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Clarins Limited Edition Aquatic Treasures Collection

Posted on April 30, 2015




Hi Guys!

May is almost upon us and already summer beauty collections are starting to hit the shelves! I think summer collections are my favourite, they’re all about sun-kissed skin, nude lips and dazzling eyes – just what I love! And Clarins’ latest offering is no exception. The Limited Edition Aquatic Treasures Collection has just launched and the products are beautiful. I have the Bronzing Compact, Individual Eyeshadows and the Radiance Boosting Complexion Base to share with you today.


I’m going to start off with my favourite product, the Limited Edition Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact (£30)

Easily the star of the collection, this beautiful bronzer comes embossed with a marine inspired motif to suit the theme of the collection, and I just don’t want to use it and ruin it! Seriously though does anyone else this a problem with pretty limited edition products like this? I also have a MAC ombre blush from the Proenza Schouler collection that I can’t bare to touch!

Eventually though, I did manage to use and also swatch the bronzer for you below – you can see it contains four warm brown shades ranging from beige to terracotta, the lightest of which should suit even fairer skin tones. I’m super fair and found running my brush over the two lighter shades worked well for me. I love that you can customise your bronzing with this palette to suit your skin tone and your needs. You could also use if for sculpting as all four shades have a matte finish, and the lighter shades could also work well as a blush on the right complexion.


This compact also contains Clarins’ Anti- Pollution Complex and Light Optimizing Complex which minimises lines and imperfections, helps keep the skin moisturised and supple and protects it from the harmful effects of free radicals and pollution. As well as looking beautiful, I love that this palette is actually good for your skin!



Next are the Limited Edition Ombre Iridescente Eyeshadows (£19)

This is my first experience of Clarins’ eyeshadows and I don’t think I’ll ever look back! Shades 01 Aquatic Rose and 03 Aquatic Grey have been added to the Aquatic Treasures Collection at they are just stunning. I couldn’t grasp the formula at first – is it a powder? is it a cream?? (FYI it’s actually a cream-to-powder formula) It’s the most velvety soft eyeshadow I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, and surprisingly pigmented too. I only needed the tiniest amount of product for the above swatches, so it’s safe to say these little pots will last you a long time!

Aquatic Rose is a beautiful high shimmer rose gold shade, it would look stunning on tanned skin (which mine isn’t – yet!) and you literally just swipe it across the lids with a finger and you’re done! Aquatic Grey may be slightly harder to wear just because it’s a darker shade, the high shimmer finish is very forgiving though, so if you’re looking to experiment with a summery smokey eye, I highly recommend you try this shade out.

And lastly the Limited Edition Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in 04 Apricot (£26)

Clarins have added two new shades to their current range of Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Bases from this collection – which are 04 Apricot and 05 Golden Bronze. The original three shades were made to target specific concerns – Rose (brightens all complexions), Champagne (corrects redness) and Peach (restores lustre to medium and matte skin) whereas the two newer shades are more about creating a healthy sun kissed glow, whilst evening out the complexion.

My instant thought was ‘oh no, this shade is way too dark for me’ but this actually works fantastically well mixed in with your normal foundation to give your complexion a bit of a radiance boost. My skin can often be quite dull and sallow so I’m totally up for any product that’s going to make me look a bit more alive and healthy. This Complexion Base does just that. I also like to fake tan in the summer so I’ll be able to use it on it’s own to help eliminate imperfections and give my skin a flawless finish.

I think the Complexion Base will be a staple in my makeup bag this summer, it has a creamy consistency but feels light on the skin and when used on it’s own it absorbs really quickly rather than sitting on the skin and feeling heavy like a foundation can do. This product also contains the new High-Lumitec Complex which brightens the complexion and optically corrects imperfections, and the Anti-Pollution Complex to keep skin protected, whilst still maintaining luminosity. I may just have to snap up a couple of the other Complexion Bases too!

This really is a stunning collection, but don’t forget it is limited edition, so if you’re thinking about making a purchase, do it sooner rather than later or you may miss out!

The Aquatic Treasures Collection is available now from Clarins.

I’d love to hear what you think of this collection? I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

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How I Plan To Lose 5 Stones

Posted on April 29, 2015


Hi Guys,

Ok so I feel like I’ve come to a bit of a turning point in my life. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time now, suffering on and off with anxiety, and eating my worries away. This negative cycle has caused me to put on five stones in about a year and a half. Yes FIVE stones – half a person. I’m carrying around an extra half person on my body every day. No wonder I’m always tired.

Basically I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m down, or stressed or upset. I’ve been using food as a crutch, and even though the instant gratification felt worth it, the long term effects have really taken their toll on my health and well being. I constantly feel sluggish, my get up and go has got up and gone, and my weight gain has severely affected my confidence. I feel like I’ve turned into a different person.

The main reason for all of this was my job. Without going into detail I basically hadn’t been happy there for a long time. So not so long ago I decided enough was enough, and handed in my resignation. It was super scary but I’m so glad I did it. Funnily enough I was then offerered a different job at the same company, doing a completely different role, as well as working less hours. I felt a mixture of relief, happiness, and excitement, now I can really get stuck in with my new job! This also gave me more time to focus on myself in terms of my health and fitness, as well as my blog and my other freelance roles.

I guess I kind of feel like a weight has been lifted, I’m now in a much more positive frame of mind, and I’m ready to lose this weight! Here’s how I plan to do it –

1. Drink more water. This was actually a new years resolution and I’ve been pretty slack with it. I drink a lot of tea, which I don’t think I can live without, and I know it’s dehydrating which completely defeats the purpose. So moving forward I’m just going to have a glass of water with every cup of tea I make. Simples!

2. Cut out the junk. I’ve been in SUCH bad eating habits. Hence why I put so much weight on. I’m a grazer, and I literaly snack all day out of habit. I’d buy a multi pack of doughnuts / chocolate bars / cakes with the idea that I’d have one now and again for a treat, but I’d just scoff them all in one go. I’ve now completely cut this out and I’m going cold turkey. No treats, no snacks, nothing bad at all. And I’m feeling GOOD about it!!

3. Eat healthier. Apart from cutting out the obvious junk, I want to actively eat healthier meals that will help me to feel good and lose weight. I’m going for high protein / low carbs in general, and lots of veg and greens. I’m trying out some products from Exante at the moment, so for example I’m swapping my lunch for an Exante meal or shake, and swapping out my sweet snacks for their high protein options or fruit. I also have a few bits from My Protein to try out too – I’ll have an update with how I’m getting on with these shortly.

4. Exercise. Ahh exercise. This has also been my downfall. I just wasn’t doing any – unless walking to the loo counts?? I’m now using my Wii Fit to do stepping, hardcore super fast stepping! I’m doing half an hour a day at the moment, then when I’m used to it and not so knackered I’ll make the step higher (the other half has pimped my step for me!) and eventually add wrist and ankle weights too.

(I should point out that I’ve actually done all this once before. When I was pregnant I put on 4.5 stones and I lost it all the year after, so I know I can do it again!)

5. Monitoring my progress. As well as the Wii Fit, I also recently purchased a FitBit Charge which is fantastic for keeping track of how much exercise you’re doing, it tracks your steps, your sleep patterns, your heart rate, and you can also manually input your food intake so it can count your calories. I’m really finding this is helping me too, so I’ll have a separate post on it shorty.

Ideally I’d like to lose the weight by the end of the year, but for a smaller goal I’m aiming to lose 1 stone by my birthday which is 12th June. I think this is achievable! Wish me luck xxx

TSNC April Advertisers

Posted on April 28, 2015


Hi Guys!

This month’s advertiser has been the lovely Georgi from Norwich, read on to hear a bit more about her and her fab blog –

I’m Georgi, 25 from Norwich. My blog is an extension of my life, and a place that’s full of everyday inspiration. It’s somewhere you can go with a cup of coffee and get your fix of home decor inspiration, travel across the word, indulge in healthy living tips, help me to break stigmas surrounding blogging, mental health and more, see me decorate and re-decorate my new house, and generally see what I’ve been buying and how I’m living. My blog exists to help everyone to find a little piece of inspiration when they need it most. I hope to see you sometime.


I’m particularly in love with her beautiful living room! (Seriously why doesn’t mine look like this!?) And she even has a post on how she created the amazing gold and marble coffee table in the picture! You can check out Georgi’s blog here and follow her on Bloglovin here.

I still have advertising spaces available for May, which include an ad space in my sidebar, social media mentions and much more – please do check the details out here and if you’re interested drop me a line at to book in xxx

NEW Kiss Cosmetics Lip Vinyl Liquid Lipstick

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Hi Guys!

I’m really excited to say that I’ve got a brand new product from a brand new company to share with you today! Kiss Cosmetics are the new kids on the blog in the world of makeup – specifically lip products (at the moment anyway). They’ve recently launched with a selection of 10 KISStick lipsticks in a range of shades to suit every skin tone. Their second product, Locked Lips is launching tomorrow, and their Lip Vinyls which I’ll be reviewing today will be available at the beginning of May.


I can tell you that Kiss are a brand that listen to what people want. I’ve actually been aware of Kiss Cosmetics for quite a while – possibly since last summer if I remember rightly. They set up a secret Facebook group where bloggers and MUA’s could give honest feedback while they were developing their products. From the shape of the lipstick bullet to the colour of the packaging, Kiss wanted input from the people that would be using their products, and it looks like they listened!


So lets take a look at the Lip Vinyl. This is a liquid lipstick offering extreme pigmentation with a high coverage gloss finish. It’s basically a lipstick / gloss hybrid, giving you the best of both worlds – the pigmentation of a lipstick, with a non-drying formula and application of a gloss.

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere at the moment, and you probably know already that I’m a big fan of matte and velvet formulas from the likes of Jeffree Starr, Lime Crime and Too Faced, so it’s great to see that Kiss are offering something a little different.

The Lip Vinyls definitely have the feel of a gloss, though the formula is definitely thicker and creamier. First Kiss is a pretty bright candy pink shade, it’s not sheer at all like you would expect from a gloss though – the colour really packs an impressive punch which I wasn’t expecting! I’ve swatched on my hand for you below so you can see what I mean (Sorry I don’t have a picture of it on my lips guys, my lips are really dry at the moment so it just would’t do the product justice) I can tell you though this does feel hydrating to wear – which is good for my dry lips, but you will lose the glossy finish after a couple of hours – or earlier if you’re eating or drinking. My lips have kept some of the colour but could do with a re-application after about two hours.


I’m very impressed with this product, and it really excites me to find out what Kiss will come up with next! There will be 10 shades of Lip Vinyls on offer which will match the already available KISStick lipsticks. The Lip Vinyl Liquid Lipsticks are £7 each from Kiss Cosmetics, and they will be available from 06/05/25.

I’d love to hear what you think? Will you be trying anything from Kiss? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Kiko Modern Tribes Collection

Posted on April 27, 2015



Hi Guys!

Kiko Cosmetics was one of the beauty brands I had my heart set on trying this year, and I’m so glad I have! I tried a couple of their lip products in one of their Valentine’s sets, and more recently their Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow from the Latest in Beauty Glamour Box, and I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. They’ve also just brought out an exciting new collection too – Modern Tribes.

The Modern Tribes collection is just perfect for the impending summer. It focusses on glowing bronzed skin, intense eye colours and natural pink shades for the lips. It’s a pretty hefty limited edition collection, including foundations, a whole range of colour cosmetics, fragrances and a face brush. I have a blusher, lip and cheek pencil, eyeliner and mascara to share with you today.



The Tri-bal Soul Baked Blush in 03 Wild Mauve (£14.90) is easily my favourite product, I mean just look at it! It comes packaged in a beautiful and unusual dark wooden case with a magnetic closure, and a handy internal mirror, and the product itself smells quite vanillary, similar to a MAC lipstick. The blush consists of three complimentary shades in one pan, the shades are large enough to use individually, or can be swept together to deliver the perfect balance of colour. This is easily one of the prettiest and most wearable blushers I’ve ever come across, I love the fact that you have a choice of three shades to suit your mood, and the satin / sheen finish it leaves on your skin is just beautiful. This is a fantastic blusher to add radiance and brightness to your complexion, and it also comes in three different shades (which are going on my wish list!)


Next the Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks Pencil in 02 Supreme Guava (£8.90) – this is a multi-functional jumbo lipstick and blush pencil that delivers a radiant matte finish. It has beautiful highly pigmented creamy texture that glides on and is easily blendable and buildable for more intense colour. Supreme Guava is the most stunning bright coral peach shade, I’ve been wearing it on both lips and cheeks and it’s just the most beautiful summery shade – I’m a big fan of peaches and corals! As with all the products in this collection, it would look fantastic with a tan!



The Graphic Ritual Kajal Eyeliner in 03 Touch Turquoise (£6.90) is one of six vibrant inner and outer eyeliners for use on the waterline. This pencil is super soft – so soft that I applied too much pressure when I first used it and broke the tip off, oops! You know I’m a fan of coloured eyeliners so Touch Turquoise is right up my street! It’s an intense turquoise shade with a hint of sparkle, I’ve used this for nearly a full day and I’m happy to say it stayed put and didn’t smudge at all.


And lastly the Dawn To Dusk Volume Mascara in Black (£8.90) – as it says on the packet, this is a black mascara with buildable volume. The formula has a creamy texture and gives a shiny finish to create volumized lashes. I have to say though, the wand is pretty big and I think if you have super short lashes like I do, you might find it a bit difficult to use. If you’re blessed in the lash department though then go for it as this mascara definitely creates volume!

