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Birthday Fun at the Seaside!

Posted on June 18, 2014


Hi Guys!

Well I’m now officially over the hill 30! Blimey where has the time gone! It was my birthday on Thursday and it just so happened to also be my little boy Fred’s 3rd birthday too! My other half took me for a fancy meal at The Fox and Goose in Fressingfield the evening before – seriously, if you’re ever in this neck of the woods, you must go there, the food is amazing.

And on Thursday we had planned to go to the local Zoo but at the last minute changed our minds as the weather was so lovely, so we decided to go to the seaside instead!

We spent the day in Southwold, and it was such a great day! We doused Fred in sun cream and he ran around on the beach and paddled in the water. Ollie told me when he was a similar age to Fred his mum covered him in sun cream on the beach, and he had a tantrum and threw himself down on the sand. He came up looking like a scotch egg 😀

We stayed on the beach for a while making sandcastles and searching for pretty stones and shells. After a pub lunch we left late afternoon to visit my Auntie who had made Fred a surprise birthday cake, a red racing car! He thought it was the best thing ever! I thought I’d also show you one of my favourite gifts at the end of this post – Ollies Auntie is a potter and she made us an amazing personalised bowl with all our names around it, how lovely is that! xxx












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I hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 xxx

Chrysler Ypsilon Vice vs Virtue – A Bank Holiday Day Out!

Posted on May 28, 2014

Hi Guys!

This is the third instalment in my Chrysler Ypsilon & Stylist Vice or Virtue Challenges!

Chrysler have planned this fantastic campaign for the launch of their Ypsilon stylish 5-door city car. For those that don’t know – Ypsilon is actually the greek letter Y. The story goes that the trunk of the letter Y represents our youth and as we reach adulthood we make the choice of taking the path of either vice or virtue… and this is where the idea of the challenges originated from! Research by Chrysler Ypsilon has found that a number of us would love to take the route of vice, but life pressures and fears of what others may think is preventing us from being more daring. Chrysler Ypsilon has partnered with Stylist.co.uk to launch the Vice vs Virtue campaign to encourage women to step out of their daily routine and Dare to be different!

You can check out my first and second challenges and read all about what I got up to! And don’t forget, everyone can join in the fun so make sure you check out the challenges yourself!

This challenge is my first Virtue – ‘Plan a bank holiday day out’. I would have loved to have gone with the Vice option on this one which was ‘Go on a last minute city break to NYC’ if only my wallet would have allowed it!

So, if you follow me on Twitter you may have heard me mention a few thousand times that it’s nearly my birthday! (fyi June 12th, and sorry I get excited from about March, I can’t help it!) And it’s not just any old birthday, it’s going to be my 30th, eeeek! My bestest buds are in the same school year as me, and it just so happens our birthdays are all within a couple of months of one another. We wanted to do something special this year to celebrate together rather than the usual go to the pub or go for a meal, and as Becky and Kat have both just turned 30 and I’ll be joining them in less than three weeks now, we decided to have a special girly day out in London!

There wasn’t really a plan as such, just mooching around the shops, eating lots and just chilling out really. This is completely my idea of bliss. The only thing that could make it better was if it was a whole weekend! And maybe a credit card with no limit…that someone else was paying for! 😉

first resturante

After the not-really-so-long-because-we-were-talking-so-much train journey we headed towards the mecca that is Oxford Street. We started off by visiting a quirky little coffee shop off Oxford Street for a spot of lunch.

selfridges painted window

Then off to Selfridges! (of course!) Their window displays are always amazing and attract crowds of people taking photos – me included!

selfridges window

Selfridges are currently holding their Beauty Project, a six week in store programme exploring perceptions of beauty. One of the windows had a massive neon display which I loved, saying simply,


tom ford counter

I quickly spotted the Tom Ford beauty counter. Tom Ford makeup is top of my wish list right now – how I managed to pass it without purchasing anything I’ll never know!

burberry studded jacket

I then dragged my friends round the amazing designer fashion floor…

valentino studded mini tote prada studded top handle bag miu miu denim biker bag mary katrantzou

The bags, oh the bags! And the couture!!… I was in heaven. Ok enough fashion! My friends literally had to drag me out of there to head back to the beauty department in hunt of The Fragrance Lab, as I had an appointment booked. Oh, but look what happened on the way…

selfridges beauty project glamorous lady with poodle selfridges boxes

Suddenly the store music stopped and some retro jazz music started playing, it reminded me of the Mr Selfridge TV series. Security guards appeared from nowhere ushering crowds of shoppers to the sides of the aisles, it was all very exciting! Then an amazing procession of fabulous older ladies strutted down the aisles, dancing to the music and posing with preened poodles! They followed a stern looking porter, marching to the music holding a large sign saying,

the older you get, the more fabulous you are!

It was amazing! One of the lovely ladies even stopped with her poodle for me so I could snap a pic!

selfridges beauty project fragrance lab

After this distraction I then headed off to The Fragrance Lab (blog post to follow) while the girls did a spot of shopping.

dolly's afternoon tea

This was obviously all very exciting for us and very tiring, so we decided a stop for afternoon tea at Dolly’s Tea Room was a must…

salfridges cake

Let me just zoom in on that cake a bit for you…can you just taste it? 😉

greek meal

After more shopping we ended up at a lovely Greek restaurant in the evening, I’ve never eaten Greek before so it was a new experience for me, and Ioved it! Those weird green things were actually rice wrapped in vine leaves!

girls day out

The day was so much fun, it was great to actually book a day out with my friends. It’s so often that we talk about doing things, but they never actually happen. Big thanks Chrysler Ypilson for the nudge to do this!

Also, I’ll have my London shopping haul and Fragrance Lab posts coming up shortly for you 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

A Lovely Afternoon…

Posted on August 4, 2013

Hi Guys!

It’s been such a nice day today, bright but not too sunny and hot. So we thought we’d go for a picnic! (I don’t remember the last time we went for a picnic so this is quite an event!) After driving around the countryside for a while we found a lovely sloping hill next to a church at Redgrave, it was so pretty we decided to pitch up!





We then visited Redgrave Fen for a walk around, the Fen is famous for wildlife such as Adders, Lapwing birds and Raft Spiders, unfortunately we didn’t see any of these but there were plenty of butterflies which Freddy chased after! Redgrave Fen is such a lovely place, if you’re interested you can find out more here.




And this is what I wore – an awesome Aztec Vest from Peacocks and a stunning Gold Plated Ants Necklace from Lady Muck. Do check out Lady Muck for fabulously quirky jewellery!



Hope you’re having a great weekend! xxx

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