,high quality brand. The brands theory tells us that makeup is ageless; it is one size fits all and should be attainable to all walks of women, bringing colour to skin of all colours. Sarah likes to keep the packaging understated and let the products do the talking. The products are manufactured in the USA using extremely sophisticated scientific and pharmaceutical technology. They are not tested on animals.’

The Mineral Diamond Gloss comes in a clear tube with a silver lid and Sarah G printed logo, it feels and looks of good quality.

Sarah G Lipgloss Review

The gloss itself is really pretty, it has a clear base with fine glitter pigments that catch the light.

Sarah G Cosmetics Review

The gloss is a good consistency and I like that it has a clear base so you can wear alone or on top of another lip colour to add a hint of sparkle.

Sarah G Lip Gloss Northern Lights

Overall I do like the gloss, I have no complaints at all about the product itself. The only thing I would say is £14 is fairly expensive for a lipgloss (in my opinion) I think you could purchase very similar products from other brands at a more affordable price.

On the other hand though, currently 50% of the sale will be donated to NAPAC, which is a charity helping adults who have been abused as children. So if you do go ahead and purchase, you know you will be contributing £7 to a good cause 🙂

Lipgloss review

Do you own any Sarah G products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed my review 🙂 xxx

French Connection Electric Circus Dress OOTD!

Posted on October 24, 2013

Hi Guys!

I’m so excited to show you my OOTD today, it’s this stunning sequin Electric Circus dress from French Connection!

french connection dress

I’m so in love with this dress! The sequin embellishment is gorgeous and in such lovely coral pink and grey colours.

french connection ootd

I haven’t had a chance to wear this out yet. I’m going out with the girls in a few weeks though so hopefully it won’t be too cold to wear it then 🙂

french connection sequin dress

fc ootd

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

I’m an Access All ASOS Insider!

Posted on October 23, 2013

Hi Guys!

Earlier this month I applied for Access All ASOS, and today I found out I’d been accepted, YIPPEEE! This has literally made my week! I really didn’t expect to be chosen!

ASOS Insider Badge - 200 x 200

If you haven’t heard of Access All ASOS or #AccessAllASOS, this is a new group of selected ASOS ‘insiders’ who will be the first to be informed about new collections, opportunities to visit the ASOS HQ in London, invites to events and generally have access to all things ASOS! They even have a secret twitter account that only members can access! How exciting! 🙂

I received an email today to say I had been accepted, and then came home to find a parcel waiting for me with a hand written note, a fortune cookie, some nail stickers and a holographic belt! Awesome!

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 18.53.47

Congratulations to everyone that was accepted! If you wern’t lucky enough to get through this time, or have not yet applied, applications are now closed for this year but you can find out more info, and apply for #AccessAllASOS 2014 here.

I can’t wait to start sharing exciting ASOS news with you! xxx