Ok so there we go! Can you tell I’m just loving this collection? I really want to snap up the other two blush shades because they’re just so beautiful, and there’s also a bronzer in this collection too, which I might just pop into my shopping cart while I’m there 😀

I’d love to hear what you think? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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The Weekly Top 5 #3

Posted on April 26, 2015

the weekly top 5 no 3

Hi Guys!

It’s the end of another week already, and I can’t believe this is my third Weekly Top 5! This week I’ve been on a complete health kick, I’m feeling positive and focussed and I’ve been eating well and exercising ALL WEEK. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any weight come off yet, which is a bit disappointing, so I’m just assuming I’m putting on muscle! Here’s the run down of this week’s favourites –

Beautylab Instant Renewal Eye Complex (£28.00) – I’ve just started using this new eye cream from Beauty Lab with the hope that it will improve the general appearance of my eye area. It promises to lift and restore the delicate eye area, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkes. Luckily I don’t have any actual wrinkles as yet, but the fine lines are just starting to appear, as well as puffy eye bags which I’ve suffered from for a long time, so I’m hoping this product will tackle them too. It’s too early for results to show as yet, but time will tell!

NYX Butter Lip Glosses (£5.00) I have a few Butter Glosses which I’ve had for a while, but I’ve found myself reaching for the Apple Strudel shade quite a lot this week. It’s such a pretty spring peach that’s easy to wear and helps brighten the complexion. I love peaches and corals for spring so I’ll hopefully be featuring some more of these shades on the blog soon.

Years & Years. Since being lucky enough to get Saturday tickets to Radio One’s One Big Weekend in Norwich, I’ve been looking into which bands are playing. I’m so out of the loop with music at the moment I literally have no clue about who’s who, so I’ve been browsing youtube looking up all the acts so I at least have some sort of idea, and I’ve decided that Years & Years are officially my new favourite band! Check them out on Youtube, and you can also pre-order their album which is out in June.

Double Chocolate Virtue Bars (£8.99 per box) I’ve been really focussing on fitness and eating well this week and I have a few food bits from My Protien to help me on my way. I’ve been absolutely loving their Double Chocolate Virtue Bars, they’re basically a quick and convenient snack bar that’s high in protein and fibre and less than 95 calories per bar. It’s a great way to satisfy my chocolate craving without undoing the good work I’ve done so far.

Boujies Candle in Pink Pomelo (£16.00) – This sweet little candle arrived last week too, and I’ve been lighting it every day since. Boujies create 100% natural wax candles, blended with their unique blend of essential oils and fine fragrances. This one – Pink Pomelo is a clean and crisp citrus blend, described as ‘a sparkling and uplifting citrus fragrance with top notes of yuzu, grapefruit, sweet lemon and effervescent pink pomelo. Lifting from a bright floral heart of jasmine blossom, elderflower and muguet, gently resting on a musky base of amber infused with a twist of white tea’. This fragrance is light, bright and beautifully refreshing.

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Festival Fashion Inspiration with

Posted on April 25, 2015

lyst festival wishlist

Hi Guys!

I have to admit, I an officially the queen of procrastination. I can while away hours on Pinterest looking at pretty pictures and tutorials and pinning until the early hours, if you’ve used the site you’ll know the addiction is very real. But I’ve now discovered a brand new distraction site – It basically offers a unique shopping experience where you can create wish lists (or lysts) for anything and everything where it comes to fashion and accessories.

So how does it work? Well you might want to make a lyst to plan an outfit if you have something particular mind, so you just search for what you’re looking for and start adding the items you like to your lysts, it’s as simple as that! Or if you’re like me, you might just like looking at gorgeous clothes and accessories and creating wish lists! It’s also worth mentioning that the site coveres a whole range of brands, from high end designers like Burberry and Valentino, to easily accessible high street brands such as ASOS and Topshop.

I’ve been playing around with the site for a little while and used it to come up with a ‘Festival Fashion’ lyst. I’m in love with the beautiful Diane von Furstenberg Pink Ombre Silk Kaftan and the Madewell Arrow Flip Necklace especially, and both are included in the image above. DVF is a bit out of my price range unfortunately, but the Madewell necklace is well within what I can afford at only £36, and I never would have come across it if it wasn’t for this site!

What I love is that has made me aware of so many more brands and companies than I ever knew existed, and one of the best things is if you add something to one of your lysts and it’s out of stock, you will also be alerted via email when that item comes back in stock, or even if one of your choices goes on sale – which is super handy if you have your eye on something specific.

If you love fashion and discovering new things, I’d highly recommend you check out!

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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