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The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Collection

Posted on October 31, 2014


Hi Guys!

I must admit I’m not that familiar with The Body Shop products, It used to be a favourite store of mine in my teen years but I haven’t tried their products lately. So when I was offered the chance to try their newest range of Wild Argan Oil products I jumped at the chance! The Wild Argan Oil range is derived from fair trade Moroccan aragn oil, which is extracted using traditional methods. Firstly, the fruits are sundried, then the argan nuts are removed and gently cracked open by hand with two stones. This reveals 2 or 3 kernels and only the best are selected. These kernels are then pressed, filtered and allowed to settle over 48 hours to extract the purest oil possible.

Argan Oil is renowned as a super versatile natural beauty product that can be used on the hair and body to create shine and soften the skin. Read on to find out what I thought of this range of products…

Wild Argan Oil Body Butter 200ml (£13.00) – This body butter has a thick buttery texture that offers instant hydration on application. I used this after my bath and it made my skin super soft and supple. I also really love the scent of the Argan Oil collection, it reminds me of something but I just can’t put my finger on it!

Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub 200ml (£13.00) – This is a gorgeous product including argan shell exfoliants to scrub away dead and dull skin cells, helping to stimulate the skins surface and leaving you looking and feeling radiant and fresh. I’m always cautious when it comes to exfoliators due to my crazy sensitive skin – anything that’s potentially abrasive must be carefully checked out tested! I’m pleased to say that this scrub was fantastic, it did just what it said on the tin and left my skin feeling soft and happy!

Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel 250ml (£4.00) – Another one that did exactly what it said on the tin – this beautifully scented soap free shower gel gave a nice thick lather (I do love a good lather!) and didn’t dry my skin out at all.

Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil 125ml (£14.00) – I love this all rounder product, this Radiant Oil is a beautifully rich, dry oil for hair and body that leaves both hair and skin super silky to touch.

Overall these products are just fantastic, I really don’t have a bad word to say about them! They do what they’re supposed to do and are really affordable, I’d definitely recommend all of them and I can’t wait to try out some more Body shop products now!

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx

This post contains samples provided for review

The Perfect Pumpkin Face Mask for Halloween…

Posted on October 30, 2014


Hi Guys!

I’ve got a brand new face mask to show you today! The Dermaquest Mini Pumpkin Mask promises to decongest and exfoliate in just two minutes and for no more than 50p per application – how great does that sound!?

This really is the perfect mask to try out for Halloween – It’s main ingredient is Pumpkin Pulp which apart from being totally relevant right now is also both anti-bacterial and rich in enzymes that actively digest excess skin cells. I just imagine it gobbling up all the dead skin! Kind of cool, kind of eww right! It also contains AHAs which gently decongest clogged pores, leaving you with a clean and polished complexion. This mask is advertised as being ideal for mild forms of acne and pigmentation too; rich in antioxidants, the mask is anti-inflammatory and prevents future breakouts by controlling the production of comedones – small black or white coloured spots that occur as part of acne breakouts. It’s also safe for sensitive skin – which is good news for me!

The Mini Pumpkin Mask formulation comprises 4% Mandelic Acid (which is anti-ageing, anti-acne and brightening) and 3% Lactic Acid (an effective pigment inhibitor that is intensely hydrating). These are the AHAs which gently clear out clogged pores leaving you with a polished complexion.

The product is a translucent orange with a lovely cinnamon scent, it just reminded me of christmas! I applied a 50p sized amount to cleansed skin and left it to work it’s magic for a couple of minutes. The instructions say 2-5 minutes but I prefer to err on the side of caution when trying new masks due to my sensitive skin. I felt a slight tingly sensation at first, I’m guessing it was doing it’s thing! this did concern me momentarily but I needn’t have worried, as soon as I washed off with cold water I could tell my skin was fine. It was left slightly red and blotchy (but definitely no signs of an allergic reaction, yay!) which calmed down after a short while. My face was also super silky and felt lovely the next day too!

The Mini Pumpkin Mask is £28 for 56.7g. It does sound pretty expensive, but you only need a tiny amour of product for a full mask, and Dermaquest say you can get 56 masks out of a tube, making them only 50p each. So when you put it like that it really is a bargain!

I also have a Dermaquest cleanser which I’ll be reviewing shortly, I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of their products?

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx

Wantable October Makeup Box | Review

Posted on October 29, 2014


Hi Guys!

It’s time for another Wantable box! October’s box definitely looked to be a good one on first glance, this is the only box (I think) that’s had five items in! Yay! I’ve got a great mixture of eye, lip and face products, so let’s get stuck in…



First up is the Ofra Blush Illuminating Stripes ($29.95)

These unique blushes are made with high-grade pearls and pigments pressed using sophisticated technology exclusive to OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories. Once applied, Blush Stripes highlight your cheek bones in any light giving every face the illusion of ever-increasingly popular high cheekbones (think Kim Kardashian) while also providing the natural, pink glow every woman desires and expects from a quality blush. These product can double-duty as a four-colored eye shadow powder as well, making the Blush Stripes an economic cosmetic option that feels like a splurge.

Good points – I love these shades individually! The highlight is fab and you only need a tiny bit for your whole face. The blush shades are also super pretty used sparingly.

Not so good points – I tried applying the stripes in one swoop – using a wide brush I made sure I picked up each of the colours and stroked it on, making sure the highlight was on top of my check bone and the bronzer underneath. This did not work! Firstly the four stripes next to each other were too wide for my face so they didn’t sit right, and secondly the shades were way more pigmented and shimmery than I expected, even after blending in I still looked like a shimmery clown. But I still think this is a great product used sparingly.



Next is the Eddie Funkhouser 16h 4-way Liquid Concealer in Light ($10.99)

The 4-way Liquid Concealer is a dynamic multi-tasker formula designed to: 1. Neutralize redness, 2. Correct dark circles, 3. Brighten and conceal 4. Soften the appearance of fine lines.

Good points – I have serious dark circles and under eye bags so I really had high hopes for this product. And I have to say I was rather pleasantly surprised! It looks like a pretty standard liquid concealer, but after it’s dried it leaves a lovely matte finish that DOESNT CRACK. This is really important to my as most concealers crack into the fine lines under my eyes. This one does not.

Not so good points – My only complaint is this is not quite a pigmented as I’d like. I do have super dark bags though, so if you’re looking for an under eye concealer for ‘normal’ under eyes, this could be perfect for you!



Next is the Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner in Black Diamond ($16.00)

This Eyelicity Glitter Liner is a micro-glitter liner saturated with a burst of pigmented color that gives you lustrous sparkling eyes on days you want to be a little glamorous! This amazing formula is long-lasting and quick-drying once set! It is also smudge resistant and will keep the gorgeous glitter on your eyes and not your cheeks!

Good points – I love the fine glitter in this liner, it really caught the light and looked great over my normal black eyeliner.

Not so good points – The liquid formula was quite sheer – you can see on the above image that it’s quite see through. I wouldn’t wear this eyeliner alone as it just doesn’t have the depth of colour I’d like.



Next is the MUD Magnolia Lip Glaze ($12.50)

Light, emollient Lip Glazes deliver a burst of sheer, glossy color that’s smooth and never sticky. Stash the squeezable tube in a handbag for a quick sweep of color on the go, or use a brush for more precise application.

Good points – This gloss is a pretty, wearable colour. The formula is non sticky and comfortable to wear.

Not so good points – I’m sorry but I really don’t like the packaging of this product. To me it looks and feels cheap. I’m just not a fan of this style of gloss applicator!



And lastly the Chella Luscious Light Brown Eyebrow Color ($18.00)

The fine tip on this sleek European-designed mechanical pencil has a creamy consistency that glides into place and can also be lightly smudged for a more natural look (use the brush/comb attachment on Chella’s Razor, sold separately, to achieve this effect).

Good points – This pencil has a super fine tip that’s perfect for drawing on tiny brow hairs that look natural. The product formula is quite dense, helping create a sharp line, but can also easily be smudged.

Not so good points – None!

So there we have it! Overall I think I’ve got a great little bundle of products here! This box of goodies came to $87.44 (£54.35) which is also a complete bargain! Wantable also now offer a fitness box, you can check out their site here.

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx

Pebble Grey £190 Light Up Mirror GIVEAWAY!

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Hi Guys!

I’ve got another fantastic giveaway for you today! This time it’s a fabulous ‘Leto’ light up mirror by Pebble Grey worth £190!

The Leto mirror is battery operated so no wiring necessary – just hang up and get ready to light up your bathroom or bedroom. It also hangs both ways so can be portrait or landscape.  The Leto requires 8 x AA type batteries and is also compatible with rechargeable batteries and comes with a 5 year electrical component guarantee.  For more information see Pebble Grey.

Framed with innovative daylight LEDs and made with high quality 5mm clear glass, the Leto would be a welcome addition to any bathroom. The best part is it could soon be proudly standing in YOUR bathroom – all you have to do is enter the competition for your chance to win!

To win this amazing mirror worth £190 all you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter below. The giveaway will be open for two weeks and is open to UK entrants only. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch! good luck! xxx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks | Review

Posted on October 28, 2014


Hi Guys!

Well another week, another new release from Makeup Revolution! Don’t act surprised! 😉 This time it’s The One Blush Sticks. There are eight chunky sticks to choose from in this collection, including four shimmer / sheer shades and four matte shade equivalents…


On the above picture on the top row we have Malibu, Dream, Pink and Rush, and the bottom row Matte Malibu, Matte Dream, Matte Pink and Matte Rush. The One Blush Stick collection includes a great range of completely different colours, and with each shade having a matte option too there should easily be something to suit everyone!


The One Blush Sticks are £5 each, and I’ve heard that they’re comparable to NARS Multiple’s which are £30 each! I don’t have a NARS Multiple to compare I’m afraid so I can’t tell you myself, but if you take a look at the NARS site you’ll see they do look incredibly similar! If the product is similar too, then these really are a complete bargain. I anyone knows for sure please let me know!


Above top row are the standard Blush Sticks and the bottom row are the Matte Blush Sticks.


On to the swatches! Here are the standard (shimmer) Blush Sticks. I love the first shade, Rush, it’s a sheer coral shade that’s super pretty and I think it will suit most skin tones. Pink is a bit more daring in shade and pigmentation, and Dream looks like maybe more of a highlighter to me? It does have a hint of shimmer and I think it’s probably too light for a blush, but again this will depend on your skin tone and the look you’re going for. Malibu is quite dark with a hint of shimmer too, this would definitely work well for darker skins.


And the matte shades – wow! How totally intense and pigmented are these!? Don’t forget, these are swiped directly on my arm to show you the full potential of the shades, you wouldn’t wear them like this! (I hope!) All the shades are super blendable so you only need a tiny amount to start with and you can easily build up the colour as required. Again Rush is my favourite here (I have a thing about coral shades) and I think Malibu could be used as a contour with a really light hand – I’ll have to give it a go and let you know how I get on!

I’d love to hear what you think and if you’ve tried these?

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

NEW Sleek Highlighting Palette | Review

Posted on October 27, 2014


Hi Guys!

You know how I LOVE Sleek makeup, well take a look at this gorgeous hot off the press Precious Metals Highlighting Palette they’ve just brought out, it’s so pretty! The palette comes in a metallic brownish coloured casing, it has a mirror on the inside and a mini brush. I know it’s not technically Christmassy in any way, but it does kind of remind me of christmas just because it’s shiny and shimmery 🙂


Clockwise from top left the shades are – Platunim, Royal Gold, Antique Bronze and Renassance Gold. All the shades are cream except Antique Bronze which is a powder.

Platinum is the perfect highlight for the inner corners of the eyes, the brow bones and the tops of the cheek bones. It gives a lovely shimmery sheen that is in no way glittery, but catches the light to highlight your features perfectly. It’s also worth pointing out that this palette can be used all over the body, so you can add highlight or use Antique Bronze as a bronzer wherever you want to look sun kissed!

Royal Gold and Renaissance Gold are two similar rose gold toned shades. These are super pretty and perfect for brighting up your complexion for an evening out. I found the cream shades worked best applied with my finger (or a small brush for the inner eye) and I tried a light dusting of Antique Bronze all over including my arms and chest with a fluffy brush for a lovely golden glow.


The three lighter colours really remind me of a cream version of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. If you fancy the look of the hourglass palette but don’t fancy forking out £56 for it, you should definitely give the Precious Metals Palette a go, it’s only £9.99 and yes it’s mostly cream rather than powder, but you have all the colours you need here to create a gorgeous glowing look.

The Precious Metals Highlighting palette is available now for £9.99 from Sleek Makeup.

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx

This post contains a sample provided for review

Why Jane Norman is better than Karen Millen

Posted on October 24, 2014

Hi Guys!

Ooh controversial statement, I know! So hear me out. Karen Millen is EXPENSIVE, yes? But they do offer some gorgeous clothes. I love their statement dresses that you can spot a mile off – but at £100 plus for a frock it isn’t cheap by anyones standards. This is where Jane Norman comes in. Did you know they were still around? A favourite of teens around the country – when I was at school Jane Norman was the store to shop in, and if you didn’t have a neon orange rope handle branded bag to carry your p.e kit in you were NO ONE. Anyway fast forward to the present day and Jane Norman can be found in House of Fraser and is still going strong online. They have a great mid-range price point that’s friendly on the wallet, and after browsing their site for a while I noticed some of their pieces really reminded me of none other than uber expensive smart-wear fashion brand Karen Millen.

With sleek feminine shapes, fitted dresses and striking colour contrasts and prints, Jane Norman really reminds me of a more purse friendly Karen Millen… I’ve picked out some of my favourite items and compared them below – enjoy!

statement dresses comparison_edited-1

Karen Millen are famous for their statement fitted dresses, above is the Mesh Block Knit Dress for £130 and on the right we have the Jane Norman Monochrome Mesh Panel Dress for £40 – what a bargain!

evening dress comparison_edited-1

Don’t forget your fancy evening style dresses – that we all need once in a while to attend awards ceremonies and what not 😉 Again Karen Millen’s Satin Maxi Dress is on sale for an eye watering £250 (on the right) and the super pretty Lace Bandeau Corsage Maxi Dress, by Jane Norman comes in at just £70 (on the left). The lace dress is so pretty, it’s a clear winner for me.

boots comparison_edited-1

We all need ankle boots, I can’t love without mine. These Leather Ankle Boot from Karen Millen, with a peg heel come in at a purse-clenching £199 – the price point really is too high for such a plain looking boot for my liking. The Elastic Insert Ankle Boot from Jane Norman, with a mock-croc finish and gold toe cap, is just £45 though, this is more like it!

strip dresses comparison_edited-1

The classic stripe dress. We have Karen Millen’s Stripe Tshirt Dress at £130, ouch! And Jane Norman’s Striped Panel Dress at £45. I love both of these  so ut really does come down to the price for me.

coats comparison_edited-1

Ok so this one may be a slightly unfair comparison – the Karen Millen Draped Sheepskin coat on the left costs a complete fortune at £1400, I know it’s sheepskin but if I was ever going to spend over a grand on an item of clothing I’d be looking at something from a high end designer. The Jane Normal Belted Waterfall coat in a very similar style is a mere snip at £65.

So maybe next time you’re after a statement dress or fancy evening frock, before heading straight to KM or some of the more well known brands why not check out Jane Norman first, they may have exactly what you’re looking for 🙂

i hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post is in collaboration with Jane Norman.