The New Handbag Accessory You Need Right Now!

Hi Guys!

When the lovely guys at Where Shall I Wander offered to send me a product to review, I was really excited as they have loads of gorgeous things on their site, including an array of different bags, amazing jewellery and a selection of purses and scarves.

vip bag

Another item they sell is the Very Intelligent Pocket handbag organiser, or VIP for short. This is what I’ll be reviewing today 🙂

It’s actually a pretty nifty idea, you just put all your essentials into the organiser and pop it into your bag. The organiser has more pockets than you can shake a stick at (nine in fact) so you can keep everything tidy. Then, when you want to change handbags you simply grab the VIP and drop it into your new bag, this way you’ll know you won’t forget anything important! What a simple idea!

very intelligent pocket review

Now this, for me is a really genius idea. I can’t count the times I’ve decided to take a different bag out and forgot something important because I left it in my old bag without realising. One of my pet peeves is travelling without my iPod, this is probably the thing I forget the most as it’s so small and falls to the bottom of my bag.

whats in my handbag

So, first things first, decide what things are ‘essential’. After discovering I carry around nine, yes nine lipsticks and glosses with me every day, I managed to cut it down to a meagre four, and that’s a perfume atomiser too in the picture there. I also obviously need my purse, phone and iPod. I also absolutely cannot live without my filofax, I wouldn’t know who I was or what I was doing without this.

very intelligent pocket red

I managed to fit everything in the VIP fine, there is a pull cord on top which I couldn’t do up though due to the size of my filofax. I do carry a pretty big filofax and purse, which I know not everyone does, so others would be able to fit many more ‘essentials’ (25 lipsticks anyone?) in than me!

vip red

I’ve been using this for the past week or so, and I have to say I’m impressed! In that time I’ve changed bags three times and each time just needed to drop the VIP into the new bag, without rushing around searching for my missing/lost/misplaced essentials. Only once did I forget my iPod but this was because I didn’t put it in the VIP to begin with!

So what do you think? Is this actually a genius invention? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed my review 🙂 xxx

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8 thoughts on “The New Handbag Accessory You Need Right Now!

  1. Luchessa

    That is a really useful tool, when you love using a big purse & change it every second day. No more headache while searching for your lip balm. 🙂 xo


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