A Girly Night In…

Hi Guys!

Last week I went to visit my friend Claire who has recently had keyhole surgery on her knee – ouch! She has to be off work for a few weeks and has been in lots of pain, so I thought I’d do something to cheer her up! Firstly, a surprise… what could it be??

Argento bag

I gave her a pretty Argento silver hearts bracelet, chocolate cornflake cakes, and painted her nails. What more does a girl need!? We had a proper girly night in together!


These cute hearts came with the bracelet too 🙂

argento jewellery

Argento Soul Sisters

Then we played with her kittens!! Aaaargh they’re so sweet! I want one!!!


Cute Kitten

Claire loved the bracelet and we had a great evening! She’s now on the mend and will hopefully be up and about soon. We don’t see each other very often so I loved spending time with her, and this has made me realise I really want to make a point of treating my friends more often and showing them that I care 🙂 xxx

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