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ARK Skincare New Hydration Injection Masque

Posted on August 18, 2015


Hi Guys!

I’ve been using products from the Age Maintain range at ARK Skincare for quite a while now, and I’m loving the effect they’re having on my skin. My complexion is far from perfect, and I do have annoying habit of touching my forehead which doesnt help, but that aside I’m beyond impressed with this collection and what it’s done for me. Overall my skin is definitely brighter, clearer and I have less blemishes than I did previously.

So I was really excited to find out that ARK have just launched a brand new product – the Hydration Injection Masque


Designed specifically to revitalise tired skin, the new Hydration Injection Masque is described as the perfect pick me up for skin which looks tired, stressed and lacking in radiance – yes this is definitely something I’d want to try on my skin!

I do love a good face mask as a treat for my often tired and dull looking complexion, but as I have sensitive, and I’ve just found out ‘very reactive’ skin, choosing a mask can be a bit of a minefield. It’s often just a case of if I don’t get a reaction then great, and if I do have a reaction I just have to deal with it – which isn’t ideal I know.

Anyway, I’ve used this mask a couple of times now and I can safely say my skin likes it, yay! No reactions here!

The product itself is semi-transparent, and has quite a thick consistency. I should also mention that this mask is part of the new Skin Perfectors range which targets specific skin concerns.

The Hydration Injection Masque contains active botanical Ingredients including an encapsulated blend of vitamins for maximum efficacy: Vitamin A to regulate collagen synthesis; Vitamin B5 for smoothness; Vitamin C to fade pigmentation and Vitamin E to prevent UV damage. Hyaluronic Acid Booster drenches skin with moisture, optimising the circulation of water through all skin layers and providing 24-hour protection against water loss, and Sugar Beet and Abyssinian Oil intensely nourish the skin for a plush, luxury skin feel.

You’re advised to use it once or twice a week, and to apply a thin layer to cleansed skin whilst avoiding the delicate eye area. ARK recommend you use the product differently depending on your age, and remove with a hot cloth –

Teens and twenties: Leave on for approximately 5 minutes.

Thirties and forties: Leave on for approximately 10 minutes.

Fifties and onwards: Leave on for approximately 20 minutes. Can also be left on overnight for an intensive treatment.

If you’re on the market for a new skin plumping and hydrating mask, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go.

ARK Hydration Injection Masque, £35 for 75ml, and is available now from ARK Skincare.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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ARK Skin Protector SPF30 Primer Review & Offer

Posted on June 5, 2015


Hi Guys!

You may have seen this ARK Skincare primer pop up a couple of weeks ago in my Weekly Top 5 post, it’s such an interesting product I thought I’d put together a full review for you.

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of primers, I’ve been using and wearing makeup regularly since I was about 18, but I’ve only started using primers over the last few years. I’d always had pretty good skin and used to go out with nothing more that a tinted moisturiser but as I’ve gotten older, my skin has become dryer and requires a bit more effort to look after and maintain. I also found that as I started using higher coverage foundations they weren’t always sitting well on my skin.

And this is where primers come in! Forgive me if you know this already, but for those of you that aren’t familiar with primers and what they do, basically imagine your skin very close up, it’s full of pores and minute lumps and bumps. A primer basically helps ‘fill in’ these areas, and smoothes over any irregularities, giving a more even surface to apply your foundation to. Apart from helping to give a more flawless look, it also helps your foundation stay put.

There are many different types of primer available for different needs and different skin types. Whether you want to blur wrinkles, mattify your skin, minimise the appearance of pores or even out your skin tone, there’s a primer out there that will do the job! The most common type of primer contains silicone, which is fantastic for ‘filling in’ and creating a smooth base, but some people don’t like the way the silicone feels and sits on the skin (it doesn’t sink in) so if you’re not a silicone fan, ARK have something a little different on offer…


ARK’s Anti-Ageing Skin Protector Primer doubles up as a primer as well as sun protection with SPF 30 broad spectrum defence against UVA and UVB rays, which prevents sun damage and premature ageing. This primer does not contain silicone, yet it’s designed to leave skin looking flawless and has clinically-proven skin benefits. It utilises ARK’s Advanced Active Antioxidant system with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and extracts of Jojoba for daily defence against ageing.


This primer definitely stands out compared to the others I own! Firstly, because there’s no silicone in it, ARK’s primer looks and feels very different to the rest. It appears much like a moisturiser, but with a slightly thinner texture. When applied to the skin it sinks in nicely giving a weightless feel that also leaves skin velvety to touch. I’ve worn this quite a few times now, both under foundation and on its own, and it definitely helps my foundation last all day as well as evening out my complexion. If you’re looking for a light-weight base that improves skin texture, as well as offering sun protection, you should definitely try this!

ARK’s Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer is also on offer right now! If this sounds like it could work for you, now’s the time to snap it up here!

I hope you enjoyed my post! I’d love to hear which primer you use?

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The Weekly Top 5 #4

Posted on May 3, 2015

the weekly top 5 no 4_edited-1

Hi Guys!

It’s week 4 already of my weekly favourites, and this week I’ve ben loving a whole range of skincare and body products. Also it was our 10 year anniversary on Tuesday – that’s 10 years since I met the other half, and we’ve only been married 2 years this September. As you get shorter sentences for murder these days we thought this was definitely something worth celebrating, so he took me away for a surprise evening on Friday night. We went to a gorgeous hotel, had some proper fancy food and stayed in a lovely room – with a whirlpool bath! It was amazing! Oh and the bath had lights in it too, so the bubbles glowed different colours! I mean what more could a girl possibly need? Unfortunately our room was above a rowdy bar, so we didn’t have a chance of sleeping until everyone left which was quite a shame as it was a fantastic stay otherwise. Anyway, let’s get on to this week’s favourites!

Living Nature Radiance Night Oil (£48.00) I’m a big fan of facial oils, I love how they make your skin super soft and supple and they just feel like they’re doing something good to your skin. I’ve just started trying out Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil and it’s definitely a winner in my books. This oil aims to boost your skin’s overnight rejuvenation and renewal process, utilising the finest Rose Oil to stimulate your skin’s own collagen production, Rosehip Oil to aid cell regeneration and repair, Calendula to soothe and calm, Carrot Oil to revitalise and tone, Jojoba Oil to nourish, and Frankincense Oil to repair dry skin and heal blemishes. For the last week or so I’ve been using this before bed and I’ve been waking up with super soft skin every morning!

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant (£12.95) On the subject of roses, Weleda’s wild Rose Deoderant recently landed on my doorstep, and after using their Wild Rose Body Oil I knew I was going to love this product. This deodorant smells beautiful, it’s also free from aluminium salts, dries within seconds and does’t leave any stickiness or marks. It contains Wild Rose Leaf extract, known for it’s refreshing and mildly astringent properties, and can also be used on the feet to refresh and revitalise should you wish! I’ve definitely been smelling sweet this week! 😀

Glamglow Powermud Face Mask (£14.99 for 15g) I actually had a Powermud sample a long time ago but gave it to a friend who was desperate to try it – and she loved it! Now I have another one, I can definitely see what all the fuss is about. The Powermud face mask has a mud-to-oil formula to deeply and gently cleanse skin. It removes dead cells, dirt, impurities and make-up build up from pores – which is exactly what I need right now. It’s made with Claytox™, a four-clay blend technology to detoxify and purify the skin, OILIXER™which contains pine oil and frankincense oil to nourish skin, and PUREIFIER™ which conditions with its moisturising ingredients. My 15g sample tube will last for  a handful of uses depending how sparingly you apply the product, I’ve only used this once so far and was thrilled with the result. My skin was left feeling super clean, fresh and thoroughly cleansed.

Palmer’s Rapid Moisture Spray Coconut Rich (£4.99) I love nothing more than trying out new bath and body products, so my bathroom always looks a bit like I’ve raided Boots. My latest discovery is Palmer’s new Rapid Moisture Spray – this is a lightweight, non-greasy and fast-absorbing spray made with pure Cocoa Butter, Coconut Rich Oil and Vitamin E to leave you with smooth and supple skin that lasts up to 24 hours. A little goes a long way with this product, it smells like gorgeous and I love that it absorbs quickly into the skin so you can get dressed straight away.

ARK Anti-Ageing Skin Protector Primer (£36.00) Primers are gradually becoming one of my makeup obsessions (they’ll never beat lipsticks though!) and I’ve been trying out ARK’s Skin Protecting Primer this week. This is a base with added benefits; described as your skin-perfecting daily defence, it includes broad spectrum defence against UVA and UVB rays to prevent sun damage and premature ageing, and ARK’s Advanced Active Antioxidant system with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and extracts of Jojoba for daily defence against ageing. This primer is nothing like others I’ve previously tried, firstly it looks more like a white moisturiser, but with a thinner texture, and it doesn’t have the silicone feel that many primers have. I’m really impressed with the result though, it feels super light on the skin, and definitely helped my makeup stay put all day.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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ARK Skincare: 3 Week Update

Posted on April 14, 2015


Hi Guys!

You may remember my original ARK Skincare post from a couple of weeks ago where I introduced the brand and showed you the products I would be trying out, well I thought it was about time for an update! I’ve been using some of the Age Maintain products for about three weeks now, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the way my skin feels as well as the way it looks.

I thought it would be helpful to photograph each product individually so you can see the colour and texture of the actual products along with the packaging, and talk you through them one by one…


Since starting with ARK skincare I have of course replaced my previous skincare products with ARK’s alternatives. When it comes to cleanser, I’ve been loyal to Liz Earle and her notorious Hot Cloth Cleanser for a very long time, I’ve dabbled with other cleansers here and there but only since switching to ARK have I realised that even though Liz Earle did give a great cleanse, it was also leaving my already dry skin, dryer. Since using ARK’s Conditioning Cleanser – which I have still been removing with a hot cloth – I’ve noticed that my skin hasn’t felt anywhere near as dry after cleansing, so I’m definitely converting!


The Renewing Exfoliator has also been a bit of a lifesaver. I’ve always struggled with exfoliators as the ones I’ve come across are usually too harsh and full of granules that ultimately upset my sensitive skin, often leaving me literally red in the face. ARK’s exfoliator is at the other end of the spectrum, it’s super gentle with no harsh granules and uses Multifruit Acids to remove dead skin cells instead. I’ve been using this a couple of times a week and it seems to be doing a great job so far!


I’ve been following these with the Replanishing Moisturiser, which does exactly what it says on the bottle. It sinks in nicely and leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. It contains clinically proven anti-ageing peptides to help smooth out wrinkles, plump and tone the skin, and diminish signs of premature ageing. I don’t have any wrinkles (yet) but I can tell you this moisturiser leaves skin feeling well hydrated and nourished.


I end my daily regime with the De-Stress SkinResponse Serum. This is a super lightweight liquid that’s extracted with a glass dropper. You only need a couple of drops of this magic formula to cover the face, and I like to pat it on with my fingers and wait for it to sink into my skin. Even though this is a liquid, it still has a luxurious feel and calming effect and I have to say I think it’s definitely helped to improve my complexion, I’ve noticed I just look a bit brighter and a bit less tired when I wake up in the mornings now.


And lastly the Soothing Masque. I’ve been using this a couple of times a week as a treat for my skin. Masks are easily my favourite product to use out of all skincare, I love the pampering element of using a mask, you can take your time with it, sit down and relax, and it’s a good excuse just to have some time to yourself! The Soothing Masque has a surprisingly cooling effect on the skin, which actually makes sense as it’s specifically made to calm stressed and irritated skin. I’m happy to report this did not upset my sensitive skin in any way, which is always a concern when you have sensitive skin that often reacts to masks. This product leaves your skin with a matte finish whilst feeling clean and refreshed.

I know it’s only been a few weeks, but so far I’m beyond impressed at the effect these products are having on my skin. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is but my complexion just looks that much better! I do know my skin is no where near as dry as it was before – which also means my makeup looks and applies better too, yay!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any ARK Skincare products? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Cohorted April Beauty Box | Review

Posted on April 13, 2015


Hi Guys!

April’s Cohorted box has finally arrived, and oh it’s a good one! This months box contains a great range of products from some fabulous high end brands including Bare Minerals, MAC, ARK Skincare and Korres. So let’s take a look what’s in the box…

  • bare Minerals Heavenly Face Brush – worth £22
  • MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Dolly Mix – worth £18
  • ARK Skincare Age Prepare Purifying Masque – worth £10
  • Korres Body Butter in Mulberry Vanilla – worth £19.50

The total value is £69.50, pretty good hey!


I’d just like to point out that these boxes are only £19.99 each, so this one alone contains over three times that in the value of products!

I’m a big fan of bare Minerals cosmetics and I’m currently loving their Mineral Veil powder, so I was really happy to find one of their brushes included in this months box. The Heavenly Face Brush has soft densely packed bristles with a blunt cut head, so it’s perfect for buffing foundation into the skin for an even complexion.

I was a little surprised but over the moon to discover an actual MAC product too! I mean wow! I don’t own many MAC blushes so this blush in Dolly Mix is a welcome addition to my collection. It’s a medium pink shade with a Sheertone Shimmer finish, so it can be worn sheerly for a hint of colour, or easily built up for a more intense look. I think Dolly Mix will suit most complexions too.

And look, an ARK skincare product! You may have noticed I’m using their Age Maintain range at the moment, and my skin is just loving their products – I’ll have an update on how I’m getting on with them on the blog tomorrow so be sure to check that out. The Skin Purifying Masque is from the Age Prepare range which is aimed at teens to those in their oily 30’s, it’s perfect for oily and congested skin, helping to absorb oil and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and diminishes blemishes.

And lastly the Korres Mulberry Vanilla body butter, it actually smells good enough to eat! This comes in a massive 235ml tube so will last for a very long time. It has an extra nourishing formula, and it’s aimed at those with dry skin so I think I’m going to love this.

Overall I’m really happy with this box, I definitely think it’s one of the best yet. I would say my only criticism would be the Korres product though. I do actually really like the look of it but I think Korres products seem to pop up quite a lot in beauty boxes so I’d rather see a different brand in future if I had the choice. That’s my only criticism though! Let’s hope Cohorted will continue to surprise us with more fantastic brands moving forward! You can pre-order May’s box on the 15th (the pre order date is always the 15th of the month for the next month which might be worth noting) If you are interested in May’s box I’d make sure to get in there quick, every month these boxes sell out pretty much instantly.

I’d love to hear what you think of this box? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Introducing ARK Skincare: The Age Maintain Range

Posted on March 23, 2015


Hi Guys!

Happy Monday! The sun is shining and I’m super excited that the lovely guys at ARK skincare have sent me a bundle of their gorgeous products to try out. I have most of the products from the Age Maintain range, which is aimed at those in their mid 30’s up to age 50. I’m coming up 31 in June but was advised that due to my skin being on the dry side, I’d benefit more from this range than the Age Prepare range which is aimed at those with oilier skins from teens to early 30’s.

The Age Maintain range targets skin that’s starting to show signs of ageing, such a fine lines, wrinkles and sensitivity. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I am starting to get fine lines around my eyes – and I know they’re only going to get worse! And my skin has always been on the sensitive side, so I’m hoping this range of products will work really well for my skin!

So lets take a look at the products –

Replenishing Moisturiser (£27) – This is ARK’s best selling anti-wrinkle treatment moisturiser. With Co-enzyme Q10, it’s packed with natural moisturising agents including Shea Butter and Olive Oil. It also contains clinically proven anti-ageing peptides, including Matrixyl, to smoothes out wrinkles, plump and tones the skin, and diminish signs of premature ageing.

Soothing Masque (£26) – This is a calming face mask for stressed and irritated skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of redness associated with dryness, and diminish the look of wrinkles. With an encapsulated blend of Vitamin A, C, E and F, it promotes skin firmness and elasticity.

Conditioning Cleanser (£24) – This is an ultra-nourishing cleanser that helps with skin’s natural exfoliation for a clear, radiant complexion. It removes make-up and excess sebum to leave skin exquisitely clean, plump and supple. This cleanser is perfect for sensitive skins as the natural ingredients soothe redness and inflammation too.

Renewing Exfoliator (£29) – This is a gentle, granule-free exfoliating mask that safely removes dead cells from the skin’s surface using Multifruit Acids. This super-smoothing skin saviour diminishes rough, flaky skin to promote a younger looking complexion.

De-Stress SkinResponse Serum (£42) – This soothing DeStress Serum reduces the visible signs of skin stress, diminishing the look of fatigue, slackness and loss of vitality. Created with a herbal complex, this anti-irritant serum calms redness and boosts hydration for beautiful, healthy skin.

I’m so excited now to get stuck in with these products, I feel like I’m completely kitted out so I can work on getting my skin to it’s best condition yet! I’m going to be giving these products a long term trial over the next couple of months, with updates along the way – so I can find out if they really work. Keep your eyes peeled for my first update in the next couple of weeks!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried ARK Skincare products before? xx