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The Fragrance Lab at Selfridges | Experience

Posted on May 30, 2014

selfridges fragrance lab experience

Hi Guys!

You may have seen my post about my amazing day out in London, if you read it you can probably tell a big part of our day was spent in Selfridges. I’d never been before so I was super excited! Our London trip also happened to coincide with the start of Selfridges Beauty Project (I didn’t plan that, honest!!) If you haven’t heard of The Beauty Project, it’s a six week project of pioneering talks, interactive debates, and immersive beauty experiences to challenge peoples perception of beauty. One of the experiences on offer was the Selfridges Fragrance Lab.

hello beautiful selfridges

fragrance lab

The idea of the Fragrance Lab is to match your personality to your perfect perfume! I thought I’d treat myself to this experience as a pre-birthday present!

selfridges fragrance lab

When I arrived at the lab, it there were lab ‘assistants’ scurrying around in white coats like scientists, I loved this! OnceI I’d checked in, I was then asked to sit down and answer a questionnaire on an iPad. Most of the questions were multiple choice with visual options, like ‘Choose the image that most represents you’.

selfridges beauty project fragrance lab

I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone that is hoping to still take part – as it’s on till the end of June, so I won’t go into too much detail. But it was really fun, very unexpected and exciting! (Maybe I’ll add more detail when it’s finished!)

selfridges fragrance lab analysis

It turns out I’m a bit of an awkward customer. My first fragrance analysis (on the right above) really came out like a description of my personality, but I didn’t like the fragrance that it matched to at all. It had a strong metallic element to it which I just didn’t like unfortunately. My second option came out as a complete contradiction to the first! With the first being modern and unusual, the second was a pretty vintage floral scent which I loved! My lab dude (sorry I can’t remember his name) told me I was the most interesting customer he’d had! (Maybe by interesting he meant awkward!)

selfridges perfume label

So I went with fragrance 248, which came in a lovely vintage style bottle and Selfridges pouch – I love that each bottle is different and corresponds to the ‘style’ of fragrance it holds. Also, these perfumes are all one offs made especially for The Fragrance Lab, so if you’re interested make sure you book your appointment now as they won’t be available again!

fragrance lab perfume

I would really highly recommend this experience – who doesn’t love a new perfume hey!? I also still have my London shopping haul to write up, so that will be on the blog soon!

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

MAC Morange Lipstick | Review

Posted on May 29, 2014

mac morange

Hi Guys!

Yes I know I have a slight MAC addiction at the moment – I just can’t get enough of their new collections! One of my favourite products ever though has to be MAC lipsticks. They sell pretty much every colour you could ever want or need. But, I have to say I’ve never been a fan of orange, on the lips or anywhere else, I was actually pretty scared of it. It always came across as being hard to wear colour – you’d need the right shade for your completion otherwise it could look horrendous – does anyone relate to that or is it just my thinking? But since trying Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Neon Red Lipstick and MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Atomic, which are both orange toned reds, I’ve been wanting to take the plunge and go for a full on orange lip. MAC’s Morange is perfect for this, it’s an intense, bright orange with a gorgeous creamy opaque finish. Usually I’m not keen on my pale skin but I think this colour looks really striking against fair skin like mine!

mac morange review mac morange orange lipstick best orange lipstick

I think this is such a gorgeous colour for summer, next up on my list is some orange lip glosses – let me know if you can recommend any! Also, I’m having real problems with my new lighting, problems in the sense that I first forgot to buy a stand, and now I have one the light doesn’t fit it! DOH! Anyway, as soon as it’s all up and running I’ll definitely be using this lipstick in some summer looks, keep your eyes peeled for these soon! xxx

Chrysler Ypsilon Vice vs Virtue – A Bank Holiday Day Out!

Posted on May 28, 2014

Hi Guys!

This is the third instalment in my Chrysler Ypsilon & Stylist Vice or Virtue Challenges!

Chrysler have planned this fantastic campaign for the launch of their Ypsilon stylish 5-door city car. For those that don’t know – Ypsilon is actually the greek letter Y. The story goes that the trunk of the letter Y represents our youth and as we reach adulthood we make the choice of taking the path of either vice or virtue… and this is where the idea of the challenges originated from! Research by Chrysler Ypsilon has found that a number of us would love to take the route of vice, but life pressures and fears of what others may think is preventing us from being more daring. Chrysler Ypsilon has partnered with to launch the Vice vs Virtue campaign to encourage women to step out of their daily routine and Dare to be different!

You can check out my first and second challenges and read all about what I got up to! And don’t forget, everyone can join in the fun so make sure you check out the challenges yourself!

This challenge is my first Virtue – ‘Plan a bank holiday day out’. I would have loved to have gone with the Vice option on this one which was ‘Go on a last minute city break to NYC’ if only my wallet would have allowed it!

So, if you follow me on Twitter you may have heard me mention a few thousand times that it’s nearly my birthday! (fyi June 12th, and sorry I get excited from about March, I can’t help it!) And it’s not just any old birthday, it’s going to be my 30th, eeeek! My bestest buds are in the same school year as me, and it just so happens our birthdays are all within a couple of months of one another. We wanted to do something special this year to celebrate together rather than the usual go to the pub or go for a meal, and as Becky and Kat have both just turned 30 and I’ll be joining them in less than three weeks now, we decided to have a special girly day out in London!

There wasn’t really a plan as such, just mooching around the shops, eating lots and just chilling out really. This is completely my idea of bliss. The only thing that could make it better was if it was a whole weekend! And maybe a credit card with no limit…that someone else was paying for! 😉

first resturante

After the not-really-so-long-because-we-were-talking-so-much train journey we headed towards the mecca that is Oxford Street. We started off by visiting a quirky little coffee shop off Oxford Street for a spot of lunch.

selfridges painted window

Then off to Selfridges! (of course!) Their window displays are always amazing and attract crowds of people taking photos – me included!

selfridges window

Selfridges are currently holding their Beauty Project, a six week in store programme exploring perceptions of beauty. One of the windows had a massive neon display which I loved, saying simply,


tom ford counter

I quickly spotted the Tom Ford beauty counter. Tom Ford makeup is top of my wish list right now – how I managed to pass it without purchasing anything I’ll never know!

burberry studded jacket

I then dragged my friends round the amazing designer fashion floor…

valentino studded mini tote prada studded top handle bag miu miu denim biker bag mary katrantzou

The bags, oh the bags! And the couture!!… I was in heaven. Ok enough fashion! My friends literally had to drag me out of there to head back to the beauty department in hunt of The Fragrance Lab, as I had an appointment booked. Oh, but look what happened on the way…

selfridges beauty project glamorous lady with poodle selfridges boxes

Suddenly the store music stopped and some retro jazz music started playing, it reminded me of the Mr Selfridge TV series. Security guards appeared from nowhere ushering crowds of shoppers to the sides of the aisles, it was all very exciting! Then an amazing procession of fabulous older ladies strutted down the aisles, dancing to the music and posing with preened poodles! They followed a stern looking porter, marching to the music holding a large sign saying,

the older you get, the more fabulous you are!

It was amazing! One of the lovely ladies even stopped with her poodle for me so I could snap a pic!

selfridges beauty project fragrance lab

After this distraction I then headed off to The Fragrance Lab (blog post to follow) while the girls did a spot of shopping.

dolly's afternoon tea

This was obviously all very exciting for us and very tiring, so we decided a stop for afternoon tea at Dolly’s Tea Room was a must…

salfridges cake

Let me just zoom in on that cake a bit for you…can you just taste it? 😉

greek meal

After more shopping we ended up at a lovely Greek restaurant in the evening, I’ve never eaten Greek before so it was a new experience for me, and Ioved it! Those weird green things were actually rice wrapped in vine leaves!

girls day out

The day was so much fun, it was great to actually book a day out with my friends. It’s so often that we talk about doing things, but they never actually happen. Big thanks Chrysler Ypilson for the nudge to do this!

Also, I’ll have my London shopping haul and Fragrance Lab posts coming up shortly for you 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

New Nivea Powder Touch!

Posted on May 27, 2014

Hi Guys!

Today I want to tell you about the new NIVEA Powder Touch; a powerful yet gentle antiperspirant which lasts for up to 48 hours. With an amazing soft skin sensation which dries instantly to avoid that sticky feeling, New NIVEA Powder Touch is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. The Kaolin powder combines quick drying results with a silky feeling, protection & comfort and a powder Touch collection, everything we have dreamed of for our deodorant! And what’s more, the fusion of fresh citrus notes of Bergamot and orange with extracts of rose and Lily of the Valley will leave you smelling fresh all day!

Most women will agree that even smallest part of the daily skin care routine can define how you feel the entire day. What part of your daily skin care routine is the most important to you? Lotion, lip balm, moisturiser… surely at least once it was a deodorant! How would it feel if you never had to worry again about unwelcome stains and short-lasting protection? We all want to look nice and most importantly feel confident!

Take a look at the video! I love that the video shows two sides of the ballerina, the ‘soft’ pretty dancing side, and the reality of the hard work that she has to endure to be the dancer she is. I’d love to hear what you think?

In a profession where underarms are naturally highly exposed we asked ballerina Jennie how she takes care of her underarms, her response was:

‘This is obviously quite a crucial part of a dancer’s anatomy as the underarm area is in constant view, but at the same time we need to feel fresh and comfortable. We make big demands of the products we use, which need to be effective against the demands of our physical activity and at the same time present a soft/smooth underarm whilst we are dancing on stage. Nivea products tick all these boxes for me.’

Because no woman is the same Nivea meets every woman’s needs, as the NIVEA Powder range is available in three different variants: a spray, a roll-on and a stick. For all of us that can’t wait, the collection goes on sale now in key retailers nationwide!


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Papillon Artisan Perfumes

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Hi Guys!

Today I want to introduce you to Papillon Artisan Perfumery! Papillon is a brand new company created by the lovely Liz Moores. It will be launching shortly with three gorgeous perfumes for the debut collection, these are – Anubis, Tobacco Rose and Angelique.

Anubis is a leather floral with notes of Egyptian jasmine, pink lotus, suede, immortelle, frankincense and saffron. This was the first perfume Liz created and was the catalyst for starting her own business.

Tobacco Rose is floral in the chypre style with notes of Bulgarian rose, rose de Mai, oakmoss, galbanum, geranium, beeswax and hay. Liz wanted to create a rose perfume that would challenge people’s perceptions of rose which is sometimes seen as dowdy or too pretty.

Angelique is a floral wood with notes of mimosa, osmanthus, white champac, orris and cedarwood.  As the previous two perfumes are big hitters Liz wanted to create a perfume with a more delicate and natural timbre.

All the perfumes are classical in their construction; using roughly a 50/50 ratio of naturals to synthetics with a high percentage of the extrait used in each bottle.

I’m definitely a perfume fanatic, and I love anything that’s slightly more unusual than your standard off-the-shelf fragrances. I’m not going to pretend I understand what all the ingredients and notes mean, because I’m no expert. But I think these perfumes are fabulous, they’re unusual – an acquired taste, and they definitely grab your attention. I can only think to compare them to Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection, though which ones correlate to which Papillon perfume I’m afraid I can’t say as I don’t remember all the scents individually. If you love niche perfumes though you should definitely give these a try!

Papillon Artisan Perfumery will launch on 24th June, a 50ml bottle will have an RRP of £94 xxx

Do You Want A FREE Real Techniques Brush Set?

Posted on May 26, 2014

Hi Guys!

I’ve got such an awesome offer for you today! How do you fancy a FREE Real Techniques Brush Set? I’ve teamed up with Topcashback to offer you guys this awesome deal for a limited time!



All you need to do is sign up to Topcashback, click on GET DEAL, then purchase the product as normal from Boots. Topcashback will then refund the money back to your account after 7 days!

Here’s the deal, make sure you follow these steps –

  • You must be a new member to TopCashback.
  • You must sign up via the above link.
  • That’ll then redirect you to a page explaining all about the deal.
  • Click on the “get deal” button and it will link to the Real Techniques Mini Brush Set product page at Boots.
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  • Delivery charges apply.
  • The offer ends on Sunday 1st June at 23.59.

Let me know if you sign up! And I hope you enjoy your awesome new brushes! xxx

MAC Proenza Schouler Mini Haul & Review

Posted on May 25, 2014

mac proenza schouler mac proenza collection review

So it would appear I couldn’t quite restrain myself. After my little Alluring Aquatic haul, MAC then released their Proenza Schouler collection at Selfridges, and as soon as I saw the ombre blushes I knew I had to have them, or at least one. I couldn’t resist! So I only bought three things, which is pretty good, right? I went for the Blush Ombre in Ocean City, and Lipsticks in Woodrose and Pinkfringe.

proenza schouler blush mac proenza lipstick

The Proenza Schouler packaging is fabulous. I must say in my opinion MAC have really stepped up their game with their latest collections. The Proenza Schouler collection comes in sleek metallic oil slick coloured casings, with an ombre effect and bold printed logos.

proenza ombre blush ocean city

The Ombre Blushes are simply stunning. There were two options to choose from, the above Ocean City, or pink toned Sunset Beach – I would have bought both if i could have justified it. Ocean City is described as a coral orange ombre into beige. It has a lovely mid beige-orange on the lighter side, and fades into an intense bright coral-orange.

mac proenza lipstick review

mac proenza lipstick swatches

This collection included four lipsticks in total, and I went for two of them. Woodrose which is described a s a light pink with beige lustre, and Pinkfringe which is a vivid flamingo pink satin.

mac woodrose lipstick review

Woodrose is a lovely nude light beige, and as it’s a lustre finish it was pretty sheer but surprisingly I really liked that! I usually prefer a more opaque finish but I think the sheerness of this lipstick made it really wearable. The formula was creamy and applied evenly. I can see this being a staple in my makeup bag this summer!

mac pinkfringe lipstick review

Pinkfringe is a pretty medium pink, mostly opaque with a frost finish. This lipstick felt slightly less creamy than Woodrose and did seem to highlight any dry bits on my lips. I’m not amazed by this but I do like it, and it’s a lovely colour that will definitely get used.

Overall I’m really happy with these products – I still wish I’d have picked up the other blush though but never mind! So… have you noticed something is missing in my post?

I didn’t swatch, or test the Ombre Blush. I’m sorry. I couldn’t do it. It’s too pretty to use 🙁

Now I’m writing this I feel like a bit of an idiot, it’s just makeup for God’s sake!! I just couldn’t bring myself to sick my finger it, or brush. I couldn’t ruin that beautiful ombre sunset…

On that note, do you have any products you don’t dare use?? I’d be interested to hear if you have any that are too pretty to touch! xxx