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Cohorted October Beauty Box | Review

Posted on October 29, 2015


Hi Guys!

It’s time again for another Cohorted beauty box, this month there’s a fantastic selection of products covering makeup, skincare and nails –

  • bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser, 60ml worth £5.08
  • bareMinerals Purely Nourishing Cream, 30ml worth £16.20
  • Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Mascara, worth £14.50
  • Ciate Paint Pot Nail Polish in Serendipity, worth £9.00
  • bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Ligloss in Hypnotist, worth £16.00

Total value of box – £60.78.

Ok so clearly this box is pretty bareMinerals heavy – I love bareMinerals products though so I don’t really mind!


Let’s take a look at the rather amazing Marvelous Moxie lip gloss from bareMinerals first. The shade is called Hypnotist, and it’s a highly iridescent gloss that changes colour depending how you look at it, much like an oil slick! It has a bright yellow base, which changes to pink and purple in the light. Now this shade is clearly not going to be for everyone, but with a light touch, this gives a lovely sheen to the lips and can be worn on its own or over lipstick.

There’s also a bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser, and Purely Nourishing Cream in this month’s box. I really like bareMinerals skincare products, simply because they do the job, and they agree with my sensitive skin!

The Purely Nourishing Cream is specifically made for dry skin, so it’s perfect for my less than hydrated complexion. I imagine I’ll get a lot of use out of this in the coming winter months. It sinked into the skin really quickly and left my face feeling deeply nourished. This is a winner in my books!

The Purifying Facial Cleanser is a lightly scented daily cleanser that’s perfect for removing makeup and impurities from the skin. As expected, this does exactly what it’s supposed to, it’s a good little product that removes makeup and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.


The next product which caught my eye is the rather pretty Ciate Paint Pot in Serendipity. This is a beautifully fine rose pink coloured glitter that’s suspended in a clear base. This would look gorgeous on top of a dark pink shade 🙂

And lastly, the Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For The Mascara. Now this mascara, I like! It has a fairly short bristled rubber brush, which is perfect for my short lashes. I often find I manage to make a complete mess with larger brushes! This mascara is definitely better for volume than length, so don’t expect massively exaggerated lashes. It’s a great product for every day use though.

Overall I’m really pleased with this box! I’d love to hear if you picked up this month’s box, and what you thought of it?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Halloween Tutorial: Cuts, Wounds, and Diseased Skin

Posted on October 27, 2015


Hi Guys!

After popping into the P.A.M professional makeup store last week, and seeing the most amazing – and fairly straightforward looking Halloween tutorial. I thought I’d give it a go myself!

I’ve always been interested in professional theatrical makeup, but never really had the time to look into it further, so this was the perfect excuse to give it a go! 🙂


To create wounds, cuts, gashes, scratches and bruises, you will need the above products:

  • 3rd Degree Silicone Compound
  • Kryolan Fresh Scratch
  • Bloody Marvellous Blood Test Tube
  • Ben Nye Small FX Wheel (Cuts & Bruises)
  • Sponge for stippling
  • Palette or bowl for mixing


Ok so to start with, you need to prep the skin by removing all makeup from the area you’re going to work on. You then need to mix the two parts (A and B) of the 3rd Degree product in a bowl to create the bumpy and uneven base for the wounds. This silicone is fantastic for creating a multitude of 3D effects. You just mix one part of each tub on a separate palette, and you have up to five minutes to apply and manipulate the product on the skin until the formula thickens up and stiffens, and eventually sets in place.

You can really play around with the silicone to create deep cuts, it’s also easy to build up by letting one layer dry, then mixing up another batch and applying more on top. I decided to play it fairly safe for my first attempt and just go with your bog standard flesh wounds on the cheek. I ended up applying two layers of silicone, and I used a blunt knife to create a line in the centre where each cut would be on the wounds.


After waiting for the silicone to dry I grabbed the Ben Nye Cuts and Bruises FX Wheel to discolour the skin and make it look nice and dead! It’s at this point I realised I needed a stippling sponge – which I don’t have. So I cut the corner off a dish washing sponge and it worked fine! I used the rough side to lightly dab on colours from the FX Wheel to add bruising effects to the face.


