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Guest Post – Beauty Tips & Tricks!

Posted on February 21, 2014

Hey guys!

It’s Caitlin here from over at Blogging Through The Mirror and today im guest posting for the lovely Michelle! I’m so honored she chose me to guest post for her, her blog is really beautiful and filled with everything a girl could ever want!

Today I’m going to share with you all my beauty tips and tricks that ive got up my sleeve to inspire you to try them out! Keep reading to find them out..ENJOY! 🙂

  1. Run out of your concealers? Don’t worry go to the kitchen grab yourself a potato, cut it in half and rub lightly on your puffy eyes. Strange i know but you’ll thank me for it later!
  2. If you wake up with a massive zit attached to your face (admit it it’s happened to you!) Apply toothpaste on it for 20 minutes and the spot will be almost invisible!
  3. NEVER, never ever pump your mascara. All you’re doing is forcing air into it and drying out your mascara!
  4. If you run out of nail polish remover and you’re stuck with horrible chipped nail polish don’t fear hairspray must be near! – c’mon your a girl you’re more than likely to have hairspray! Apply it to a cotton pad and wipe away your nail polish.
  5. Want whiter teeth? Mix baking soda and lemon juice into a paste and brush your teeth. Most disgusting thing in the world to taste but does wonders for your teeth. Do this once a week but no more or you can damage your teeth!
  6. Heat your eyelash curlers for a couple of seconds using your hair dryer to intensify your eye look and get bigger lashes. Test the heat on your hands first!
  7. Balance out your shimmer – if your doing a shimmery eye opt for a nude lip
  8. Did you know reds have different undertones to suit different skin tones? I DIDN’T! You can get blue tones for cool skin. There are warmer and cooler tone reds so make sure you test them before you buy them!
  9. Naturally oily hair? Avoid conditioning the roots it will retain oils from the conditioner. Pay more attention to the middle and the ends.
  10. No eyelid primer? I often use concealer it gets the job done if you have no primer on hand!
  11. I get my roots through really quickly but if I want to try to wait before coloring my hair, I hide the roots by going for a zig zag parting.

So there is my post all about my beauty tricks! I hope you have fun trying them out, let me know if they work!

Thanks so much Caitlin, I’ll be seeing if the hairspray one works tonight! xxx

My Ultimate Wishlist for Autumn/Winter 2013

Posted on August 25, 2013

Hi Guys!

As you probably know I’m getting married in a few weeks time, and I’m crazy busy at the moment!, So today I’m excited to have my very first guest post! The lovely Laura from Fashion For 21 has an awesome autumn / winter wish list to share with you, I hope you enjoy! xx

guest post for thou shalt not covet

1. Tartan Skirt – Zara

2. Multi Pack of Rings – Zara

3. White Blouse – H&M

4. Houndstooth Scarf -Zara

5. Shearling Biker Jacket – River Island

6. Check Scarf – Zara

7. Nail Polish in Velvet Goth – Models Own

8. Oatmeal Cardi – Topshop

9. Lipstick in Beguiled – Topshop

10. Nail Paint in Aurora – Topshop

11. Mini Bowling Bag – Zara

12. Chunky Boots – Topshop

13. Nail Paint in Matte Easy Peasy – Topshop

Hi! I’m Laura from Fashion For 21 and I wanted to share with all you lovely readers my Ultimate Wishlist for Autumn/Winter. This is my very first guest post, and I hope you all enjoy reading it. Now, I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not skint – I am. But if I did have all the money in the world then these pieces are what I’d stock up on for the coming season.

I’m a massive fan of layering, and the pieces I’ve picked would look great layered up together. The tartan trend is going to be HUGE next season and I’m in love with this little skirt from Zara, they also do the same print for trousers so are worth checking out. Take a note from Le Happy and wear tartan with a cute oversized shirt for layering brownie points. I’ve chosen this lovely big biker jacket from River Island since it just looks so cosy, same goes for that slouchy cardigan from Topshop. I’ve picked out a couple of gorgeous scarves to add a touch of tartan to an outfit (if you don’t want to be sporting the full-on kilt) and pairing these with the chunky boots would just look tres chic don’t-cha-think?

Finally for beauty items, the vampy lip is back for Autumn (not gonna resist it) so I’ve chosen a wonderfully daring shade from Topshop’s lipstick range, along with some lovely Nail colours for night and day (that’s the grey for day, the metallic tone for night – in case you were wondering). And last but not least, I hope I’m not the only one amazed excited casually looking forward to working some of the Model’s Own Velvet Goth collection into their beauty regime? I’m really loving the colours for winter, particularly the red berry tone, and they aren’t half festive!

So I hope that wasn’t too much of an excruciating read – these are my favourite items I’ve seen for next season, let me know if you agree with what I’ve picked out and anything you’re looking forward to! Also let me know what you think of tartan, I think it might be a marmite item for some but personally I love it.

Thanks for reading

Laura from Fashion For 21