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MAC Limited Edition Look in a Box: Endless Sunshine

Posted on July 26, 2018

Hello again! I hope you’re enjoying this heatwave? (I’m not, I’m hiding indoors with my fan!) Today I have one of the fab new ‘Look in a Box’ sets from MAC to share with you. As it says on the box, the Look in a Box sets contain everything you need to create a specific look. There are currently four ‘full face’ sets available, which include all the colour makeup you need. The one I have is called Endless Sunshine…

A lip and eye kit featuring beautiful bronzed shades, including Eyeshadows in Take Tan and To The Beach, Lipstick in Chili, Powder Blush in Endless Sunshine, Technakol liner in Photogravure, and In Extreme Dimension Lash.

The Endless Sunshine Look in a Box includes some gorgeous bronze and nude shades, as well as a head-turning bright red lipstick. Here’s what’s inside –

  • Eye Shadow in Take Tan: a gold with copper (frost finish)
  • Eye Shadow in To The Beach: a deep brown with gold sparkle (veluxe pearl finish)
  • Lipstick in Chili: a brownish orange-red (matte finish)
  • Powder Blush in Endless Sunshine: a warm taupe (matte finish)
  • Technakohl Liner in Photograveure: a soft black with brown undertones.
  • Extreme In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Black.

I’ve added up the cost of these products individually, and they come to exactly £100. This Set is only £49.50, so you’re really getting a fantastic deal!

The MAC Endless Sunshine Look In A Box Set is £49.50 and available now at MAC and ASOS.

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NARS Summer 2016 Under Cover Collection

Posted on June 22, 2016

NARS-Summer-2016-Under-Cover-Collection-review Hi Guys!

I have NARS’ latest collection to share with you today – this is the limited edition Under Cover Collection for Summer 2016. It comprises of a selection of Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, Dual Intensity Blush Duos and brand new Lip Cover’s in limited edition hand drawn packaging…


For Summer 2016, NARS makes a getaway with this limited-edition collection—high-fashion moments steeped in exclusivity and ease. New, rich Lip Covers saturate lips with coastal color, while Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows transform sheer tones and glistening shades for eyes. Dual-Intensity Blush completes the look with a touch of the sun – an insatiable rush of blush.




Isn’t the packaging just gorgeous!? It’s very chic, very French – very NARS…

The illustrations were designed by contemporary artist Konstantin Kakanias – taking inspiration from an editorial photo shoot, he aimed to capture the wit and wonder of François Nars behind-the-scenes world, and bring each moment to life in his fun and quirky illustrations.


Let’s start by looking at the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (£21.00) – if you’re not familiar with NARS’ Dual Intensity products, the clue really is in the name! These products are specifically formulated to be used both dry, for a sheer finish, or wet, for an increased intensity, high impact finish.

The Under Cover Collection contains four Dual Intensity Eyeshadow shades (out of 21 available at NARS in total)

  • Topless – seashell pink.
  • Pool Shark – iridescent periwinkle.
  • Deep End – shimmering teal green.
  • Tan Lines – rich hazelnut.

I have shade Topless, which is a pretty nude beige pink, with a hint of shimmer, and NARS advise using their Wet / Dry Eyeshadow #49 brush with these shadows, as this is designed specifically for both wet and dry application. I’m definitely a fan of this shade used both wet and dry – the formula has a wonderfully smooth texture with a luxe feel, as expected from NARS, and it’s just a joy to apply and wear.


Next the Dual-Intensity Blush (£30.00) – NARS have added two new Dual Intensity Blush duos to the six they already had on offer –

  • Liberation – shimmering light pink and caramel rose.
  • Sexual Content – sandy peach and soft raspberry.

Just like the above eyeshadows, the Dual Intensity Blush duos can be used both wet and dry, depending on how intense you want your look to be. They also feature NARS’ exclusive Translucent Prismatic Technology which utilises pearls and pigments to allow for multi-dimensional effects with a uniquely weightless, luxurious texture.

The formula is wonderfully silky and looks fabulous applied dry especially, giving skin a luminous, healthy glow.


Liberation – the light pink shade in this duo is really pretty, it gives my fair skin a sheer tint of colour.


Sexual Content – this is definitely my favourite of the two blush duos. The colours are slightly softer and easier to wear (on my pasty skin anyway!)