I then grabbed the tub of Kryolan Fresh Scratch, which is perfect for creating the look of old, clotted blood, as it’s a really deep red shade. It also has a really thick, gloopy consistency which is easy to work with. I applied this with a thin brush to the inside of the wounds. I then added some ‘fresh’ looking blood from the Bloody Marvellous Test Tube and let it drip down the face a bit for some added realism.


So here you go! I was pretty pleased with this for a first attempt! The finished effect isn’t perfect by any means, but I think it’s a good start, and it was actually really easy to do. If you’re a complete theatrical makeup novice like me I’d definitely recommend picking up these products as a good starting point.


I just wanted to show you what the silicone looks like after it’s been pulled off! I love that it dries like PVA glue, so you can just peel it off – so satisfying! Also, my model Sam has pretty sensitive skin so we were both pleased to see that she had no adverse effects to the silicone, blood or makeup.

Big thanks to my friend Sam for being my model / guinea pig! And all the products used are available now from Precious About Makeup.

I hope you enjoyed my post! I’d love to hear what you think?

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The Perfect Products for Halloween Nails & Lips

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Hi Guys!

Well Halloween is officially upon us, and luckily for me Fred has decided he wants to wear last year’s Spider Man outfit, so he’s sorted already! 🙂

For those of you not going for a full on blood and gore look this weekend, and are looking for something a bit more subtle, I thought I’d gather together a few beauty products together which would be the perfect addition to any halloween outfit…


First up we have the Morgan Taylor Rocky Horror Picture Show Mini Pack (£14.99)

This fab little set was created especially to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the greatest cult film and longest running theatrical release of all time – The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This pack of four mini 5ml polishes contains three top selling Morgan Taylor colours as well as a glow in the dark top coat. The colour shades are All White Now (bright white), Pretty Woman (red crème), and Little Black Dress (black crème).


The polishes are definitely some of the best I’ve ever used in terms of consistency. I nearly had full opacity with just one coat, with is unbelievably impressive for the white shade especially. I ended up using two coats for the above swatches, and (apart from the white, which I messed up a bit) they all have a gorgeous high gloss finish.


Next we have the Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection (£1.00 each or all five for £4.00)

Makeup Revolution are the perfect brand to go for if you need to pick up some crazy coloured cosmetics on a budget. The new Unicorns Unite lipstick collection contains five spooky lipstick shades –

  • Pink Myth – a bright coral pink with a creme finish.
  • Throne – a muted lavender shade with a pearlised finish.
  • Horn of Magic – a light sea green with a pearlised finish.
  • Legend – a muted grey toned lavender with a paralysed finish.
  • Magical – a bright blue toned purple with a slight pearlised sheen.


The lipsticks aren’t quite as pigmented as I’d hoped to be honest, but they still they do the job, and for only £1.00 each (or less if you buy them as a set) these could be just what you’re looking for to complete your Halloween look this weekend.


I’ve also selected a few of my favourite darker shades of nail polish –

  • Essie ‘for the twill of it’ – an iridescent pearl shade with pearl with pink, violet and green shimmer (£8.95)
  • Illamasqua ‘Element’ – a mid pearlised taupe grey (£14.50)
  • Essie ‘after school boy blazer ‘ – a deep midnight navy blue (£8.95)


All of these polishes are fabulous in terms of consistency as well as ease of application. I think Essie’s after school boy blazer has to be my favourite though, it’s a beautiful, almost black midnight blue shade.


I also have this awesome Halloween inspired transfer nail plate from Mo You (from £4.99)

If you haven’t heard of Mo You before, they offer a massive selection of nail products, including stamping and nail plate sets, nail tools, nail art products, and nail polishes. If you’re into nail art, you should definitely check these guys out!


And lastly I have these super cute glow in the dark Halloween nail wraps from Thumbs Up Nails (£7.99)

I hope some of these products have inspired you for this weekend! Do you have you’re halloween outfit planned yet? I hope you enjoyed my post!

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The Most Beautiful Polishes in the Land: Smith & Cult

Posted on October 26, 2015


Hi Guys!

I always find there’s something really relaxing and pampering about painting my nails. This probably stems from the fact that with having children, you do not ‘just’ paint your nails. You have to make sure there’s space (tidy up the toys) make sure the little one(s) are either playing well out of the way, or preferably tucked up in bed, and make sure you have a good amout of time to apply and perfect your mani.

What adds to this lovely bit of me time, is when I have a brand new, not to mention gorgeous looking product to play with – and that’s my cue to introduce Smith & Cult – probably some of the most beautiful nail polishes I’ve ever seen.


Smith & Cult are brand new to the world of nails, and they were founded by Dineh Mohajer. You may not recognise the name but when I tell you this is the same lady that started cult 00’s nail brand Hard Candy, this may ring a few bells. Well where Hard Candy appealed to the teen masses of the time, Smith & Cult is definitely aimed at the older, more sophisticated customer.

I love that the shades included in this collection were all directly inspired by Dineh’s own memories and experiences –

‘To this day my memories are guided by color. First kiss – Pink dress. Breakups – too many colors, a rainbow of tears. Makeups – always shades of green (kind of weird that all my moments of making up involved the color of envy). The shade of my 2nd grade teacher’s lipstick – glossy red (rumors were that she was Miss Michigan at some point in her life). My Dad’s required, yet favorite, gear – muted, almost-periwinkle blue surgical scrubs. My Mom’s bathrobe – simply white. All of the moments that stay with me begin with colour.’


Let’s look at the bottles, which are just beautiful. I love the high shine gold lids, and the fact that they’re all a bit wonky, though they’ve been pressed in and dented while setting. On paper I know this sounds a little strange, but in real life they have a super elegant and luxe feel, that wouldn’t be out of place on display next to your Chanel on your dressing table.


The three shades above are –

  • Doe My Dear – a light taupe grey
  • Pillow Pie – a pure pretty baby pink
  • Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow (yes this is the actual name!) – a fine pink glitter suspended in a sheer pink base.

Smith and Cult’s Nail Lacquer has an exclusive 5-Free formula, without Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor, and the range consists of 33 essential hues and styles, including the edited glitter collection.


And lastly, the swatches. I used three coats of each shade here and they applied amazingly well. Drying time was fairly average, and I can’t comment on longevity as yet, as I’ve only just applied the polish to my own nails. I’ve gone with Doe My Dear, so I’ll update this post when I can.

These polishes are definitely a must have for any nail polish lover – get them on your Christmas list now! 🙂

Smith & Cult nail polishes are £19.00 each and available now from Net-a-Porter.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Vera La Lune Cards and Prints

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Hi Guys!

I’ve got some fabulous cards and artwork to show you this morning from etsy store Vera La Lune.

Vera La Lune is a small, family run business that creates stationery and home décor products. The shop name ‘Vera la lune’ was inspired by founder, Rebecca’s grandmother’s name ‘Vera’ and her love of the moon and the night sky – what a lovely concept! (I love this especially because my Nanny was also called Vera too!)


Vera La Lune’s cards are just beautiful. They’re of course perfect for giving as cards, but also for framing and giving as gifts. Quotes such as ‘Throw kindness around like confetti’ and ‘What if I fall?, ‘Oh but my darling, what if you fly?’ are printed on fabulous quality card to give a luxe feel to the products. Unfortunately I was quite limited for frames at my local shops, but I managed to find a decent enough A4 one to display the print. The smaller A5 cards would look great displayed in pretty frames and they’d make perfect Christmas gifts too!


And this has to be one of my favourites – the Elf quote card! Elf is officially my favourite ever Christmas film, I just love it so much, and this card would be perfect for any fan!


I’d highly recommend checking out Vera La Lune if you’re looking for special cards and gifts, for christmas or any other occasion. I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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An Unplanned Break…

Posted on October 25, 2015


Hi Guys!

So this is my first post in a just over a week, and it’s definitely felt strange not blogging for this length of time, but I feel so much better (in many ways) for taking a break.

This break was very much un-planned. It just kind of happened. I started off coming down with a horrible cold about a week and a half ago. You know the type where you just feel terrible in the build up, and you know you’re going to end up with a severe case of man flu! I then went to the Suffolk Blogger Meet in Bury St Edmunds last weekend (my post will be coming up soon) and had a very busy day in London on Wednesday. I was still pretty ill but managed to hold it together and reach all my appointments on time – yay! I didn’t get home till 1.30am the next morning though, so I felt really rough again on Thursday – serves me right hey! Anyway, I’ve basically had and still have a horrible case of man flu, with that, plus travelling, plus it’s now half term, and plus I’ve been trying to sort out my new writing and photography area, the total has accumulated to me having a good week off from writing.

My initial thoughts on this could definitely be described as a light form of panic –

‘Oh no, I haven’t blogged…!’ 

‘and I have so many posts to write…’

“I must apologise to my readers…’

‘…and what about my stats!?’

Etc etc. You know how it goes, that dreaded feeling of doom and guilt all bloggers have whenever we have more than a day off. Then after a while I realised that none of this really matters.

Posts can be caught up with, readers very rarely notice let alone comment if a blogger has been absent for a while, and my stats are absolutely fine.

I think it’s really common for bloggers to not allow themselves a break, and ‘blogger burnout’ is a very real thing that many of us have to deal with at some point. I for one definitely feel so much better for taking a week off. So if you need some time to yourself, just do it. Seriously, the world isn’t going to come to an end because you didn’t publish a post for a while.

On a more exciting note, I’ve got lots of awesome things coming up on the blog – including new beauty products, Christmassy gift ideas, lifestyle posts and much more. I’ve included some of the gorgeous beauty products in the image above just to give you a little taster. I’ll also be showing you very soon my new blogging area which I’ve just set up in my kitchen (I just noticed on the above pic you can see the reflection of my dishwasher in one of the palettes, ha ha!)

So please do stick around to check these out, and I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

L’Oreal Paris Exclusive La Vie En Rose Lipstick Collection

Posted on October 16, 2015


Hi Guys!

Happy Friday! The weather is miserable and cold here, but at least I have some gorgeous new L’Oreal lippies to show you today 🙂 This is the beautiful new La Vie En Rose collection, which literally translates to Life in Pink!


The La Vie En Rose collection contains five new lipstick shades, of which I have four. This is L’Oreal’s latest lipstick collection inspired by world famous celebrities and film stars.


So let’s take a look at the shades –

  • Blake – a bright mid coral pink shade, perfect for cooler fair complexions.
  • Eva – a deeper mauve pink shade, that works well on darker skin with warm undertones.
  • Naomi – a light muted peach pink, that brightens up fair to very fair complexions.
  • Helen – a sheer nude iridescent pink shade, perfect for fair skin tones.

I love that these lipsticks have been created specifically with different skin tones and colourings in mind – if you’re not sure which you are, and which shade would suit you the best, I’d recommend looking at the above celebrities and seeing who your skin tone is most similar to.

The lipsticks come in a fantastic range of shades, from a very light iridescent shimmer (Helen) to a bright coral pink (Blake). They have a lovely creamy satin finish, which is comfortable to wear without drying the lips. The pigmentation isn’t the most intense that I’ve ever seen, but I think that makes these lipsticks perfect for every day wear as they’re not too intense. I managed to get a good three hours wear out of Blake (my favourite shade) and that included eating a biscuit and drinking a brew!


Now I know packaging doesn’t actually mean anything in terms of how well a product performs, but I wanted to mention the packaging because it really is top quality for a high street brand. The cases are matte black, with each celebrities’ signature printed on in gold, and the lipsticks have gold bullet casings (is that the right word?) with L’Oreal embossed into the side. The beautiful packaging really does make these lipsticks extra special!


So overall I’m really impressed with this collection, from the idea of the range, to the packaging and of course the actual lipsticks. These lipsticks are perfect for every day wear, and affordable enough so you can pick up a couple without and makeup buying ‘guilt’! (You know what I mean, we’ve all had it!)

The L’Oréal Paris Exclusive Pinks collection is available now from Boots, at £6.99 each.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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