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A Little Home Wish List…

Posted on March 4, 2015

Hi Guys!

So now I’ve really nearly finished my new office – I’ve got the furniture, I’ve got everything pretty much organised, I just need to tidy up and add a few finishing touches to the decor. This has got me thinking about the rest of my house, and now I’ve got the decorating, re-vamping and updating bug! I keep looking online for inspiration, thinking about what I want to change, upgrade and improve, and as I’ve been making my mental notes I’ve noticed everything has fallen into two categories: practical – for those necessary items that you need but aren’t much to look at, and pretty – for the decorative, not actually necessary things.

So I’ve put together a little wish list, a kind of if I won the lottery type thing, of practical and pretty things I’d really love to have in my home…

home wish list_edited-1

Ok so let’s start with the kitchen, there are SO many problems with the kitchen! The dishwasher has broken, so we’re now using it for storage, yes our house is so small we’re actually using the dishwasher to keep things in. Storage is a very real issue. So a new dishwasher would be nice, and the washing machine is also on it’s last legs, so a shiny new Panasonic washing machine would be lovely – preferably one that’s a dryer too? Because of course, we have no space or a dryer, gah.

I’d like a nice storage cabinet to go in the corner of the room – maybe the Hemnes Cabinet from Ikea, to stop the kitchen table being a dumping ground for junk. The kitchen really stresses me out so I’ll move on to the living room now… My fancy Habitat sofa cushions are knackered from people sleeping on the sofa, so I’d really like some nice new ones, I’m in love with this Cat Face Cushion and Yeah Yeah Yeah Cushion from Urban Outfitters, and while I was checking out their site I also noticed this awesome Zig Zag Rug which would be perfect in the living room, as my current rug is covered in marks. Oh and our lovely white Coffee Table has chip marks all around the edges from Fred pulling himself up and chewing it as a baby, so I’d quite like a new one of them too!

Going upstairs I’d really love some pictures on the walls, my problem is I can’t commit to where to put things, because once something is up, you then have to plan everything else around it, so basically that’s why I haven’t got any pictures up. Which reminds me, I still haven’t had our wedding photos printed – oops! If you know me you’ll know that Rockett St George is one of my favourite homewares stores, and I can’t get over these Horizon and Palm Trees art prints – one day they will be mine! I’m also kind of lacking in ceiling lampshades… there’s only two of them in the whole house because I just didn’t get round to finding any more I liked. I’m rather partial to IKEA Lampshade though and this Fillsta one has caught my eye recently. For our bedroom, I can’t get enough of bright and loud prints, and this Vance Duvet set jumped out at me, it’s really expensive but I think I NEED it! And lastly I’d really like a book case for Fred’s room, as his books are just in a massive pile in the living room at the moment, this Kidikraft Bookshelf would be perfect for him.

Do you create lust lists like I do? And spend your time window shopping and fantasising about your dream home!? I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 xxx

This post was published in conjunction with Panasonic

10 Creative Washi Tape Ideas

Posted on January 19, 2015

Hi Guys!

I can’t actually put into words how obsessed I am right now with washi tape! If this is brand new to you, washi tape tape is basically a decorative masking tape that originated in Japan. It’s used for crafts, card making, home decor, scrapbooking and literally anything else you can think of! It comes in every colour imaginable including neons, pastels and prints.

At the moment I’m planning to convert my spare room into a blogging / beauty mecca. I know exactly what I want to do but the room is full of junk right now, so I need to sort it all out, and get rid of the furniture I already have. My Ikea basket is already full with drawers, a mirror and a table top ready to go! I’ve been getting a bit ahead of myself and looking into decorating ideas already, and I’ve completely fallen in love with washi tape. I love the bright colours and patterns, and the fact that it’s so versatile, so I’ve put together ten of my favourite washi tape inspiration images from the internet. I’ve also ordered myself a few rolls of tape so fingers crossed within the next month or so, I’ll have the room sorted out and I can start getting creative!

washi frames wall


washi wall art


washi tape pencils




washi jars


washi tape wall green








washi tape art


Are you a fan of washi tape? I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

Under £15 Budget & Novelty Gift Guide For Her!

Posted on November 21, 2014

ladies budgetgift guide_edited-1

Hi Guys!

I’ve got a super cute and handy gift guide for you today! Everything is £15 or under, fun and slightly unusual. If you’re looking for a gift or stocking filler for a friend or sister, I’ve got you covered for the gals in your life! I’ve included a Crazy Cat Lady bracelet for your cat loving chum, a fox head necklace for your little sister, a fashion game for your fashionable friend, a novelty bath milk for your mum, and a Lemon Curd High Tea candle for your BFF! I challenge anyone to not like these gifts!!

