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A Diet Update and Exante Diet Products

Posted on May 7, 2015


Hi Guys!

Following on from my original How I Plan To Lose 5 Stones post, I thought I’d come back with a little update on how I’ve been getting on. I can tell you it’s been a rocky start! I began really well, exercising for half an hour almost every day, eating well and completely cutting out any unhealthy snacks. The food consumption side of things was difficult to begin with, I’d been used to big portions as well as grazing throughout the day, so cutting right down left me feeling pretty hungry! After a few days though I think my stomach must have started to shrink a bit because I started to feel less hungry, I also incorporated some Exante Diet products into my regime too which I think helped, and after just over a week I’d lost 4 pounds! I was so pleased!


I loved Exante’s products because they’re so quick and easy and fuss free. I’m not one for making complicated meals anyway, and with my job, blog, son, husband and house to look after, I’m busy most of the time so it’s handy to be able to just grab something when you’re on the go! Exante sent me a selection of their products to try out, including meal-replacement shakes, diet meals and snack bars and I think I loved the shakes the most. They were super handy for me to have for lunch on days when I went to work because you just add water to the powder and mix to create a shake drink. The flavours were really nice and surprisingly filling! The diet meals, I must admit didn’t initially look that appetising (see the Pasta Carbonara packet in my first image) In fact though, I was surprised with how good they tasted! The Pasta Carbonara was lovely – again you just add water like the shakes, but you also put these in the microwave. I borrowed the above image from Exante’s site as my crockery didn’t do the meal justice! All of Exante’s products contain 100% of your daily requirements for vitamins, minerals and protein each day, no artificial colours, aspartame, monosodium glutamate, or genetically modified products, and they’re also suitable for vegetarians.


I love that Exante Diet products are flexible enough to fit into your routine however you need them to. I’ve been using them as meal replacements here and there, and their snack bars are really handy to have around if you’re craving something sweet. You can also use them as part of the 5:2 diet or just as an addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Ok so back to my progress. Basically I lost 4 pounds, I was really happy, but then somehow I put it back on. I have no idea how, I was being really good! And I was SO annoyed. I’m thinking possible water retention? I’ve then lost 2 pounds again but it’s also TOTM, so I’m thinking definite water retention right now. I’m still feeling positive though, it’s still an over all loss even if it’s only small!

I’ll have another update for you in the next couple of weeks, I’m aiming to lose another 4 pounds by then so wish me luck! I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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How I Plan To Lose 5 Stones

Posted on April 29, 2015


Hi Guys,

Ok so I feel like I’ve come to a bit of a turning point in my life. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time now, suffering on and off with anxiety, and eating my worries away. This negative cycle has caused me to put on five stones in about a year and a half. Yes FIVE stones – half a person. I’m carrying around an extra half person on my body every day. No wonder I’m always tired.

Basically I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m down, or stressed or upset. I’ve been using food as a crutch, and even though the instant gratification felt worth it, the long term effects have really taken their toll on my health and well being. I constantly feel sluggish, my get up and go has got up and gone, and my weight gain has severely affected my confidence. I feel like I’ve turned into a different person.

The main reason for all of this was my job. Without going into detail I basically hadn’t been happy there for a long time. So not so long ago I decided enough was enough, and handed in my resignation. It was super scary but I’m so glad I did it. Funnily enough I was then offerered a different job at the same company, doing a completely different role, as well as working less hours. I felt a mixture of relief, happiness, and excitement, now I can really get stuck in with my new job! This also gave me more time to focus on myself in terms of my health and fitness, as well as my blog and my other freelance roles.

I guess I kind of feel like a weight has been lifted, I’m now in a much more positive frame of mind, and I’m ready to lose this weight! Here’s how I plan to do it –

1. Drink more water. This was actually a new years resolution and I’ve been pretty slack with it. I drink a lot of tea, which I don’t think I can live without, and I know it’s dehydrating which completely defeats the purpose. So moving forward I’m just going to have a glass of water with every cup of tea I make. Simples!

2. Cut out the junk. I’ve been in SUCH bad eating habits. Hence why I put so much weight on. I’m a grazer, and I literaly snack all day out of habit. I’d buy a multi pack of doughnuts / chocolate bars / cakes with the idea that I’d have one now and again for a treat, but I’d just scoff them all in one go. I’ve now completely cut this out and I’m going cold turkey. No treats, no snacks, nothing bad at all. And I’m feeling GOOD about it!!

3. Eat healthier. Apart from cutting out the obvious junk, I want to actively eat healthier meals that will help me to feel good and lose weight. I’m going for high protein / low carbs in general, and lots of veg and greens. I’m trying out some products from Exante at the moment, so for example I’m swapping my lunch for an Exante meal or shake, and swapping out my sweet snacks for their high protein options or fruit. I also have a few bits from My Protein to try out too – I’ll have an update with how I’m getting on with these shortly.

4. Exercise. Ahh exercise. This has also been my downfall. I just wasn’t doing any – unless walking to the loo counts?? I’m now using my Wii Fit to do stepping, hardcore super fast stepping! I’m doing half an hour a day at the moment, then when I’m used to it and not so knackered I’ll make the step higher (the other half has pimped my step for me!) and eventually add wrist and ankle weights too.

(I should point out that I’ve actually done all this once before. When I was pregnant I put on 4.5 stones and I lost it all the year after, so I know I can do it again!)

5. Monitoring my progress. As well as the Wii Fit, I also recently purchased a FitBit Charge which is fantastic for keeping track of how much exercise you’re doing, it tracks your steps, your sleep patterns, your heart rate, and you can also manually input your food intake so it can count your calories. I’m really finding this is helping me too, so I’ll have a separate post on it shorty.

Ideally I’d like to lose the weight by the end of the year, but for a smaller goal I’m aiming to lose 1 stone by my birthday which is 12th June. I think this is achievable! Wish me luck xxx