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More Gorgeous Products from Glo & Ray…

Posted on February 20, 2015


Hi Guys!

In case you don’t know I’m a massive fan of Glo & Ray makeup, I’ve tried a few bits from them over the last few months and I’ve always been wowed, and now I have some more lovely items to try out and show you! I have a great range including an eyeshadow quad, lipgloss, eyebrow pencil and single mousse eyeshadow. Let’s get stuck in!


First up is the gorgeous Mariposa Eyeshadow Quartet in Liquid Metal 405 (£12.50). I was instantly attracted to this palette as the colours just looked amazing.



I’ve tried many Glo & Ray products without a negative word or comment, but I’m afraid this is where my first not so glowing review comes in. I love love LOVE the colours, there’s no doubt about that, they’re gorgeous, but I’d be lying if I said I was thrilled with the formula. It took a lot of work to create the arm swatches above. I had to keep going over and over the shadows, they felt really stiff and hard to work with, and I’m guessing they were either just pressed too hard (is that even a thing?) or it was the actual formula that was the problem, either way I just couldn’t work with them. In the end the three darker shades did come out pretty well, after a lot of work, but the fourth and lightest shade did not want to co-operate – hence why you can’t see it on my arm.


Apologies for the slightly negative start, but I’ve got to be honest. On the plus side it’s all positive from here! So now on to a much much better product – the Wonderland Hydrating Lip Gloss in Pink Pearl 701 (£10.00). To be honest I’ve actually gone of glosses a bit in favour of lipsticks lately, but I do occasionally reach for one, especially on the days my lips are too dry for lipstick, and this gloss has definitely been on my grab list! It has a lovely hydrating formula, and it’s smooth and non sticky. Pink Pearl is a sheer medium pink with tiny gold sparkles that look fantastic when they catch the light.


Next is the Fumo Silky Eyebrow Pencil in Terra Brown 21 (£5.50). I instantly thought this shade might be too much of a light warm brown for me, but actually it didn’t look out of place on my medium brown brows. I’d say this colour would suit blondes more though, and that’s my only complaint – there’s this shade and only one more available, which looks very dark, so it would have been nice to see maybe three or four different shades really. Anyway, the Fumo Eyebrow Pencil formula kind of reminded of G&R’s eyeliners; it was definitely silky soft as advertised, and really easy to use. This gets a thumbs up from me.


And lastly the Mirage Mousse Eyeshadow in Clematis (£11.00). These eyeshadows are formulated with the revolutionary Multi Silky-Wax Complex™ which provides a silky texture with a hint of shimmer. I love that these mousse shadows can be worn very sheerly, so you just get a pretty veil of sparkle over the lid, or you can easily build them up for a more intense look. They’re really versatile and the mousse formula feels light and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately my arm swatch below doesn’t do this shade justice, it’s a beautiful warm grey packed with sparkle.


Overall I just can’t get enough of Glo & Ray’s cosmetics, I know I wasn’t keen on the eyeshadow palette, which is a shame as the colours were gorgeous (please guys, just fix the formula then we can enjoy these gorgeous looking palettes!) but I’m still really impressed with the rest of the product range – I’ve tried most of it now so I can definitely say that! I’ve linked my previous reviews below –

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried Glo & Ray cosmetics before? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains samples provided for review

My Top Beauty Products of 2014

Posted on December 30, 2014


Hi Guys!

It’s time again for the yearly round of up all things beauty! So I’ve pulled together all the stand out items from 2014 and put them in one handy post for you. There were actually SO many great products this year, it was really hard to keep the list down to a sensible number, I managed to cut it down to a fairly reasonable 14 items though, and I’ve included a quick paragraph about each product and links to my individual reviews if you want to read into them further. Enjoy!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette in The Dolce Vita. This was my first Charlotte Tilbury eye product and it’s just the most beautiful palette I’ve ever seen. The shades are stunning both in colour and texture, and they apply like a dream! I now have the Supermodel set too which I’ll be reviewing shortly so keep your eyes peeled for that!

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. This palette contains the softest, most finely milled pressed powders I think I’ve ever come across. I use this palette to highlight and give an all over glow which really makes the skin look lit from within. This was an expensive product but in my opinion it’s definitely worth every penny.

3. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I’d been itching to get my hand on this for a while, and when I finally did, I wasn’t disappointed. The Chocolate Bar palette contains enough shadows to create a multitude of looks, from day to night, and everything in between. Again it’s not cheap, but I’d highly recommend it.

