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My Wedding Photos!!

Posted on January 25, 2014

Hi Guys!

So I can now finally show you my wedding photos! It’s completely my fault they took so long to be edited (we got married in September) I had to choose 40 photos for editing out of 1200 and I just couldn’t do it! I got there in the end though, so here they are…





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Our photos were taken by the amazing Dottie Photography, I really cannot recommend these ladies enough. Ollie and I are over the moon with the photos they took 🙂

If you’d like to know what I wore – for the daytime I wore a Justin Alexander 9690 dress with Carvela wedge sandals and a Coast feather bolero. For the evening I wore a vintage 1950’s prom dress with ASOS holographic heels. My headband was from Glitzy Secrets and my hairpiece was the Septimo Real Hair Half Wig by Trendco.

My friend and I made all the flowers out of old books and a childrens’ air brush kit – I have a post on how we made them here. And my awesome Auntie made our rainbow cake 😀

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

My Wedding Dress Sneak Peek & Undies Giveaway!

Posted on January 11, 2014

Hi Guys!

Well if you saw my post on Thursday, you’ll know I’m planning lot’s of giveaways at the moment, and I have another one for you today! Don’t say I don’t treat you!! 🙂

It’s actually been quite a few months since my wedding now, and I’ve only just got round to sorting out the photos, I know it’s a bit late, but I thought I’d show you a couple of pics before they’ve been edited and tell you about my dress! (I’ll have the edited pics back soon so I’ll do a post on the whole wedding shortly)

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So my dress was actally the most amazing dress in the history of wedding dresses. It was a Jusitin Alexander 9690, and the pictures really don’t do it justice, it was simply magnificent. Anyway, I bought the dress about a year before my wedding, and I managed to put a fair bit of weight on in the run up to the wedding, so I was completely freaking out that I might not get my body in it. It’s a fitted dress so there’s no room for taking it out, and no room to hide lumps and bumps. There was a point where I tried it on and I couldn’t pull it up over my bum, I cried 🙁

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So I started a hardcore diet to shift the flab, and I also wore these absolutely amazing Shapewear undies underneath. It’s called the Body Wrap Bride Long Leg Hi Waist Panty – sexy right? But this bad boy seriously did a good job, it was amazing, it sucked everything in and left me with a smooth and firm shape, my dress just slipped on over the top! Genuis!

These undercrackers are designed specifically for brides by using the latest fabric tension technology, providing unique panels and cuts which target particular parts of the body. The shapewear features –

  • Seamless construction – so there are no visible lines
  • Smoothes and flattens the tummy, waist, and thighs
  • Rear panel gently lifts the bottom
  • Extra firm band on the outside of the leg elimates bumps
  • Modern edging technology prevents ride up

Hi Waist Long Leg Ivory

The lovely guys at Patricia Eve have kindly offered to give one of these away, as well as a special Shapewear laundry bag. It will be a size medium, which is about a 12, and is worth over £40. This will definitely make you look fabulous in any dress! All you need to do is enter via rafflecopter below 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(As always, the giveaway is international, will run for two weeks, and one winner will be chosen at random. All entries will be checked, and if you have any questions please just drop me a line xx)

Good luck! xxx

My Amazing Wedding Day!

Posted on September 18, 2013

Hi Guys!

So here I am on the other side! The wedding has finally happened! After a whole year of planning and build up, and stress and craziness it’s now over! Now back to reality for me as Mrs Kenyon!

We had the most amazing day though, it was so much fun! I’ve collected a load of my friends photos so I can talk you through the day 🙂

I stayed at Bluebell Barn the night before the wedding in their amazing Elysium Suite which had gorgeous French furniture, a chaise and a roll top bath, it was lovely! Unfortuantely I didn’t get a chance to use the bath, and I don’t have any pictures but you can see what the room looks like on their site. My bridesmaids met me there on the morning of the wedding to get ready and my dad then picked us up to go to the ceremony room!

The wedding ceremony was just outside Banham Zoo, in a lovely oak beamed ceremony room. We decorated the room with multi coloured paper pompoms and origami flowers. The ceremony room was on the first floor so I had to go up a flight of stairs to get there, I was so nervous about tripping over my dress going up the stairs! (Luckily I made it up in one piece!)

Here’s my dad walking me up the aisle 🙂


Ollie and I posing for photos!


We decorated the ceremony room with coloured paper pompoms.


We then had photos outside the ceremony room and the Zoo train picked us up for a ride around the Zoo!



Check out the origami paper flowers – I’m so glad it didn’t rain!!

Justin Alexander 9690 and origami paper flowers

Nosey Llamas!!


After more photos in the Zoo, we went over to the hall for fun and games! The entertainment was awesome, we had hula hooping, balloon animals, limbo and donkey space hoppers!


This is the amazing cake my auntie made!


Ollie and I cutting to cake – nobody knew it was a rainbow cake except me so it was a lovely surprise for everyone!

Rainbow wedding cake

My friend Sam (a prize wining cake baker don’t you know!) made some amazing macaroons and cakeage goodies too, we provided goody bags and told guests to help themselves!

Pastel rainbow macaroons



Our lovely rings! My engagement ring is vintage and was actually originally from ebay, I since had it adjusted to fit. My wedding ring was from a local store and Ollie’s was from Aurum Design in Norwich (I’d highly recommend them for reasonably priced wedding rings). If you’re looking for vintage diamond engagement rings make sure you check out too.


I then changed into a 1950’s blue sequinned prom dress for our first dance. I’ll link the Youtube video to our first dance song below.


And this one kind of sums up the end of the night! My necklace was from Sugar and Vice.


So it’s all over and done now, I am sad as it was such a fun day, and I totally felt like a princess!! But I’m also glad it’s over in a way as I found wedding planning really stressfu! The professional photos should hopefully be with me in the next couple of weeks so expect another blog post with these in soon! In the mean time I’ll also be blogging specifically about my dresses and accessories with some more detailed pictures! And one last thing… I’m selling pretty much everything from the wedding, so please get in touch if you interested in anything or would like to make an enquiry! 🙂 xxx

Wedding Update! The Countdown is ON!

Posted on September 12, 2013

Hi Guys!

So the countdown is now on! The wedding is this Saturday and I”ve still got loads to do! Just bits and pieces and finalising things now really. We’re off to set the venue up today, I’m hoping we can get most of it done today so we can chill out a bit tomorrow, I’m a nervous wreck at the moment! Oh and just to add to the fun, it’s meant to chuck it down all day on Saturday!! 🙁

The lovely people at Neviti have kindly sent me some acessories for my wedding – I have clear ‘diamonds’ to sprinkle on the guest tables as decorations, laser cut flowers for place names (these sit on the edge of the wine glasses) and a massive pack of bubbles. I thought the bubbles would be great to give to guests instead of throwing confetti!

wedding accessories

Also, instead of paying what seems like a lot of money for paper table confetti, I bought some star and heart stampers from Hobbycraft and some pastel coloured card and my mum has been stamping shapes which I’ll use to decorte the tables with along with the diamonds. As my flowers are made of old book pages (check them out here) I thought it ould be nice to have some book page stars and hearts too, I think they look great!

wedding confetti

I’ll have a massive blog post done after the wedding, with loads of photos and updates on everything. I’ll be gone now until the beginning of next week at the earliest… wish me luck!! I’ll see you on the other side!!!

(ps don’t forget to enter my giveaway here) xxx

Awesome Origami Paper Wedding Flowers!

Posted on August 19, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today I have a little wedding rant for you, and a tutorial on how I’m making my wedding flowers 🙂

So, one of the things I’m coming to realise more and more, is it’s the little things that get you in terms of money when planning a wedding. The big things – venue, food, rings, registrar fees, these things are usually all upfront, you know where you are with the big ones, these are what you’re expecting.

But was I expecting over £150 for hiring table cloths? £700 for flowers? £100’s for dress alterations? No I wasn’t. I wan’t prepared for these costs! Aaaaargh I had no idea!!

We are on a really tight budget for the wedding, my general idea is – do it as nice as I can for as cheap as possible. So all these bits really add up, table centerpieces, confetti, suit hire, insurance, the list is pretty much endless!

Well the question is – What can you do about it? My answer is firstly to pick and choose where you can save money and where you are happy to splurge. For us, the photographers were really important as was my dress. So these were a couple of the most expensive bits – I justify these by saving money elsewhere! Then for everything else I’ve just shopped around to get the best deal. If you have an idea of what you want then great, use this as a basis, or if you’re like me and don’t have a clue, just look around the internet for inspiration! This leads me on to my flowers…

When I realised how much flowers cost, I nearly fell off my chair. So I started looking into my options, which fell into three easy categories –

  1. Don’t have any flowers
  2. Have only a few flowers
  3. Have fake flowers

The first option was out of the question, I definitely wanted flowers, and real ones are soo expensive, so after a bit of research I decided to try out some origami flowers! 🙂

I went with Japanese Kusudama flowers – here is the Youtube tutorial I used. They look great and are quick and easy to make!

I bought some old books from my local charity shops and used a kids Crayola Airbrush Kit to lightly spray them different colours. For the below flower petal I used pink and grey pens.

Origami flower

Following the Youtube instructions I folded the paper – after doing this a couple of times you get used to it and it’s really quick and easy!


I then stuck the petal together with glue.

origami flowers

And stuck five petals together to create a flower.

origami wedding flowers

I then used glitter glue to add some sparkle and a diamante stone for the centre.

Ta dah!! This is my very first one, I know it’s not perfect but you get the idea! 🙂

paper wedding flowers new

So, just to summarise here are the costs for making these flowers –

  • Crayola Marker Airbrush Kit – £22.94
  • Extra Crayola Pens – £15
  • Books from Charity Shops – £3
  • Glue, Glitter Glue, Diamantes and Pearls – £20

Total = £60.94

(I will also need to get some ‘stalks’ for the flowers, that’s my next job!)

So what do you think? Would you consider origami flowers for your wedding?

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at getting crafty! xxx

(p.s – don’t forget to enter my giveaway here!)

My Diet, Weight Loss and Wedding Update!

Posted on July 17, 2013

Hi Guys! I’ve done a lot of reviews lately so I thought it was about time I gave you all an update on what’s going on in my life at the moment!

As you will probably know, I’m getting married on 14th September – not long now!! I bought my wedding dress last September and have since somehow managed to put on two stones (sad face)

So, I’ve finally decided to do something about this and attempt a proper diet! I started the Doukan diet about a month ago. The Doukan diet is protein based and very strict. To explain it briefly, for the first week you may only eat protein, and lean protein at that. No pork or lamb allowed! So chicken, eggs, ham, fish etc are all allowed and you can also eat as much as you like of these foods. After a week of protein only you can introduce vegetables every other day. Still no carbs, no fats and no sugars though I’m afraid. Surprisingly after about day four, which was the hardest for me, your body gets used to it and I feel absolutely fine! You are advised to take vitamins whilst dieting as you are cutting out lots of foods, especially to start with. I’ve been taking these Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins from myvitamins.

My Vitamins

You must also drink lots of water and do light exercise for half and hour a day. I do stepping on my Wii Fit as it’s convenient – my other half pimped the Wii step so it’s higher and a I just do half an hour of stomping on that every evening whilst watching the tv!

There are further stages of the Doukan Diet to maintain your weight once you have reached your goal. You can check out the website here for more info, there is also a book available which has lots of recipe ideas. With such a strict range of foods to eat it can be difficult to know how to make them tasty and interesting every day!

So, the good news is I started the diet on 17/06/13 – one month ago today, and I’ve already lost 13lbs! I’m so happy!! My wedding dress is in sight at last! 😀 The dress is completely amazing and I woud be so gutted if I couldn’t wear it on the big day because it was too small!

Ahh, the Wedding Dress…

I won’t give too much away about my dress but it’s by Justin Alexander and as soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one! I originally saw the below dress online and thought it looked amazing, I tried it on and it just wasn’t quite right so I ended up with another one. All will be revealed in September!!

Justin Alexander 8596

On the subject of beauty reviews, I’ve also recently been testing out a new beauty treatment called the MTherapy Beauty Pod – with promises of an ‘immediate tightening effect, improved hydration, tightened pores and better overall skin radiance.’ How good does that sound! I’ve used it a few times so far and my skin does feel fabulous after each use! A full review will be on the blog shortly, in the mean time you can see more info here.

Right I must dash now! I’m going out for a rare dinner date with my other half! I will be eating a salad, with no dressing of course! 😉 xxx

Paper Themes Wedding Planner Review

Posted on July 4, 2013

The lovely guys at Bloggers Needed sent me this beautiful Wedding Planner book by Paper Themes Bespoke Stationary to review. Boy do I need a wedding planner! Ideally an actual person, a nice lady, to tell me what to do, what needs paying for, arrange things, book things, organise my wedding, organise my life, and then fetch me a large G&T at the end of the day.

Alas this is just a book, without beverage fetching capabilities, but it’s the next best thing to an actual person running around after me! I am so disorganised. (notice the ‘so’ is in italics there emphasising the fact that I really mean it?) I really am so disorganised, I’m getting married in September and I’ve only just sent the invites out, they should have been sent out months ago, oops!

Anyway back to the wedding planner! Firstly, it comes in a lovely glossy black gift box, it would make a lovely gift for a newly engaged friend.

Paper Themes Wedding Planner Box

The planner itself is a cream and taupe coloured hardback binder. It has a pretty heart design on the front, it has a quality, textured feel to the cover and fabric along the spine.

Paper Themes Wedding Planner Review


Wedding Planner

The planner is then separated into sections – Getting Started, Guests and Stationary, Wardrobe, Wedding Day, Gifts, Contacts and Notes.

Wedding planner Getting Started

Looking through the planner, and thinking of everything I have actually planned, and yet to do, I can’t see there’s anything missing! I like the fact that there are notes and prompts throughout to point you in the right direction, they’ve also included some plastic pockets to put bits and pieces in.

Wedding Organiser Review

I think this is a lovely, pretty and useful planner, I’m definitely going to make good use of it!

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! More wedding updates to come shortly!! xx

This post contains a sample provided for review