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L’Occitane Aromachologie Body Care Collection

Posted on October 10, 2015


Hi Guys, happy Saturday!

What I love about L’Occitane is that they’re always bringing out fabulous new products, and I’m lucky enough to have their latest collection to share with you today!

The Aromachologie Body Care Collection is all about re-balancing the senses, body and mind. The collection has a fabulous re-energising scent, added to products that are made specifically to awaken the senses, help restore balance, and bring well-being and harmony to body and mind.

‘For 40 years, L’Occitane have studied the secrets of many essential oils and one of their most beautiful discoveries is the power of just the scents of these oils. The influence of scents on mood and behaviour was the very foundation for the L’Occitane Aromachologie range in 1976.’


Ok so let’s start by looking at the Limited Edition Rebalancing Bath Infusions (£15.00 for 5x sachets)

These sweet little bath infusions, that look like some sort of fancy tea bags are the perfect choice for a relaxing and revitalising bath. You’re actually advised to hang a sachet on the tap when you’re running your bath (rather than throw the bag in the bath, which I would have done if I hadn’t read the instructions) The Rebalancing Bath Infusions are made with citrus fruit peel and revitalizing salts, and each sachet provides a rebalancing effect which is beneficial for the senses and body.


And I just love the Rebalancing Black Soap (£16.00)

Now as scary as it looks, this soap isn’t actually coloured black, it’s kind of an orange / yellow colour which you can see on the final image below. The soap itself has a jelly-like texture in the pot, which turns into a paste on contact with the skin. The formula is olive oil based and enriched with eucalyptus essential oil to cleanse the skin and remove impurities. This soap really does do exactly as it’s supposed to, with the luxurious formula leaving skin with a refined texture that’s soft, nourished and silky to the touch.


Next the Rebalancing & Exfoliating Shower Gel (£14.00)

This is definitely my favourite out of all the Aromachologie products I have. This exfoliating shower gel has a fantastic energising and uplifting fragrance, with five purifying essential oils (Cypress, Juniper, Lemon, Thyme, Eucalyptus) to invigorate & rebalance. The formula also includes olive & lemon particles to delicately eliminate impurities whilst leaving skin super soft & smooth.


And lastly, the Rebalancing Face Mask (£20.00)

I do love a face mask as an evening treat, and if you’re in the need of a little pick me up, this Rebalancing Face Mask is perfect for the job. This gorgeously thick mask is enriched with absorbing vegetal and mineral powders to help remove impurities from the skin and tighten pores – which is perfect for my less than perfect complexion! It’s also formulated with essential oils to purify and rejuvenate the skin, helping to restoring its natural glow.

I’m officially in love with this collection! Apart from the fact that all the products work fantastically well to purify, rejuvenate and generally give skin a bit of an oomph, the scents are perfect for anyone that’s under the weather, tired and in need or rejuvenation. I highly recommend trying some of these products out!

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains press samples

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Soak Yourself Blanche The Blues Ritual Recipe Kit

Posted on April 9, 2015


Hi Guys!

Just look at this gorgeous set!! The absolutely lovely people at Soak Yourself noticed on Twitter that I was a bit poorly and under the weather, and they kindly offered to send me one of their bath sets to cheer me up – how sweet of them!

SOAK Yourself is a luxury British bathing brand launched in 2012. They have a philosophy based around the ancient ritual of bathing and its beneficial effects on the body, mind and soul, and their range comprises of seven bespoke bath ritual recipe kits to evoke any mood and dissolve all stresses, which is just what I need!

They only use the highest quality ingredients, essential oils, absolutes, candles and soaps, and all ingredients are 100% natural, and organic as far as possible. Each individual box is handmade and hand-packed with care to ensure the highest quality, and you can really tell these guys are passionate about what they do. There’s been so much thought put into these kits, not only into the products themselves, but also the process of the ritual, and the finish of the set really makes it feel like a special experience.


The box includes a jar of Healing & Foaming Bath Crystals, a Mood-Boosting Essential Oil Blend, a Camomile teabag, a Citrus Tonic mini scented candle and a Blue Poppy & Eucalyptus Soap. Oh and I can’t forget the ticket that entitles you to ‘One Hour To Yourself’ – this was such a lovely addition. Everything is beautifully presented with information tags fixed to each product with silky blue ribbons, as well as a full set of instructions. They really have included all you need for a luxurious soak.

Banish a down day, revitalise your senses, and boost your mood

The instructions advise that you run a bath and go make yourself a camomile tea while you’re waiting, then add the bath salts to the running water, along with ten drops of the essential oil. I then lit the candle and slid in the tub, and it was just sublime. The bathroom smelled amazing and I officially had the most relaxing soak of my life. I should point out that the instructions also give you a guide on how to relax, and they are fantastically written. I know it sounds corny, but this isn’t just a box of bath products, this is an experience, and it’s definitely worth trying.

Seriously if you know someone in need of a pamper, or maybe a friend with a birthday coming up, I can’t recommend these sets enough. There’s also six other boxes available, including Broken Heart, Feeling Groovy and Love, so you’ll be sure to find a kit to suit what you’re looking for.

The Bath Ritual Recipe Kits are £25 for a small box (which I have) or £60 for a large box. You can purchase them here – SOAK Yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my post! I’d love to hear what your favourite bath goodies are? xxx

My Friday Night Pamper Sesh!

Posted on September 24, 2014


Hi Guys!

Well I don’t know about you, but I decided last week that I was well overdue a pamper sesh, in fact I can’t actually remember the last time I had a chilled out evening treating myself to a bit of me time whilst using some lovely skincare products at my leisure. I’ve rooted through my stash to pick out a load of products to suit my pampering needs – including bath salts and a bath bomb, and of course a candle. A cleanser, mask and moisturiser, and eye and lip treatments.

So I’ll start from the beginning… First up was the Beauty Kitchen Wake Me Renewing Bath Salts* £9.95. The Wake Me scent is described as an ‘energising and uplifting zingy mix’ and that it is! The ingredients include – Mandarin green, orange sweet, grapefruit, benzoin resinoid, lemon and palmarosa, this is definitely a refreshing and energising combo! I threw a handful of the salts into the tub and waited for them to dissolve, and I was left with a lovely scented soak 🙂

Of course I can’t have a bath without a candle! So I went with my new The White Company Pomegranate Signature Candle £20.00. After being invited to the opening event in Norwich, The White Company has definitely become one of my new favourite stores! They have a fab candle and home scent collection which I couldn’t get enough of. The Pomegranate fragrance really grabbed me though and it’s definitely the strongest scented candle I own!

After my lovely bath I cleansed my face with  Super Facialist Tea Flower Purifying Cleansing Wash* £7.99. This mild cleanser is glycerin based to help retain moisture and includes elderflower to minimise pores, and also contains salicylic acid to refine and detoxify whilst washing away impurities. It works to clear congested skin of excess oils without irritating or stripping away vital oils needed to regulate the skin’s function. This left my skin with a lovely matte finish, and dare I say, I did feel like my pores had been reduced! Amazing! My skin felt thoroughly cleansed and was left with a lovely light, refreshing scent of orange and yang yang too.

Next up was the Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa Mask* £1.29. I’ve seen these masks in Superdrug over the years but never thought to try them, and now I have I wish I would have done sooner! For a teeny tiny £1.29 you get a fab open up cloth type mask that you simply press on your face to soothe and clam tired and stressed skin. This had a delicate scent and left my face feeling super smooth and silky and well hydrated.

I then used the Janjira Art of Siam Pomegranate & Acai Deep Moisturiser* £45.00. Janjira is a brand new brand to me, and I was instantly attracted to their Pomegranate & Acai range – it would seem I have a thing about pomegranate scents at the moment! This moisturiser is enriched with nutrients and super antioxidants, and boasts a cocktail of awesome natural anti-ageing ingredients. Pomegranate Extract and Acai Oil help prevent signs of ageing, Mushroom Extract reduces the appearance of pores and Macadamia Oil acts as a perfect moisturising agent. So this all sounds pretty good right? Well I have to say this moisturiser is fabulous! Apart from the fact that it smells divine, I slathered a thick layer on my skin and left it to soak in for a good 10 minutes, which was like a face mask in itself. I wiped off the excess and was left with beautifully soft skin. This is a gorgeous luxury product that’s definitely going to get a lot of use.

An then on to the eye treatment – Glamglow Bright Mud Eye Treatment £44.99. You usually get these in a set of 12, but I bought these two in a blog sale for a couple of quid so I could try them out. This is a 3 minute ‘instant’ eye treatment – I say ‘instant’ because Glamglow claim you should instantly see an improvement after use. They even recommend to apply to only one eye first so you can compare and tell the difference! I have really bad dark under eye bags and puffiness, so if this little pot of slime (it is like slime!) can improve that in 3 minutes, I’ll be VERY impressed. This treatment targets dark circles, puffiness, tired eyes and fine lines. It claims to be hydrating, brightening and plumping… so, I used this one one eye and I think I could see a slight difference but not that much unfortunately. I think I’ll have to try some more to see if they really work!

And lastly the Filorga Lip Structure 10ml* £32.00. Ok so my lips aren’t wrinkly just yet – there’s no Pat Butcher going on here – but if this stuff can plump them up a bit then I’m not going to complain! Lip-Structure is a double-effect serum that gives a volumising effect to the lips and filler action on the contour of the lips, to create a plumped up and beautiful mouth. Inspired by Filorga’s expertise in injectables, this is the first complete treatment for the lips and peri-oral zone (the area above the lips) to redefine and re-densify. For the peri-oral zone the applicator is a small tube and for the lips, it is shaped more like a flat plastic lip gloss applicator. I kind of expected my lips to tingle, as plumping products often give this sensation, but not this! Did they feel plumper though? Well yes they did a bit actually – maybe I need to continue using it a bit longer for better results though! My lips felt super soft and supple, like I’d just used the best lip balm ever! This is definitely a great pamper product!

Firstly if you’ve made it this far, well done and thanks for reading! I cut it my reviews down as much as I could!! In conclusion, apart from the Glam Glow which promised instant results but didn’t deliver, I was really pleased with all of these products, I should definitely pamper myself more often! 🙂

Have you used any of these products? I’d love to hear if you have.

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx

This post contains samples provided for review