4. Super Facialist Tea Flower Purifying Cleansing Wash. This unassuming budget cleanser has actually been my go-to cleansing product for quite a while. I’m now on my second one and I love how it gives my skin a lovely matte finish, without drying at all, and it also noticeably reduced pores!

5. Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. Along with their Moisture Booster Serum, Hydraluron products have literally saved my skin this year. I apply this regularly to my face, which just drinks it up leaving my skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day.

6. YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. I feel that this foundation really was a breakthrough product in 2014, it has such an unusual ink-like consistency that really is a joy to apply and wear. I can’t wait to see what else YSL has up their sleeves for 2015!

7. YSL Black Opium EDP. Black Opium has to be one of my favourite fragrances from 2014. As soon as I read reviews on it I knew I had to try it, and I’m so glad I did. This is now one of my go-to fragrances that I wear on a regular basis.

8. Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Liqueur. Sleek are a fantastic budget brand, and this lipstick has not left my makeup bag since I received it (actually it’s my second one) It’s the perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade. It’s creamy and doesn’t dry at all, and it’s under a fiver too!

9. NARS Audacious Lipsticks. I’m in love with the Audacious formula. I now have four lipsticks from this collection and I love them all. The colour payoff is amazing, and they’re lovely to wear too. They’re pretty expensive at £24 each but more than worth it in my book.

10. Glo & Ray Shimmer Shimmer Lipsticks. Glo & Ray have really made a big impact on me since I discovered the brand earlier this year. If you’re a regular reader you’ll probably have noticed I always rave about their products! Their Shimmer Shimmer lipsticks really are fantastic value for money – they have amazing quality whilst being cheaper than MAC, so these are definitely a winner for me!

11. Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit. I’ve had the Anastasia Contour Kit for a while but haven’t actually got around to reviewing it yet. It’s not cheap but it really is a fantastically handy palette – including six shades it has everything you need to contour your face to Kardashian perfection.

12. Bourjois 1 Seconde Mascara. I’m a big fan of Bourjois products and as soon as I tried their 1 Seconde mascara it became my go-to mascara of choice. I have super short lashes and this product really does thicken and lengthen better than any mascara I’ve tried yet.

13. Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. You knew the Melted Lipsticks had to be in here! They are SO amazing. I now own three full sized, and the mini set of four. I’ve just seen that Too faced have released some new shades too, so as soon as they’re available at Sephora I’m going to snap them up!

14. Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliners. I’m the bigghest eyeliner fan ever, and whichever brand I try, I always find myself going back to Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeiners. They’re affordable, I can buy them in the small town where I live, and they come in a massive rage of colours – amazing!

I’d love to hear which products you loved in 2014?

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

Glo & Ray Balloon Pop Eyeliner Set

Posted on December 23, 2014


Hi Guys!

I’ve got another new addition to show you from one of my favourite new brands today – this is the Balloon Pop Skybreaker Lasting Silky Eyeliner Set from Glo & Ray.

I’ve previously tried out quite a few of Glo & Ray’s products, including their Lip Colour Set and Skybreaker Eyeliner in Golden Age which I loved, so I had really high hopes for this amazing looking set! The Balloon Pop collection includes six eyeliners in shades –

  • Orchid 306, a deep metallic purple.
  • Summer Sky 307, a bright matte sky blue.
  • Forest Green 308, a deep matte green.
  • Rosy Candy 309, an intense matte pink.
  • Midnight Black 300, a deep matte black.
  • Champagne Pink 302, a sheer glittery champagne.

The set includes four new shades (the first four on the list above), with three of them previously unavailable individually and one – Rosy Candy, which is exclusive to the set.


Firstly, before I get to the products, I really need to tell you about the packaging. The set outer sleeve is made of thick matte finish card and printed in graphic bold colours. This does not look like your standard makeup set by any means, and I love that it’s different! You slide the sleeve off to reveal the white heavy matte card box inside…


…then you pull off the lid of the box (which is pretty tight) to reveal the exclusive Rosy Candly liner, which is nestled snugly in a thick foam case with a matte ombre finished card on top. There’s a white silky tab sticking out at the bottom, which you grab to lift this section up to reveal the further five liners below.


Oh and on the back of the Rosy Candy liner section, Glo & Ray have also included a pencil sharpener. I love this additional detail, which they didn’t have to include, and I really can’t emphasise enough how beautiful and luxurious this packaging is. You would expect to see these materials and this quality of finish from the highest of premium brands.


So hopefully you get the idea that the packaging is pretty special! Now lets get to the eyeliners!

The Skybreaker formula is amazingly soft and smooth, the pencils don’t pull or drag at all and you’ll see by the swatches below that you literally only need one swipe to create a fantastically pigmented line. The Skybreaker liners use ultra-adhesion formula technology to make the shades rich and intense, and they’re also waterproof and completely budge proof – I’ve been wearing the purple liner today and It’s stayed put all day.


I think the selection of shades included are fantastic. I love the fact that you have a base black here as an addition to a wide range of bright colours so you can experiment and create different looks!


And lastly the swatches. You can see the purple and blue shades only have one line, this is because the tips broke off on these two pencils. The formula really is super soft, and I may have been a bit heavy handed… You literally need no force when using these liners, imagine them to be like a liquid liner, you just draw a line and you’re done!

The Glo & Ray Ballon Pop Lasting Silky Eyeliner Limited Set is £28.00 from the Glo & Ray site which I think is an excellent price. This makes the liners only £4.66 each, and that’s without counting the fabulous packaging. This set gets top marks from me, and if you’re thinking of experimenting with colours on your eyes I’d highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

This post contains a sample provided for review

Fantastic Stocking Fillers For All Budgets!

Posted on December 16, 2014



Hi Guys!

I’ve got some fantastic stocking filler ideas for you today! I’ve tried to include a range of products covering beauty, skincare, hair, nails, and also candles and a couple of other extra bits. These are all products that I love and think would make fantastic gifts. I’ve also covered a range of budgets so there should be something for everyone!


Too Faced Melted Kisses Set, £21.00 from ASOS. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m a massive fan of Too Faced, and I snapped up this set of mini Melted Lipsticks as soon as I saw it for sale at ASOS. I can’t fault the Melted formula, it’s officially one of my favourite products of 2014! The full size Melted Lipsticks cost £19 which is on the expensive side, but these mini versions work out at just £5.25 each, yay!

Shimmer Shimmer Lip Colour Set, £36 from Glo & Ray. Glo and Ray are a brand I’ve just discovered this year, and I can’t recommend them enough. You may think £36 is a bit steep for three lipsticks, but this makes them a fairly reasonable £12 each which is cheaper than MAC, and they really are excellent. Click on the link to read my review and you’ll see what I mean!

Paddywax Relish Jar Candle in Gardenia Tuberose, £18.50 from Rooi.com. I’m a massive candle fan, and I love discovering new manufacturers and brands. This candle by Paddywax is a generous 275g size, it’s hand made with soy wax in a blue vintage style glass jar and has a beautiful fresh scent. The jar is so nice I think I’ll keep it when the candle is used up and use it to store my makeup brushes 🙂 The Relish Jar Candle is also available in Ocean Tide & Sea Salt, Lavender & Thyme and Salted Grapefuit.


3x Custom Chocolate Bars, £14.95 by Chocolat Chocolat. I’m a serious chocoholic, and when I heard you can go to the Chocolat Chocolat site and customise your own chocolate bars with weird and wonderful toppings of your choice, I couldn’t resist! This is what I went for – a milk chocolate bar with caramelized pistachios, popping candy and shortcake crumble. A white chocolate bar with lavender flowers, violet petals, and silver flakes, and a milk chocolate bar with strawberry crunch balls, fudge brownie pieces, gold flakes and wording ‘I Love You’. (I’m going to give the last one to the other half) If you know someone that loves chocolate, these bars would make the perfect gift!

Antipodes Joyous Night Serum, £36.99 from Feelunique. Yes another Antipodes product! I can’t get enough of them at the moment! After trying their Manuka Honey Mask and Jubilation Hand & Body Cream I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum as it sounded like something my skin could really do with. This oil based silky serum helps repair dry and damaged skin. It restores collagen, delivers natural radiance, purifies and protects. It contains Himalayan goji to replenish protein at a cellular level, and red raspberry seed oil and New Zealand blackcurrant, which is a rich source of essential fats like gamma-linolenic acid. I’ve used this a few times now and I can tell you this serum smells beautiful and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

Binky Gel Effect Nail Polish in Purple, £2.95 from Binkylondon.com. Binky is definitely one of my favourite characters from Made in Chelsea (only second to Mark Francis), and on the back of the show she’s recently brought out her own range of lipsticks and nail polishes. I can’t comment on the lipsticks as I haven’t tried them but Im super impressed with this nail polish – this vibrant purple shade applies easily and lasts for ages.


Thunderstorm Cologne Spray, £15.00 by The Library of Fragrance. If you’re looking for a slightly different fragrance gift this Christmas, The Library of Fragrance will definitely have something to tempt you. They currently have over 100 amazing and unusual fragrances to choose from, and with a spectrum covering more traditional scents such as Cherry Blossom, Jasmine and Neroli, to completely weird and wonderful ones including Moonbeam, Pizza and Wet Garden, even the fussiest fragrance fanatic will find something they’d love to try! I have Thunderstorm, which is meant to convey the smell in the air when a storm is on it’s way, and weirdly enough, it kind of does! It smells very fresh and clean, kind of like cut grass but different, slightly muddy, and ever so slightly smoky. If I close my eyes when I’m smelling my wrist, it really does evoke a feeling of impending rain, I can’t even explain it! It’s not like anything I’ve ever smelled before!

Redemption Eyeshadow Palette, £4.00 by Makeup Revolution. This palette includes twelve gorgeous nude shimmer shades that will suit pretty much all skin tones and are also really easy to wear colours. This palette should be a staple in anyones makeup bag. It’s only £4.00 too so you really can’t go wrong!

C Infusion Cleanser, £31.00 by DermaQuest. Ok so I know this is an expensive product, but Dermaquest skincare really does live up to the price tag. This C Infusion Cleanser literally is overflowing with antioxidants including Orange Stem Cells which help to slow the effects of harmful free radicals, while tightening and evening skin, and BVOSC, a potent yet gentle, stable form of vitamin C which refreshes and energises the skin. This beautiful foaming cleanser makes my skin feel amazing, it cleans and purifies without drying and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and nourished. If this is within your budget, I’d highly recommend this cleanser!


Cute Cat Pouch, £15.00 from Rooi.com. This super cute zip pouch would make a perfect mini makeup bag for carrying essentials, or even a bag just for your brushes. The cat print and pretty floral background will appeal to a true girly girl, and I think everyone will know someone who would love to receive this as a gift!

Strawberries ‘n’ Champagne Classic Square Jar Candle, £12.00 by Flamingo Candles. Flamingo Canldes are another brand that I’ve only discovered this year. Their purse-friendly candles come in a fantastic range of scents and they’re pretty strong too! When you burn one of these candles there will be no mistaking it! Strawberries ‘n’ Champagne is super sweet with a malty champagne base, and I’d also highly recommend their Chocolate Orange Christmas Candle, it smells amazing!


Colour Care Voluminous Spray, £18.50 from Jo Hansford. If hair’s you thing, this Voluminous Spray instantly provides long lasting volume, shine, root boost and heat protection for all hair types. This all in one wonder spray contains a host of innovative ingredients including Aquaflex XL-30 which is a styling polymer that delivers long lasting volume and root boosting technology, and Mirustyle X-HP which reduces the damaging effects of styling tools while delivering impressive style hold. This spray has worked wonders on my super fine hair, while most other products feel too heavy, this gives me volume and shine without weighing my hair down.

Blush & Contour Palette in Golden Sugar, £6.00 from Makeup Revolution. Yep another Makeup Revolution palette. I’m officially in love with this palette, you’ve got highlighters, blushers and contours in here to keep you glowing over the festive season, they’re in a selection of easy to wear shades and finishes, which also suit even the palest skin tones (i.e me!) The shades also double up as eyeshadows – oh and it’s only £6.00. Wins all round!


And lastly I also wanted to include this amazing Personalised Large Christmas Sack, £15.00 by Mummy & Mimi. Fred has never had a Christmas sack and I just know he’s going to love this! I’m going to show it to him on Christmas eve and leave it empty under the tree, then on Christmas morning he’ll find it full of presents that Santa has brought him! I can’t wait to see his face! 😀


I know this has been a long post so well done for making it this far! And I hope this has given you some Christmas gift inspiration! xxx

This post contains samples provided for review

The New Beauty Brand You Need in Your Makeup Bag.

Posted on December 1, 2014


Hi Guys!

You may have seen my Glo & Ray Shimmer Shimmer Lip Colour Set review the other day, which I completely raved about. Now I have some more of their products to share with you. I’m beyond impressed with all of these products, especially considering the packaging and the price point. Read on to find out what I thought!



First up is the Mirage Mousse Eyeshadow in Tawny Dust (£11)

The revolutionary Multi Silky-Wax ComplexTM provides a seamlessly silky texture. A simple touch creates a misty mirage effect with a hint of shimmer.

I’ve never tried a mousse eyeshadow before so I’m afraid I have nothing to compare this to! The closest I can think of is Maybelline’s Color Tattoo eyeshadows, but they are more of a cream, and this is a mousse! I can tell you though that it has a super silky and smooth texture that’s a dream to use. I’ve been applying this with my fingers and I’m totally in love with this Tawny Dust shade. The finish is sheer and sparkly and pretty, and it looks amazing on blue eyes!



Next is the Sky Breaker Lasting Silky Eyeliner in Golden Age (£5.50)

Extraordinary soft and smooth glide achieves the perfect eyeliner with just one single strike. Ultra-adhesion formula technology makes the shades rich and intense, especially suitable for dramatic eyelines. Waterproof and budgeproof formula technology makes the eyelines long lasting and smudge-free.

You know I’m a massive eyeliner fan, if I was stuck on a desert island it would be the one beauty product I took with me, and I have to say its likely it would be a Glo & Ray eyeliner. After trying this product out for a few days I really cannot fault it. It’s amazingly pigmented, and the shade I have gives a lovely shimmery finish. I had no problems with smudging or it moving over my face.


And lastly the Colour Correction Luminous Base Foundation in 20 (£15)

With the innovative Water in Smoothie Gel Emulsion System, this CC Foundation offers a velvety touch with long-wear perfection. Just a small amount can instantly create a flawless foundation. The Micro-Shine Particle disguises pores and naturally brightens the skintone. Designed with high performance, this CC Foundation covers blemishes and luminates the skin with porcelain-like glow.

This is a medium coverage foundation that does what it says on the tin. You don’t need much product to cover a full face and it definitely brightened my skin tone. The coverage lasted all day with no problems.


I also need to point out how amazing Glo & Ray’s packaging is. The eyeshadow and eyeliner are both boxed, the cardboard is matte black and has a premium feel that makes me think of NARS. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with all of these products, and when you look at the packaging and then see the prices, it really is amazing! £5.50 for a fantastic, premium boxed eyeliner!

Glo & Ray are fast becoming one of my favourite cosmetic brands, I’d highly recommend you try their products out!

I’d love to hear what you think?I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

This post contains samples provided for review

Glo & Ray Shimmer Shimmer Lip Colour Set

Posted on November 10, 2014


Hi Guys!

I’ve got a fabulous little gift set to show you today – the Glo & Ray Shimmer Shimmer Lip Colour Set. Glo & Ray are a new cosmetics brand to me, I’d never heard of them until now…

‘Glo & Ray made its debut in September 2012 in London. Glo&Ray is intended to present professional and carefree cosmetics for women worldwide. The product range applies to eyes, face, lips and more. The brand name is derived from “Glo”, a gentle luminance; and “Ray”, vibrant beam of light. This is Glo & Ray, elegant, glamorous, unique and professional.’


The Shimmer Shimmer Lip Colour Set includes three La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour lipsticks in Asteria 648 (purple), Honey 647 (pink) and Marigold 644 (red). Honey and Marigold are both available to purchase separately for £12 each but Asteria is exclusive to the Shimmer Shimmer set.

Now I’m going to jump right in and say this – these lipsticks were not what I was expecting. In fact they’re much better. Let me explain… the name of the lipsticks and the set ‘ shimmer shimmer’ implies a shimmery, glittery, frosted-ness to me. But there is none of that in this set. The shades are clean and creamy, and every so slightly on the sheer side, but not what I would personally describe as a ‘shimmer’ finish. Either way, I really REALLY like these lipsticks. They give a beautiful high pigmented finish that’s hydrating and comfortable to wear. There’s no dragging or dryness and lips are left with a stunning pigmented colour and sheen. Marigold is definitely my favourite shade, it’s a bright, striking red-orange that’s perfect for a statement lip!

You can see in the first image that the set comes in a beautiful circular presentation box with a see through top, the packaging looks and feels high quality and would definitely make an excellent christmas gift for a lipstick lover! The lipstick cases also feel of high quality, they have a matte black finish and feel weighty and expensive.



This set gets top marks from me all round! The Shimmer Shimmer Lip Colour Set is £36 from the Glo & Ray site, and I think it’s worth every penny.

I’d love to hear if you’ve heard of Glo & Ray before? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains a sample provided for review