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Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Coral | Review

Posted on June 30, 2014


Hi Guys!

I was actually going to save this post till later in the week but I couldn’t resist! I’s SO glad I bought a couple of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks in my Sephora haul, they’re absolutely fabulous! So fabulous in fact, I’ve officially said the Melted Violet lipstick is my favourite product of the year! I cannot fault this lipstick at all. If you missed my Melted Violet review, you can check it out here.



So this is the Melted Coral Lipstick and it completely lives up to my expectations after Melted Violet. This is the most perfect coral colour ever! I can’t even tell you how happy I am with it! It’s bright enough to be noticeable, but it’s not too bright to wear every day. I know I’ll definitely be using this up quickly!


Sorry this review is a bit short and sweet! If you want to read more about the lipstick make sure you take a look at my Melted Violet post.

What do you think? Have you snapped up any of the Melted Lipsticks?

I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 xxx

Some Necessities From Boots… | Ok it’s a Haul!

Posted on June 29, 2014


Ok so I may have made a Boots order, – it’s for necessities!! And I did get loads of freebies and offers too… so it actually turned out to be pretty cheap… Here are the goods!

  • SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint in Medium
  • SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint in Fair
  • SEVENTEEN Lip Crayon (freebie)
  • Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment
  • Soap & Glory Exfoliating Glove
  • Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer Three – Piece Camouflage in Light
  • Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
  • Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack (buy two get a third free on S&G)
  • Garnier Perfect Blur Skin Perfcting Primer
  • Models Own Eyelash Curler
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick Electric Orange
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick Shocking Coral (buy one get one half price deal)
  • Yes to Cucumber Soothing Eye Gel

Ok so here’s a quick rundown of my purchases and reasoning behind them.

My go-to concealer has almost ran out, it’s Benefit Boi-ing in 02. It’s not a cheap purchase at £17.50 a pop so I went on the hunt for a similar product that’s either just a bit cheaper, or a budget buy would be perfect. I was recommended the Seventeen Phwooar Paint as it’s apparently fab dupe for Benefit’s Boiing, so I bought the Light and Medium shades so I can give them a go. I’ll have a comparison and review post up soon, watch this space! And as a nice little bonus I got a Seventeen Lip Pencil for free, result!

Next on to all the Soap and Glory bits. Now I’m going to be honest, I’ve never gotten into the S&G hype, I’ve heard good things about their products but never really had a need to buy any of them. When I was asking around for concealer recommendations, a few people also said the S&G Kick Ass concealer was great, so I thought while I was placing my order I’d add that in the mix to compare with the others. I noticed they also do a specific dark circle concealer called Trick and Treatment which sounded right up my street!

This reminded me that I had also been advised to try S&G Puffy Eye Attack – I’m having real issues with under eye bags at the moment (must be my age) so I added this to my bag too. When I was looking around the Soap and Glory section on the boots site, I came to realise they do a lot more products that I originally thought. So as they were on a buy two get a third free offer I picked up a couple of other bits including the One Hell of a Blot, shine controlling face powder and their Exfoliating Glove.

I also don’t own an eyelash curler. I know, it’s a crime right? So I went for the very reasonably priced Models Own curler at only £6.00. This was a bit of a ‘blind’ purchase, blind in the sense that I hadn’t checked out any reviews prior to purchasing so I have no idea what to expect with this one!

I’ve also had my eyes on the Maybelline colour Sensational Vivids Lipsticks ever since I bought the Neon Red one which I love! These are my second favourite lipsticks to MAC, and are really reasonably priced at £7.19 each. Boots had an offer on for buy one get one half price so how could I possibly resist!? I went for Electric Orange and Shocking Coral.

And finally onto the skincare bits. The Yes To Cucumber Soothing Eye Gel jumped out at me as it had 90 customer reviews on the Boots site with over 4 out of 5 stars as an average rating. It was a reasonable £11.99 so definitely worth a shot I think! And lastly the Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Skin Primer. This again appealed to me due to the 113 very positive customer reviews. I have a real issue with visible pores so anything that could possibly reduce the appearance of my less than perfect skin is worth a try!

So I think that’s about it! All will be tried and reviewed in the coming weeks!

Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to hear if you have and what you think of them? xxx

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Violet | Review

Posted on June 27, 2014


Hi Guys!

If you saw my birthday Sephora Haul the other day, you’ll know I picked up a couple of the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. I’m a complete newbie to Too Faced, I’d heard of them but never tried any of their products before. But when I saw reviews and pictures of the new Melted Lipsticks popping up all over the internet and blogosphere I knew these would be right up my street!


The Melted Lipsticks originally came in six colours, but I’ve just checked the Too Faced site and seen they’ve brought out four new colours, yay! The idea is they have the staying power of a stain with the intense colour of a liquid lipstick and the high shine of a gloss in one long-wear formula.

Too Faced says –

  • Too Faced Co-Founder and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino had never seen lipstick more beautiful, intense, rich and glossy than when it’s in its melted form in the cosmetic labs. With this inspiration, we created a lipstick liquified so it doesn’t lose its pigment or shine while keeping a comfortable, flexible and cushiony wear.
  • Provides high-impact, super rich, saturated pigment in a long-wear formula.
  • Precision tip applicator to allow for a clean, effortless application each time (no liner needed!)


The Melted Lipsticks come in bright packaging to reflect the colour of the product, and I really like the tube and box, they look fun and colourful but also high quality and expensive. The applicator tip is circular in shape and has a fluffy finish, you just squeeze the tube and the product appears at the tip.

Now this is going to be a bold statement, but I need to say that this is officially my favourite beauty product of the year. It officially is. I can’t fault this lipstick at all. The colour is perfect; it’s by far my favourite shade of purple, and I own a lot of purples. The formula is smooth and creamy and makes my lips feel just fabulous. It doesn’t bleed at the edge of the lips, it doesn’t sink into the creases of the lips, and it doesn’t dry my lips out at all, it’s just perfect! I NEED TO BUY ALL THE COLOURS NOW!!!


What do you think? Do you love this colour? I think I’m in love, am I crazy? I also have Melted Coral which will be up on the blog next week! Yippeeee!!! (Sorry I’m feeling rather giddy with joy!)

If you want to nab one of these up for yourself, the cheapest price I can find them in the UK is £16.91 from Debenhams with free delivery.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried ant Melted Lipsticks? xxx

Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Eye Liner | Review

Posted on June 26, 2014


Hi Guys!

Well, I was the happiest bunny in the land yesterday when I came home to find an unexpected parcel waiting for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened it to find a Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner from Lookfantastic! Seriously thank you so much guys! This was the nicest surprise ever! I’ve been checking this eye liner out ever since Benefit started promoting it a fair while ago. Since then I’ve read quite a few reviews, and most of them were positive so I really wanted to give this intriguing new product a go!

If by some strange reason you haven’t heard of the They’re Real Push Up liner, where have you been? Really?? It’s Benefit’s latest big product launch, and the newest eyeliner on the beauty market. It’s obviously paired with the They’re Real Mascara – which I happen to love. So I have really high hopes for the liner too!

This eye liner is described as ‘the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen‘ The formula is a matte black gel, that shouldn’t budge or smudge at all. The idea is that the special AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner so the product gets right in to the lash line.

It’s pretty easy to use, you just twist the base to push the gel up to the tip, and apply starting from the inner corner of the eye. Simples right? Benefit have also included a handy guide to help you.


On first inspection the pen is pretty weird looking! The tip is made of flexible rubber with a fine slit in the top for the gel to come through. When you first open the pen there’s an orange bung in the end to stop the product from leaking.





You then just twist the bottom of the pen to make the product come out. I first swatched this on the back of my hand and found you can get a really fine line. I drew a few lines and when I went to clean my hand it had already dried, I realised then this stuff is pretty tough to remove!

When I applied this to my eyes I found it a bit awkward at first, but as soon as I got used to the technique and got the hang of it I was on a roll! I managed a fantastic feline flick on my left eye on my first attempt! But I also managed to smudge my right eye and panicked whilst I rushed to clean the smudge off before it dried!

I’ve now been wearing the liner for the majority of the day with no problems, I’ve rubbed my eyes lightly and there was only the slightest transfer. The colour in a deep intense pigmented black, it’s easy to work with and you can very easily create a fantastic flick with a bit of practice! I’m really happy with this product!


So what do you think? Have you tried this eye liner yet?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! xxx

I Heart Makeup | Haul, Review & Swatches

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Hi Guys!

So here is my I Heart Makeup review post! You may have seen my introduction post the other day telling you about the brand new division of Makeup Revolution. I Heart Makeup is different to Makeup Revolution as it’s classed as ‘fast fashion makeup’, so fingers crossed there will be exciting frequent new products on sale then! They very kindly sent me a selection of products from the new range to try out and play with, and here they are! I have the I Heart My Lips lipstick in Heart Attack, Lip Geek lipstick in Love The Confidence, I Want Candy Blush in Blushing and Slogan Palette in Explicit Content.