And lastly the Lip Cover (£21.00) – I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one, I was thinking more along the lines of a liquid lipstick than a gloss, and technically it is a liquid lipstick, but it doesn’t dry and set on the lips like you would expect. The Lip Cover formula stay fluid – but not sticky – meaning they’re super comfortable to wear and not drying at all.

But, like a standard liquid lipstick they are super highly pigmented – which I just love. The colour saturation plus luminous finish really is a winning combination!

The Lip Covers come in four shades, ranging from easy to wear nude pinks, to bright and vivid reds and oranges –

  • Overheated – deep dusty rose.
  • Do Not Disturb – vivid orange-red.
  • Get Dirty – desert rose.
  • Members Only – crimson.



So there we have it – what a gorgeous collection! I have to say the Lip Covers really are fabulous, and if you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks, I’d really recommend you try these out.

The limited edition NARS Under Cover collection is available now at NARS Cosmetics.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Sleek Makeup Whimsical Wonderland Collection & New Matte Me Lip Shades #SleekWhimsical

Posted on June 2, 2016


Hi Guys!

One of my favourite budget beauty brands is back on the blog today, with a whole new range of products! Sleek Makeup have just launched their limited edition Whimsical Wonderland collection, containing candy coloured lipsticks, brand new cheek stains and a pretty pastel toned eyeshadow palette – and in complete contrast they’ve also released six new deep mauve and wine shades of their Matte Me lipsticks…

Roll Up! Roll Up! Welcome to a Whimsical Wonderland of fun-filled fairground rides, candy floss and pastel prettiness! Our new limited edition Whimsical Wonderland collection takes a leap into the punchy pleasures of pastels and exciting summer hues. Try a quirky twist on vibrant eyeshadow, glisten pretty with shades for your cheeks and lips.

Stating with the All The Fun of the Fair i-Divine Palette – this palette has the same slim casing and 12 circular pans as the rest of the i-Divine collection palettes. The All The fun of the Fair palette contains a selection of pretty, summery pastel shades in both matte and shimmer finishes.


I’m completely in love with Sleek’s VIP Lipstick formula – it’s easily one of the best on the highstreet, and also one of my favourite budget lipsticks. The Whimsical Wonderland collection features three new Lip VIP Lipstick shades –

  • Big Shot – a bright warm coral peach.
  • Hottie Tottie – an intense coral toned pink.
  • Fancy Pants – a bright cool toned lilac.

Following the theme of the collection, these shades are bold, bright and fun. The formula is creamy and comfortable and the colour payoff is just amazing. The finish of the VIP Lipsticks is a velvety demi-matte, and the soft, creamy formula feels wonderful on the lips. These lipsticks are definitely a must have for fans of a bold and daring lip!


Sleek have also introduced a brand now product with this collection – the Sweet Cheeks cheek stains. They have included three new Sweet Cheeks cheek colours which correspond with the above three VIP Lip shades –

  • Hullabaloo – intense pink.
  • Lickety Split – coral / orange.
  • Tomfoolery – violet toned fuchsia.

I must admit, the Sweet Cheeks stains do look a bit bright and intimidating on first glance, but you’ll be pleased to hear that the product has a silky and almost gel like formula, which applies quite sheerly for a flush of colour across the cheeks.


And lastly the new Matte Me Lipsticks are just gorgeous! Matte lipsticks are everywhere at the moment, and Sleek’s offering definitely shouldn’t be overlooked – these six gorgeous shades range from mid pinks to deep reds and mauves – quite a contrast to the Whimsical Wonderland collection. Though some of these shades are on the darker side, they’re all completely wearable – I particularly love Velvet Slipper and Shabby Chic, which is the perfect my lips but better shade. The formula is slightly drying on the lips over time, but that’s to be expected with a matte liquid lipstick. These are really long lasting, and are definitely worth their £4.99 price tag.

  • Vino Tinto – a deep mauve wine.
  • Velvet Slipper – a mid mauve pink.
  • Bittersweet – a light peachy pink.
  • Shabby Chic – a light muted pink.
  • Fired Up – a true bright red.
  • Old Hollywood – a darker classic red.


