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Does Your Appearance Affect How People Treat You?

Posted on September 10, 2014

Hi Guys!

I’ve come across this question quite a few times, most recently whilst entertaining myself reading Overheard In Waitose on Facebook. A woman described a situation where she went to Waitrose with her dad who was scruffily dressed as he’d been painting, and a well-to-do shopper made a nasty comment about her dad to her, not realising they were together, and she called the woman a bitch. Ooh err.

This reminded me of my experience in a wedding dress shop. I’d already bought my wedding dress, it was super crazy expensive and amazing and it was EVERYTHING. I hadn’t told anyone about what it looked like. Then I was looking round the shops with my friend and happened to pass a wedding dress shop, and happened to see MY FROCK in the window. I was so excited I led my friend into the shop and told her my dress was in here. She grinned with excitement as she looked around the dresses guessing which one could be mine. She didn’t guess it right, so I led her to the window and showed her my dress. We were both gazing at and admiring the frock when an assistant came over and asked if we needed any help. I told her I already had the dress and I was just showing my friend as she hadn’t seen it yet. I kid you not but the woman then looked me up and down plain as day and asked me ‘You have this dress??’ I said yes I do, not from this store but yes it’s this dress. She then asked me ‘Are you sure it’s this one??’ The disbelief in her voice, that I, an under-dressed, no-makeup plain-jane looking girl could possibly own this fabulous zillion dollar gown. I said YES I HAVE THIS DRESS, and thought to myself luckily it’s not from this store. My friend and I made a quick exit and I said to my friend – she totally judged me by how I looked didnt she? The answer was most definitely yes. This was a shame really as I was looking for some matching accessories, but I’ll definitely never set foot in that store again.

Remember that scene in pretty Woman where she goes to the store on Rodeo Drive? Yeah that.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 22.31.33

I’ve seen this so many times where people talk about beauty counters – ‘I went to MAC and walked straight out again’ because they felt unwelcome. This really is such a shame, I just don’t understand snobby sales assistants! I mean who do they think they are? They’re there to help and advise customers, not judge you by your clothes or lack of makeup! I’ve heard of people doing a whole face of makeup, taking extra time and care, just to go and have it removed at a makeup counter! This also stretches to people that wash and style their hair before going to the hairdressers! (You know who you are!)

I’ve only personally had one negative makeup counter experience, this was at a Dior counter where I was enquiring about foundations. The supermodel-esque assistant peered down at me (I guess she had to as she was about 7 feet tall) and gave me a look of disgust whilst thrusting an unmarked sample at me. I think she was so appalled by my appearance she couldn’t face actually testing it on my face to see if it was the right shade. It was quite comical actually! And it turned out to be completely the wrong shade too!

Anyway, I just thought I’d chat about my customer experiences, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been treated like this? Let me know if anything similar has happened to you. I hope you enjoyed my post xxx