I Heart Makeup currently have two types of lipstick on sale. There’s the I Heart My Lips Lipstick, at £2.49 which comes is in a black casing and the lipstick itself is heart shaped with a lighter colour running through the centre. The other is the Lip Geek Lipstick, £2.99, which is ‘normal’ looking rather than heart shaped, and comes in a high shine pink and purple casing but this one also comes in a black box with embossed metallic lettering.

i-heart-makeup-lipstick-review heart-lipstick i-heart-makeup-lipstick-swatches

I had a feeling the I Heart My Lips lipstick was going to be a bit sheer and balmy looking. I wondered if maybe this is because it kind of reminded me of a lipstick a little girl might have, you know the ones that are very sheer and not really a lipstick? This must be just because it’s heart shaped! Anyway this was not the case at all. You can see from the above swatch that it’s a gorgeous intense bright red colour. It has a satin finish and was also really moisturising and comfortable to wear. The Lip Geek Lipstick was not quite as moisturising and slightly sheerer, it also had the slightest hint of sparkle. Both are great bargains at less than £3 each, but the I Heart My Lips lipstick was definitely a favourite for me.

i-heart-makeup-blush-review i-heart-makeup-blush-swatch

Next up is the blush. Now I’m not actually sure which blusher this is, it just says ‘Blushing’ on the back but I can’t actually see this shade on the website. So I don’t know if there’s been a mistake or if this just isn’t for sale yet. I’ll find out what’s going on and I’ll update this post! Anyway, I absolutely love this blush, it’s a light muted beige pink and it’s the perfect accompaniment to my Kelly Osbourne Jolly Good Mineralize Skinfinish! The blush in the Jolly Good compact is more like a highlighter, and this I Heart Makeup blush is just the perfect colour to wear with it, just like the MSF the finish is satin and gives a hint of glow which I love!


And now on my favourite item of the bunch, the palette! The Explicit Content palette is one of four ‘Slogan’ palettes. This one has a mixture of 36 matte and shimmer shades ranging from nudes to more intense colours and it costs £7.99. It’s worth mentioning the casing is pretty awesome too, if you tilt it backwards and forwards you can see different images!

My initial thoughts were that this would be similar to the What You Waiting For Makeup Revolution palette, as it’s made by the same company. The matte shades weren’t so great on the What You Waiting For palette so I kind of expected the same with Explicit Content. Luckily with this one though the majority of shades are shimmers, with only six of the shades having a matte finish.






The colours on first glance look awesome! I love the warm golden tones and the intense blues! On closer inspection a few of the shades are a little bit ‘samey’ for my liking, but overall there’s a decent range of colours. I decided to start off by swatching one colour that stood out to me from each column of shadows. I’ve marked below so you can see the ones I chose. (FYI the first two and second from last are matte shades)


Ok so here are the swatches, and as predicted the shimmers were pretty much fantastic, and the mattes were unfortunately a bit of a let down. The shimmer colours were buttery soft and were so pigmented, you wouldn’t think they were from a budget palette at all. The mattes on the other hand were pretty chalky and hard to work with.




Just look at that amazing burnt orange!! I can’t wait to try some looks out with these colours!

So the only let down here are the mattes unfortunately, but at least there’s only six of them! So you still have 30 great shimmer eyeshadows here for £7.99 – it’s still a fab budget buy!

So what do you think about this little lot? Does anything catch your eye?

I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 xxx

MURU Jewellery Rose Gold Swallow Necklace | Review

Posted on June 25, 2014


Hi Guys!

I’m now officially the owner of the prettiest necklace possibly ever, from MURU Jewellery at Lulu Winter And it arrived on my birthday too 🙂 Lulu Winter very kindly sent it to me for review and to show you guys. Here’s a bit more about MURU jewellery if you haven’t heard of them –

Muru’s design philosophy is to create fashionable jewellery with inspirational meaning.

Throughout history jewellery has been worn for its meaning & symbolism. Muru’s Talisman range is about simplifying jewellery & making it more meaningful in the modern day. Each Muru design has an individual sentiment or significance that empowers & inspires the wearer… these are jewellery designs for inspirational living.