  1. Fox Necklace by Sugar and Vice, £15
  2. Panda Money Bank from Urban Outfitters, £15
  3. Crazy Cat Lady Bangle by Living in La La Land, £12
  4. Mug Cakes Book from Urban Outfitters, £7.99
  5. Lemon Curd High Tea Candle by Flamingo Candles, £12
  6. Vintage Toys Mug by Truffle Shuffle, £6.99
  7. Clueless Art Print – Cher. by Living in La La Land, £15
  8. Fashion Face Off Card Game from Amazon, £6.11
  9. Kellogg’s 50’S Vintage Tuberose And Jasmine Bath Milk from Truffle Shuffle, £6.99

So what do you think? I hope you like as I’ve got plenty more gift guides up my sleeve as yet! xxx

Hairy Armpits and Natural Beauty.

Posted on April 21, 2014


The other day I read this article on Cosmopolitan’s site, it’s about artist Ben Hopper’s latest exhibition entitled Natural Beauty. The exhibition features eight portraits of beautiful women looking seductively at the camera whilst showing off their armpit hair. Challenging the ideals of the beauty industry, it raises the question on why it’s deemed that body hair is unsexy. Armpit hair isn’t really something we consciously think of or really talk about – If I mention ‘Pitts’ I reckon most people will instantly think of the Brangelina kind, rather than the unwanted fuzz growing under your arms.

This interested me because why should images of women with body hair be so shocking? Why is armpit hair seen as unsexy? Or any body hair for that matter. It is natural after all!

Hopper comments on his original intended message for these images – he said: “It started as a joke about contemporary art and how a lot of artists create a body of repetitive work only to be treated seriously by overwhelmed audiences. “I thought photographing a lot of really beautiful women with armpit hair would make a similar effect.”

I think it’s quite sad that as a culture we are conditioned to believe that women must have no body hair at all to be considered attractive. Even though I know most people will say that hairless is their preference, the Facebook replies to this post still shocked me –

facebook comments

I prefer shaved pits on myself, it’s just more comfortable, but each to their own. If a woman wants to have armpit hair then I won’t judge, just as I wouldn’t judge a man for shaving his pits or legs, it’s all personal preference. The fact is BODY HAIR IS NATURAL, it’s normal – but people see it as ‘disgusting’ and unsavoury. Kenny Cook comments very eloquently above – ‘Shave under arms bitch your not a man’.

I find these strong reactions quite shocking, it’s just a bit of armpit hair for God’s sake, chill out! Also this is art – some of the models grew the hair for the project, and some (though it doesn’t say specifically) may have had the hair anyway. Who cares!? If a woman wants to have armpit hair surely that’s her choice?? I think these women are beautiful just as they are.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this? xxx

A Shade Wilder Great Barrier Reef Print

Posted on December 4, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today I want to show you my fantastic new Great Barrier Reef framed print by Peter Adams 🙂

We’ve been in our house over a year and a half now, and we still haven’t got round to sorting our pictures and photos out and getting some put up, so my lounge has been a bit bare – which is pretty much my fault as I’ve been really indecisive about what to put where! Then I discovered A Shade Wilder and found they stocked this gorgeous abstract scenic print in blues and greens, it was just the thing I was looking for! It’s pretty big at 70x100cm but sits above my sofa and helps create a relaxing atmosphere in my lounge.

a shade wilder painting Here’s a bit more info about the piece – ‘Working with acclaimed travel photographer Peter Adams. A Shade Wilder have commissioned a collection of truly stunning natural imagery. Adams’ work has taken him to over 100 different countries and we are proud to be able to showcase our partnership with him. Great Barrier Reef represents the timings of the tide retreating, showing the fresh water (blue) and sea water (green), cloud patterns and a pristine beach create a magnificent abstract pattern.’

a shade wilder print As you can see I had some issues with light reflecting off the picture – so here are some images from the website so you can see how awesome the print really is!

Great_Barrier_Reef_scale-0a984098fdd41f770915ed8f9eed1dc8 Great_Barrier_Reef_full-f9beb95e86af908588bef0652d110fb0 I’m so glad I discovered A Shade Wilder! They stock stunning art, décor, wallpaper and home wares to style your living space. They collaborate with acclaimed artists and photographers, as well as their design team to offer an eclectic array of goodies to make your home nothing less than fabulous! I have my eye on some flamingo wallpaper and zebra print cushions next 🙂

A Shade Wilder are offering 20% off everything on their site until midnight 9th December with code WONDER20

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx