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Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Creams

Posted on February 28, 2016


Hi Guys!

One of my favourite beauty brands, Clarins is back on the blog today, and this time with a couple of brand new skincare products.

Their new Multi-Active day and Night Creams aim to visibly diminish the first signs of ageing, restore radiance, hydrate as well as maintain younger looking skin. Clarins describe them as ‘Multi-tasking skincare’, designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.

There are four day creams – one for all skin types, one for dry skin, one with added SPF20, and a also a light weight SPF15 lotion. For evening there are two options available, a standard night cream for dry skin, and a lighter version for normal to combination skin.


It’s great to hear that Clarins really have done their research when creating these products. They started off by asking women across the world aged between 30 and 39 what they thought affected the appearance of their skin the most – and they found lack of sleep and stress were the most popular responses.

Clarins’ own research has also proven this to be true. They found that stress and a lack of sleep can lead to an overproduction of free radicals which affect the main cell responsible for youthful skin: the fibroblast. This cell ensures the smooth, toned look of the skin due to its production of collagen and elastin fibres, so when it becomes worn out due to lack of sleep or stress, we start to notice the first visible signs of ageing, including fine lines and a dull complexion.

To give the Fibroblasts a helping hand, Clarins have used cutting edge technology to harness the power of plant extract Teasel, which has been selected to revitalise and protect tired and stressed skin by encouraging the production of ATP, an energising molecule, which also helps to fight free radicals.


I have the Multi-Active Day Dry Skin Cream – this is specifically designed for dry skin, helping to prevent and visibly correct the appearance of fine lines, thanks to the new organic Myrothamnus extract. The Myrothamnus plant originates from South Africa, and in the dry season the plant’s cells produce a substance called trehalose which allows them to rehydrate. In turn this helps protect dermal cells from harmful effects of stress and to keep skin smooth and radiant.

The Multi-Active Day Dry Skin Cream has a wonderfully hydrating formula that melts into the skin. It’s also enriched with light-reflecting ‘radiance’ pigments to illuminate and hydrate the complexion, and has a subtle-floral fragrance with notes of cherry and white lily, to revive and refresh.

I also have the Multi-Active Night Cream – this contains organic California Golden poppy extract, which helps to offset the damaging effects of late nights and interrupted sleep – this sounds perfect for me!

To explain this a bit more-  at night, the skin fights damage caused by stress by producing a hormone called melatonin. Due to interruptions in the sleep cycle or a reduction in the length of sleep, this process is disrupted, meaning lower amounts of the hormone are secreted and damage intensifies. The Golden poppy extract helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and fight the harmful effects of free radicals in the skin, helping skin to become visibly smoothed and more toned upon waking.

So the idea is that you apply this before bed, and wake up with smoother skin and redefined features. The Multi-Active Night Cream also works to prevent as well as correct the appearance of fine lines, whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin. I also want to mention the lovely calming and relaxing fragrance which is perfect for bed time. It includes notes of jasmine, freesia and heliotrope to help soothe the mind.


Both creams are lightly scented and feel thick and luxurious, and I love that they both sink into the skin really quickly leaving no residue. I must say I think the Night cream is my favourite though, I’ve used it a few times now and I always wake up with super soft skin the mornings after using it.

Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Creams are available to purchase now from House of Fraser.

I’d love to hear if you’re a fan of Clarins skincare? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Cohorted February 2016 Beauty Box Review

Posted on February 27, 2016


Hi Guys,

Cohorted are back on the blog today with their latest subscription box – this one includes a good selection of makeup, skincare and fragrance, and a couple of fantastic brands we haven’t seen from Cohorted before. The February box includes:

  • Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadow in 91 Apparition, worth £25.00
  • Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment, worth £45.00
  • Dove True Tone Underarm Dark Mark Eraser, worth £11.99
  • Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks x2, worth £15.00
  • Cargo Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Gloss in Madrid, worth £10.00
  • Marc Jacobs Lola 1.2ml perfume sample, Free added extra.

Total value of box = £106.99.

Ok so the standout product in this box is obviously the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadow. As far as I’m aware this is the first time Cohorted have included a Chanel product, and I think it will be very well received. This eyeshadow has a cream to powder formula – so it applies like a cream but feels like a powder on the skin, which I love. And as expected with Chanel, the formula is of superior quality. Shade 91 is actually rather lovely – I say actually because it’s a blue, and blue eyeshadow is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. This is a deep midnight metallic blue though, perfect for a smoky eye.

The Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment sounded familiar to me, and then I remembered this was included in Cohorted’s second ever beauty box, nearly a year ago in March 2015. This is a bit of a funny product, and by funny I mean it’s a powder that you apply to your face before going to bed! It’s supposed to reduce the appearance of pores, increase luminosity and even out skin tone, and I must admit I never got round to trying it out. This is definitely on my ‘to-try’ list now so I’ll let you all know how I get on!

The third product on the list is a Dove True Tone Underarm Dark Mark Eraser – now this product isn’t mentioned in the included information booklet, but the Pixi pencil which is mentioned is missing – so I’m guessing Cohorted ran out of Pixi and included this product instead. I must admit I’m a bit disappointed because I love Pixi products, and then pencil in the booklet does look rather lovely. Anyway, this ‘Dark Mark Eraser’ definitely sounds interesting. It’s actually a night cream, that you apply to clean armpits at bedtime, with the aim of brightening your skin. I think this is going to be a bit hit and miss – some people will thick it’s a great idea, and I think others won’t be so keen.

Next is the Cargo Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Gloss in Madrid. This is a sheer mauve shade packed with silver glitter. It’s a nice little gloss that’s non sticky and long lasting.

The Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks are a welcome addition to this month’s box too. This is a first show from Elemis, which is one of my favourite skincare brands. These masks aim to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the eye area looking smoother and feeling moisturised – they sound right up my street.

And lastly the Marc Jacobs Lola 1.2ml mini sample. I’m a bit of a perfume fanatic so fragrance samples are always appreciated here!

Overall this is a great little box, and though I think I’ve had enough of seeing Cargo products for now, it’s great to see Cohorted have included Chanel and Elemis this month. I’d love to see more of these brands in the future!

On that note, I’d love to hear which brands or particular products you’re not so keen on in beauty boxes? And if there are any you’d really love to see?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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The New Zoeva Spectrum Collection

Posted on February 24, 2016


Hi Guys!

My love for Zoeva products has officially been revived with the release of their brand new range  – the Spectrum Collection.

The Spectrum Collection is a beautiful range of products including three eyeshadow palettes, in Warm, Neutral and Cool, and three blush palettes in Pink, Nude and Coral. Each palette is based on elements in nature, with the Warm palette (which I have) being inspired by ‘the spectacle of an erupting volcano.’

‘ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Eyshadow Palette blazes with matte and shimmering ash brown and rock gray shades from the depth of the earth, consumed by a lava-like flood of hot terra cotta based hues and dark mauve tints. Immerse yourself in an explosion of color and set your lids on fire – for dangerously hot and daring looks.’

The Warm palette includes a wide range of colours as well as finishes, and the eyeshadows feature Zoeva’s new ultra micronised formula, for ease of application and a seamless finish.


Up until now I’ve only had the pleasure of owning one Zoeva palette, which is to Rose Gold one. This is really is fantastic, and one of my go-to palettes, so I’m hoping the standard is just as high with the Warm Spectrum Palette. Let’s take a close up look at the shadows –


  • WR010 – A teal / brown duochrome.
  • WR020 – A muted light matte taupe.
  • WR030 – Intense matte black.
  • WR040 – Bright matte orange.
  • WR050 – Pearl shimmer muted rose pink.
  • WR060 – Matte chocolate brown.

The first two rows are a real eclectic mix! The first shadow has to be my favourite though, a brown and teal duochrome that’s buttery soft and looks stunning when it catches the light.


  • WR070 – Light peachy coral with shimmer.
  • WR080 – Warm muted mauve brown satin.
  • WR090 – Matte royal purple.
  • WR100 – Light nude cream matte.
  • WR110 – White satin.
  • WR120 – Caramel brown matte.

Again there’s a good mix of colours and finishes in the second two rows. WR070 is a gorgeous light peachy coral that instantly grabbed my attention, and WR080 is also a lovely, wearable shade.


(Bottom row only)

  • WR130 – Matte creamy white with pink undertones.
  • WR140 – Matte creamy white with yellow undertones.
  • WR150 – Light caramel with pearlised shimmer.

And lastly the bottom row. I’ve pictured it here with the row above it also, as from afar the lighter shades do look pretty similar – and I wanted to show you that they’re not! I’m obviously on a bit of a shimmer mission at the moment because I’m loving WR150, it’s a beautiful shimmery caramel that would suit most if not all skin tones.


The Blush Palette in Coral Spectrum is also a bit of a stunner. This contains four pans of varying shades of peach and coral, with both matte and satin finishes. Zoeva’s aim here was to capture beauty of lush, tropical reefs, revealing a fantastic array of fresh nuances ranging from light peach to coral pink. These blushers are super soft and easily buildable.

  • CR010 – Intense bright coral.
  • CR020 – Mid peachy pink.
  • CR030 – Warm peach with a golden shimmer.
  • CR040 – Light warm beige.


Zoeva have also extended their Rose Gold Vol.2 brush range by adding a massive thirty beautiful rose gold individual brushes. I have three of them here (top to bottom) –

  • 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush – This is a fantastic blending brush made with the finest natural-synthetic hair.
  • 222 Luxe All Over Shader Brush – This is a multi-functional eye shadow brush, allowing you to apply, blend and shade eye shadow onto the entire eyelid.
  • 231 Luxe Petite Crease Brush – Similar to the 221 brush, this petite version is also tapered into a point at the tip for creating a sharp cut crease.


I really hoped I’d be impressed with these palettes, and I’m so pleased to say that I was. The Warm Spectrum palette has such a fantastic range of shades, you could create almost never-ending looks with this! The shadows are all well pigmented and easy to apply, and the shimmers and duo chrome pans really are superb. The Coral Spectrum blush palette is also a winner. The shades are all super pretty and perfect for a flush of colour on the cheeks.

The Spectrum palettes are £28.50, the blush palettes are £15.00, and the single rose gold brushes start from £6.50 at Beauty Bay.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any Zoeva products? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Lookfantastic February 2016 #LFLoves Beauty Box

Posted on February 22, 2016


Hi Guys, happy Monday!

I’ve got the latest beauty box from Lookfantastic to share with you today. This is the #LFLoves Februaury edition, and it’s packed full of beauty treats –

  • Monuspa Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil 35ml – worth £7.00
  • Bliss Pink Grapefruit & Aloe Body Butter 30ml – worth £3.30
  • Hi Impact Brows Perfector Palette full size – worth £18.99
  • Lord & Berry Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intimacy mini size – worth £5.00
  • KMS California Colour Vitality Conditioner 75ml – worth £4.50
  • Denman Mini Keyring Brush – worth £2.79
  • Elle Magazine (not shown) – March Edition – worth £4.10

Total value of box – £45.68

I haven’t had a Lookfantastic beauty box for quite a while, so it was great to receive February’s box to see if they’re still of the same quality they were when they first started out. This box includes a rather generous six items, and there’s a couple of brands in there I hadn’t heard of before too.

Starting with the new-to-me brands, the KMS Colour Vitality Conditioner is not so relevant to me as my hair isn’t coloured right now, it’ll definitely still get used though! The Hi Impact Brows Palette looks pretty interesting, this is a kind of one-size-fits-all mini palette that contains four powder shades for brows, to suit wether your hair is blonde, brunette, red or black, there will be a shade for you.

The Denman Mini Keyring Brush is super cute, as well as handy – I don’t think I’ll fix this on my keys as I already have way too many keys and bits and bobs on there, but this will be going straight in my bag. I know I’ll definitely use the Lord & Berry Lip Pencil too, Intimacy is a beautiful nude rose colour that will suit most complexions.

The Bliss Pink Grapefruit & Aloe Body Butter smells amazingly fresh and juicy, and it’s perfect for use on any extra dry areas such as elbows and knees, to moisturise and intensely hydrate. And lastly the Monuspa Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil, now this sounds right up my street! You just need to find a willing friend, get them to warm the product in their hands and then give you a nice massage – I think I’ll get my other half to try this out on me 🙂 It also doubles up as a bath or shower oil too, so I don’t think this little bottle will last me very long!

Overall this is a great box and I’ll get use out of most of the products. I’d love to hear if you picked up this box and what you thought of it?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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New Matte Rescue Gel and Instant Wipeout Masks From Benefit Cosmetics

Posted on February 21, 2016


Hi Guys!

When it comes to my skin, my pores are pretty much the bane of my life. In my teens and twenties I didn’t have any problems with my skin – apart from the odd spot popping up here and there, my complexion was really pretty good (I wish I’d appreciated it at the time) Now I’m the wrong side of 30 though, my skin has become dryer, and my pores have become WAY more noticeable. At first it was just my nose, but now my entire t-zone has visible pores, and I will try pretty much anything to make them appear smaller.

This is where Benefit Cosmetics comes in. They have recently added two new products to their POREfessional range – the POREfessional Matte Rescue mattifying gel and the POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks – to clean out and smooth out the look of pores. I’m really hoping these products will work for me!

Ok so let’s look at the Matte Rescue invisible-finish mattifying gel first. This is designed to instantly minimise the appearance of pores. It’s a lightweight, water-based gel that tackles shine and absorbs excess oil, to leave skin with a natural-looking matte finish.

I don’t often go for a matte finish when it comes to my complexion, just because my skin tends to be dry, and anything with a matte finish seems to emphasise my dryer areas. I wanted to give this gel the benefit of the doubt though! The product itself is clear, with a very slight tint of green to it. It has quite a watery feeling to it compared to other primers I’ve used – which I actually like, and it definitely adds to the ‘lightweight’ feeling on the skin. I don’t suffer from oily skin as such, but I do sometimes notice shine building up around my nose as the day goes on, so I thought that would be the perfect test for this product – will my nose still be matte at the end of the day?

Well, on first application Matte Rescue definitely did give a lovely soft-focus, matte finish to my complexion, and it did a good job of blurring the appearance of my pores. I then applied my makeup and went about my day as usual. Matte Rescue actually did the job – I had no shine throughout the day and my dryer patches were no worse than normal. This definitely gets a thumbs up from me, and I think it could really work wonders with those with problem oily skin too.


The Instant Wipeout dual-sided pore clarifying masks come in a set of eight. They are designed to clean out as well as smooth the look of pores around the nose, forehead and chin. (This sounds perfect for me as these are my problem areas) The masks are made of a textured fabric woven from cottony fibres to help exfoliate and remove impurities.

To ‘activate’ the mask you press firmly on the plastic bubble to release the serum and saturate the mask. You then apply the smoother side of the mask to the pore-problem area – I should point out here that I was kind of expecting a full face mask minus the cheeks, somehow! As the packaging mentions nose, forehead and chin. The mask is actually for one of these areas only, so the size of it is about the third of a face, and you choose which area you want to put it on. After 10 minutes, you remove the mask and use the other side to wipe off, without rinsing.

So I have sensitive skin, and masks can often be a bit of an issue for me as I occasionally have an allergic reaction to them. I’m very pleased to say the Instant Wipeout masks were fine though, yay! I applied one to my nose area across the middle of my face, and it give an instant intense cooling effect. My skin was left feeling clean and cleansed.

Overall these are a couple of great products, but the Matte Rescue Gel is definitely my favourite!

The Matte Rescue Gel is £21.50 and the Instant Wipeout Masks (£24.50) are both available now from Boots and Benefit stores.

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

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Templespa Double Truffle Review & Giveaway!

Posted on February 15, 2016


Hi Guys!

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day?

I have a brand new and exciting product to show you today – this is the new and rather fancy Double Truffle from Templespa. Double Truffle is a 50ml jar containing two different products – one half is filled with Skin Truffle and the other half with Truffle Noir, hence Double Truffle!

If you’re not familiar with either of these products individually, I’ll do a quick rundown for you…

So firstly, Skin Truffle – Described as happiness in a jar. Templespa’s team of experts spent five whole years perfecting this product, so it should be good! It also has a unique patented formula including a massive selection of luxury ingredients –

  • HappyBelle-PE: This is a breakthrough phyto-endorphin complex, giving you the ‘I’ve just had good news’ glow.
  • Syn-Col: This is a pro-collagen peptide which aids collagen production.
  • Black Truffles: These are natural antioxidants, used to brighten skin tone, whilst firming and smoothing skin.
  • Cocoa Butter: To soften and hydrate the skin
  • Grape Seed Champagne: No this isn’t for drinking! It’s a natural antioxidant, that also fights free radicals.
  • Strawberry Extract: This is rich in nutrients, to tone, purify and freshen the complexion.
  • Gold & Silk Actives: To protect against skin stress, as well as offering moisturising and antibacterial properties.
  • Diamond Powder: This iluminates the skin, giving an instant glow.

Skin Truffle promises increased radiance and reduced dullness pretty much instantly – now that is a big claim! It also visibly reduces fine lines, regulates moisture levels and protected from age spots and hyper-pigmentation.

And Truffle Noir – this is basically Skin Truffle’s night time equivalent. Truffle Noir is designed to repair, restore and renew skin while you sleep. Again this has a luxury formula that’s quickly absorbed as well as non-greasy. This product targets loss of collagen, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, skin slackness and dull skin. It promises to restore elasticity and boost collagen to help strengthen skin. It also slows down the development of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst leaving skin feeling soft and plump, with a satin-matte finish.

Both of these products would definitely be called pricey by anyone’s standards – they’re £85 each, so Templespa have come up with the genius idea of creating a duo product, so you can get the best of both worlds, at the same price as a single jar… and Double Truffle was born!

I’ve used Skin Truffle before, so I knew I’d be on to a winner with this. It’s just such a luxurious product, it feels like you’re pampering your skin every day. Now I’ve started using it again I’ve been reminded of how much I loved it before – and the added night cream really is a welcome bonus. I’ve only been using these a few days now and I can already see and feel the results. My skin is feeling amazingly soft when I wake up in the morning, as well as clearer and brighter too.


So do you fancy trying this out for yourself? Well you can because I also have 5x jars of Double Truffle to give away!

To win your own Double Truffle worth a massive £85, plus your choice of cleanser, mask and toner from the Temple Spa site, just enter via Rafflecopter below. This giveaway will run for 10 days and is open to UK entrants only. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, and good luck! xxx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There’s a New Beauty Box on the Scene: Look Incredible

Posted on February 13, 2016


Hi Guys!

The last couple of years has seen a massive increase in the variety as well as sheer amount of beauty boxes hitting the market – I can think of about eight off the top of my head. And now yet another brand new box has just landed. New beauty site Look Incredible have recently launched their own monthly subscription box, including a mixture of high end and high street brands, for £18.99 per month.

So what’s so special about this box? Why would you be interested in this above any others? Well the Look Incredible box promises five full sized products every month – you’ll find no sample or travel sizes here! For £18.99 a month (plus £2.50 shipping) this sounds very reasonable.

I believe this is the second beauty box that Look Increible have released (with their first being in January) and here’s what’s included –

  • Fusion Beauty IllumiCover Concealer – worth £16.50
  • Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick – worth £21.99
  • Essie Millionails Nail Treatment – worth £9.99
  • Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint – worth £20.00
  • NARS Single Matte Eyeshadow in Grenadines – worth £18.00

Total value of box  = £86.48. Now that is pretty impressive for an £18.99 box!

On first glance, I’m really impressed with the product selection, and I love that there’s a good mix of brands too, with an emphasis toward higher end. So let’s take a look at the products –

Starting with the one brand out of the five that I hadn’t heard of – the Fusion Beauty IllumiCover Concealer. This is a Touche Eclat style pen, combining the effects of a concealer with a light reflecting product. This didn’t give quite as much coverage as I’d like, but then I do have particularly dark circles. It’s a nice product though that gave a natural finish, and most importantly didn’t settle into my fine lines.

The NARS Eyeshadow in Grenadines is probably my favourite item out of this box. It’s a beautiful deep warm reddish terracotta shade. This colour may not be to everyone’s taste but I absolutely love it! I think red toned eyeshadows can look great on blue eyes so I’m looking forward to wearing this out!

The Essie Millionails Nail treatment is also a product I’ll definitely get use out of. My nails haven’t been in the best condition of late so I’m pleased to find this strengthening treatment in the box.

And lastly the products I’m probably least excited about – the Tarte Cheek Tint and Estee Lauder Lipstick. There’s not actually anything wrong with these products at all, I just prefer a powder blush personally, and the lipstick shade isn’t really for me.

Overall I think this box is fantastic value for money. It seems to have slipped nicely into a gap in the beauty box market now Cohorted’s boxes are £35 each, and the cheaper boxes such as Glossybox include mosty trial size products. Though I think this is a great box, there are still a couple of improvements I can think of – I would love to see a bit more effort put into the product information leaflet, this was a single sheet leaflet that wasn’t the best print quality. I’d also advise Look Incredible to be wary of including base products such as foundation and concealer as there will always be customers that are disappointed with the shade they receive. Overall though, this is a very promising box indeed, and I’m looking forward to seeing which products will be included next month!

I’d love to hear what you think of this box – would you buy it?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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