Each Muru creation is designed in London but draws inspiration from cultures & mythologies that stretch right across the globe. Muru’s trademark British style is the 3-D nature & intricate detailing of each piece – giving you delicate designs that are beautifully created in sterling silver, gold vermeil & rose gold vermeil.

rose gold bird necklace

The Talisman Swallow Necklace in rose gold vermeil is absolutely gorgeous! It arrived beautifully packaged in a white textured MURU embossed box. Inside, the necklace sat on a purple faux suede like background. Two little cards were included in the box, one with the MURU logo and another explaining what the swallow symbolizes. The chain itself is fine enough to be pretty, yet definitely sturdy. There’s no chance of that bad boy snapping! The dainty swallow is about 2cm across and has a tiny diamond for it’s eye.

dainty swallow necklace

pretty bird necklace


How completely gorgeous is this necklace!? MURU have so many Talisman necklaces on offer, in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. You could choose an acorn, a wishbone, a key, a feather, or a scarab to name but a few. I think these necklaces would look amazing layered up! You can also buy matching earrings and bracelets!

So what do you think, is this necklace the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen!?

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

This post contains a sample provided for review

MAC Kelly Osbourne Mini Haul | Review & Swatches

Posted on June 24, 2014


Hi Guys!

So finally I’ve gotten round to posting about my Kelly Osbourne purchases! I brought these as soon as they appeared on the Selfridges site a couple of weeks ago, and I’m glad I snapped them up when I did, they sold out pretty much straight away!

So what’s this collection about? (As if you didn’t know!)

The most fabulous mother-daughter duo of Sharon and Kelly Osbourne come to M·A·C with a two-part collection of statement-making hues for eyes, lips, face and nails. Here, the inimitable Kelly Osbourne collaborates on a collection of fearlessly vibrant hues and tools for eyes, lips and face. Bloody Brilliant Quad Eye Shadow x 4 in pale lilac and blackened plum complement Lipstick in bright pink, orange and light lavender. Cool beige and soft pink Mineralize Skinfinish Duo highlights skin in a luxurious, mineral-rich formula for a polished perfect finish. Limited-edition packaging in Kelly’s iconic light violet with signature in red.

I wasn’t really interested in anything from Sharon’s collection, nothing appealed to me except for possibly the eyeshadow palette, but I already have lots of brown eyeshadows so I decided to pass on that. But Kelly’s collection on the other hand really caught my eye, especially the lipsticks and the mineralise skin finish duo powder and blusher. So I bought three out of the four lipsticks and the Mineralize Skinfinish Duo Powder!

The packaging for Kelly’s collection is a pearlescent lilac colour, to reflect the colour of her hair (I want my hair this colour too!) And unfortunately I’m not keen on it. It’s not the colour necessarily, but after the fabulous Proenza SchoulerAlluring Aquatic and Pedro Lourenco collections, the Kelly packaging is a bit of a let down. It’s just a bit light and plasticy. It feels a bit cheap. Never mind, anyway on to the lipsticks!


I purchased Kelly Yum Yum, a bright blue pink satin, Dodgy Girl, a light lavender matte, and Strip Poker, a light nude matte. I’m kind of torn because I do love a matte finish, but often my lips do not as they can be on the dry side. I absolutely love the colour of Dodgy Girl, and the matte finish wasn’t too drying so this is definitely a keeper! On the other hand Strip Poker, the other matte lipstick, was just not the right shade for me. You win some you lose some hey! Buy Kelly Yum Yum probably just pips Dodgy Girl as my favourite because I love the gorgeous vibrant bright pink colour and the satin finish is really forgiving and super comfortable to wear.




And finally the gorgeous Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Jolly Good –

Two luxurious formulas in one compact. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light cool beige, a luxurious velvet-soft powder with natural finish and Mineralize Blush in soft pale pink. Adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks and brows, or an overall polish to the face. Limited-edition packaging in Kelly’s light violet with red signature.

Again I’m very happy with this product. About a third of it is apparently a blush (says MAC) but I’d say it’s more of a highlighter, MAC described as a soft pale pink, which it is, but it’s not really dark enough to be a blush in my opinion. It also has a slight hint of gold sparkle. The other two thirds of the compact is a gorgeous light coloured bronzer, described by MAC as a light cool beige, it’s definitely a very light colour, with a golden satin finish. I knew as soon as I saw this compact that I would love it! The bronzer powder is gorgeously soft and perfect to add just a hint of colour to my fair skin tone. It leaves your complexion with a subtle glow which is exactly the look I love! If you have dull skin I’d definitely recommend this! The highlighter / blush is not quite as exciting, it’s more on the powdery side but still a fab product!




So there we have it, mostly thumbs up all round from me! Did you grab anything from Kelly’s collection? I’d love to hear if you did! xxx