Overall this is another fab collection of products from Sleek, and as ever both their VIP and Matte Me lipsticks really are fantastic – a definite must-try if you’re on the hunt for some new budget lippies.

The Whimsical Wonderland collection is available now from Sleek Makeup.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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MAC Cosmetics X Chris Chang Collection

Posted on May 10, 2016


Hi Guys!

If you’re a MAC Cosmetics fan, it’s most likely you’ll have heard about the highly anticipated MAC X Chris Chang collection by now… if you’re not aware of Chris Chang, she’s a Chinese fashion designer obsessed with colour – she pretty much lives and breathes the stuff, and because of this she really is the perfect match for a MAC collaboration.

China’s most outlandish fashion designer puts an acid-soaked twist on her modern M·A·C collection, featuring a vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by the ancient Chinese art form Kunqu. Surreal hues of Lipstick, Cream Colour Base and Eye Shadow, and uniquely designed packaging, are saturated with her signature dramatic flair.

Her limited edition collection for MAC contains a decent sized range of products, including Lipsticks (with lustre and matte finishes), Eyeshadows, a Fluid Line Eyeliner, Cream Colour Bases, and a Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder.


Poesia, the Chinese fashion designer’s outrageously-hued clothing line, embraces maximalism to the extreme and a kaleidoscopic point-of-view that’s splashed across her garments in ways that are artful, chaotic, frenzied, stunningly beautiful and never without humour. Her penchant for colour borders on the obsessive, although never seeming tacky or ridiculous. Similarly, her M·A·C collection leaves no hue left behind, a brilliant palette inspired by China’s oldest performance art form, Kunqu…on an acid trip.


So firstly, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging? …No your eyes aren’t going funny, and no my camera isn’t blurry… the packaging for this collection is just plain crazy! There’s a collage mishmash of bright and outlandish shapes and patterns covering this collection; flowers, figures, wildlife and who knows what else features on the outer casings of the products. Parts are in focus, yet many have blurry edges, making you look twice to check if your eyes are playing tricks on you. Described as hallucinogenic, crazy and trippy, this is possibly the maddest packaging I’ve seen yet in a MAC collection – and I love it!



Ok so on to the products! Lets start with the rather striking single Eyeshadows (£14.00), there are four brighter than bright matte shades in the collection – Royal Woo – a lemony pastel yellow, Pale Pipa – a pastel turquoise, Electric Mandarin – a neon mandarin orange, and Mu Mu Bloom – a hot pink.

I have Pale Pipa and Electric Mandarin, and as expected both shades are intensely pigmented, super soft and easy to blend. Pale Pipa has more of a powdery matte finish and Electric Mandarin is slightly more satin, both give excellent colour payoff, and though I’m not personally keen on Pale Pipa as a shade, I think I’ll get a lot of use out of Electric Mandarin over the Summer months.



Next we have a large selection of Lipsticks, and Cream Colour Bases. The Lipsticks (£17.00) also come in a range of bright not-to-be-missed pastel shades –

  • Gold XIX  – lemony pastel yellow with a lustre finish
  • Cloud Gait – pastel turquoise with a lustre finish.
  • Plum Princess – pastel plummy lavender with a matte finish.
  • Dddevilish – pastel hotel pink with a matte finish.
  • Vermillion Vee – clean true red with a matte finish.

And the Cream Colour Bases (£17.50) come in three intense shades –

  • Peony Pavilion – hot pink.
  • Rick Coral – orange.
  • Sockit Xiqu – dirty lavender.

I have the lipstick in Dddevilish, an intense and bright blue toned pink with a matte finish. I know this shade won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love it! The colour is true and intense, and I love it especially because MAC lipsticks have one of the best matte formulas around, which won’t dry out your lips. I also have the Cream Colour Base in Peony Pavilion, which is again an intense hot pink – very similar in shade to Dddevillish. This is super creamy and easy to blend out and work with. You can wear this applied very lightly for a sheer touch of colour, or build up the product for a more intense look.


And lastly the Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Compact (£22.50) – this is described as a silky, colourless finishing powder that reduces shine – and that description really is spot on. Though whiter than white, this powder is colourless when applied – hence no swatches, as you can’t really see it on the skin. It gives a velvety soft finish, while helping to set your makeup. This is the perfect setting powder for controlling shine, and giving skin a super smooth and even finish.


As I mentioned earlier in the post, these products, and the collection as a whole won’t be to everyones taste – but there are still a few products and shades in there that would suit those that are a bit fearful of outlandish colours. The Lipstick in Vermillion Vee looks like the most perfect true red shade – of which I believe everybody should own, and the Translucent Powder is just gorgeous, a definite must have for your summer makeup bag! I love how this collection knows no bounds or limits, the colours Chang has chosen dare you to experiment and have fun – which really is is what makeup is all about.

The limited edition MAC X Chris Chang Collection will launch in the UK on June 16th, at MAC’s Carnaby and Covent Garden Stores and online at MAC.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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MAC Wash and Dry Mini Haul

Posted on May 5, 2015



Hi Guys!

I’ve actually been quite restrained with MAC’s limited edition collections of late – I resisted Philip Treacy even though I thought the Blue Peep bright blue eyeliner looked amazing, Cinderella didn’t really do it for me either. I was tempted by the lipsticks though as I do love a good nude, but after sorting out my collection and finding I have at least 15 MAC nude shades already, I decided better of purchasing. Mia Moretti, Toledo and Bao Bao Wan slipped by me too – and I’m kind of glad to be honest as I could have spent rather a lot of money by now!

When I saw the first sneak peeks of the Wash and Dry collection on Instagram though, I knew I’d have to get at least something, if only for the amazing packaging! The highlight powder instantly jumped out at me, but there wasn’t really anything else that looked particularly special in this collection, so I ended up with just the highlighter and a blush.

mac-wash-and-dry-freshen-up-review mac-wash-and-dry-highlight-powder-review

The High-Light Powder in Freshen Up (£25.00) is just stunning. This is easily the main attraction of this collection just because it’s so beautiful and unusual looking. It features three shades, from pastel banana through peach to mid-coral. The three shades are pressed with an embossed finish, that to me looks like it’s supposed to represent water. Let me know if I’m wrong though! The whole of the pan is then topped off with a fine layer of what looks like the lightest shade, which highlights the embossed finish and gives the palette an iridescent effect.

Now I really didn’t want to ‘ruin’ this product and swatch it because it’s so pretty, but I have enough limited edition products that I can’t bear to touch I’m ‘saving’ so I did try it out eventually! (Please see final image for swatches) As soon as I rubbed over the strips, the pearlised top coat disappeared revealing the true colours underneath. The shades were all well pigmented and soft as expected, but I feel I’m a bit pale for these colours at the minute though, so I’m definitely looking forward to trying this out when I have a tan!

mac-wash-and-dry-blush-hipness mac-wash-and-dry-blusj-hipness-review

I also purchased the Powder Blush in Hipness (£20.00), this shade is described simply as a light peach. I’d say it’s more of a mid tone coral though with a matte finish. This blush is just the most beautiful vibrant colour – I’m so glad I bought it! It’s definitely a great colour for summer and it would be the perfect shade to brighten the complexion.


In the swatches above, you can see the individual shades of the highlight powder are actually pretty intense, and the darkest coral / orange shade would work fantastically well on its own as a blush. I love that you can completely customise your look with this palette by running your brush over different shades to create different effects – the lighter shades give a lovely golden highlight, or swept together the three shades give a beautiful light coral / peach blush.

I’m really glad I purchased these products and managed to resist the lipsticks for a change! I’d love to hear if you snapped anything up from this collection?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

Kiko Modern Tribes Collection

Posted on April 27, 2015



Hi Guys!

Kiko Cosmetics was one of the beauty brands I had my heart set on trying this year, and I’m so glad I have! I tried a couple of their lip products in one of their Valentine’s sets, and more recently their Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow from the Latest in Beauty Glamour Box, and I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. They’ve also just brought out an exciting new collection too – Modern Tribes.

The Modern Tribes collection is just perfect for the impending summer. It focusses on glowing bronzed skin, intense eye colours and natural pink shades for the lips. It’s a pretty hefty limited edition collection, including foundations, a whole range of colour cosmetics, fragrances and a face brush. I have a blusher, lip and cheek pencil, eyeliner and mascara to share with you today.



The Tri-bal Soul Baked Blush in 03 Wild Mauve (£14.90) is easily my favourite product, I mean just look at it! It comes packaged in a beautiful and unusual dark wooden case with a magnetic closure, and a handy internal mirror, and the product itself smells quite vanillary, similar to a MAC lipstick. The blush consists of three complimentary shades in one pan, the shades are large enough to use individually, or can be swept together to deliver the perfect balance of colour. This is easily one of the prettiest and most wearable blushers I’ve ever come across, I love the fact that you have a choice of three shades to suit your mood, and the satin / sheen finish it leaves on your skin is just beautiful. This is a fantastic blusher to add radiance and brightness to your complexion, and it also comes in three different shades (which are going on my wish list!)


Next the Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks Pencil in 02 Supreme Guava (£8.90) – this is a multi-functional jumbo lipstick and blush pencil that delivers a radiant matte finish. It has beautiful highly pigmented creamy texture that glides on and is easily blendable and buildable for more intense colour. Supreme Guava is the most stunning bright coral peach shade, I’ve been wearing it on both lips and cheeks and it’s just the most beautiful summery shade – I’m a big fan of peaches and corals! As with all the products in this collection, it would look fantastic with a tan!



The Graphic Ritual Kajal Eyeliner in 03 Touch Turquoise (£6.90) is one of six vibrant inner and outer eyeliners for use on the waterline. This pencil is super soft – so soft that I applied too much pressure when I first used it and broke the tip off, oops! You know I’m a fan of coloured eyeliners so Touch Turquoise is right up my street! It’s an intense turquoise shade with a hint of sparkle, I’ve used this for nearly a full day and I’m happy to say it stayed put and didn’t smudge at all.


And lastly the Dawn To Dusk Volume Mascara in Black (£8.90) – as it says on the packet, this is a black mascara with buildable volume. The formula has a creamy texture and gives a shiny finish to create volumized lashes. I have to say though, the wand is pretty big and I think if you have super short lashes like I do, you might find it a bit difficult to use. If you’re blessed in the lash department though then go for it as this mascara definitely creates volume!

Ok so there we go! Can you tell I’m just loving this collection? I really want to snap up the other two blush shades because they’re just so beautiful, and there’s also a bronzer in this collection too, which I might just pop into my shopping cart while I’m there 😀

I’d love to hear what you think? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks | Review

Posted on October 28, 2014


Hi Guys!

Well another week, another new release from Makeup Revolution! Don’t act surprised! 😉 This time it’s The One Blush Sticks. There are eight chunky sticks to choose from in this collection, including four shimmer / sheer shades and four matte shade equivalents…


On the above picture on the top row we have Malibu, Dream, Pink and Rush, and the bottom row Matte Malibu, Matte Dream, Matte Pink and Matte Rush. The One Blush Stick collection includes a great range of completely different colours, and with each shade having a matte option too there should easily be something to suit everyone!


The One Blush Sticks are £5 each, and I’ve heard that they’re comparable to NARS Multiple’s which are £30 each! I don’t have a NARS Multiple to compare I’m afraid so I can’t tell you myself, but if you take a look at the NARS site you’ll see they do look incredibly similar! If the product is similar too, then these really are a complete bargain. I anyone knows for sure please let me know!


Above top row are the standard Blush Sticks and the bottom row are the Matte Blush Sticks.


On to the swatches! Here are the standard (shimmer) Blush Sticks. I love the first shade, Rush, it’s a sheer coral shade that’s super pretty and I think it will suit most skin tones. Pink is a bit more daring in shade and pigmentation, and Dream looks like maybe more of a highlighter to me? It does have a hint of shimmer and I think it’s probably too light for a blush, but again this will depend on your skin tone and the look you’re going for. Malibu is quite dark with a hint of shimmer too, this would definitely work well for darker skins.


And the matte shades – wow! How totally intense and pigmented are these!? Don’t forget, these are swiped directly on my arm to show you the full potential of the shades, you wouldn’t wear them like this! (I hope!) All the shades are super blendable so you only need a tiny amount to start with and you can easily build up the colour as required. Again Rush is my favourite here (I have a thing about coral shades) and I think Malibu could be used as a contour with a really light hand – I’ll have to give it a go and let you know how I get on!

I’d love to hear what you think and if you’ve tried these?

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx