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Halloween Tutorial: Cuts, Wounds, and Diseased Skin

Posted on October 27, 2015


Hi Guys!

After popping into the P.A.M professional makeup store last week, and seeing the most amazing – and fairly straightforward looking Halloween tutorial. I thought I’d give it a go myself!

I’ve always been interested in professional theatrical makeup, but never really had the time to look into it further, so this was the perfect excuse to give it a go! 🙂


To create wounds, cuts, gashes, scratches and bruises, you will need the above products:

  • 3rd Degree Silicone Compound
  • Kryolan Fresh Scratch
  • Bloody Marvellous Blood Test Tube
  • Ben Nye Small FX Wheel (Cuts & Bruises)
  • Sponge for stippling
  • Palette or bowl for mixing


Ok so to start with, you need to prep the skin by removing all makeup from the area you’re going to work on. You then need to mix the two parts (A and B) of the 3rd Degree product in a bowl to create the bumpy and uneven base for the wounds. This silicone is fantastic for creating a multitude of 3D effects. You just mix one part of each tub on a separate palette, and you have up to five minutes to apply and manipulate the product on the skin until the formula thickens up and stiffens, and eventually sets in place.

You can really play around with the silicone to create deep cuts, it’s also easy to build up by letting one layer dry, then mixing up another batch and applying more on top. I decided to play it fairly safe for my first attempt and just go with your bog standard flesh wounds on the cheek. I ended up applying two layers of silicone, and I used a blunt knife to create a line in the centre where each cut would be on the wounds.


After waiting for the silicone to dry I grabbed the Ben Nye Cuts and Bruises FX Wheel to discolour the skin and make it look nice and dead! It’s at this point I realised I needed a stippling sponge – which I don’t have. So I cut the corner off a dish washing sponge and it worked fine! I used the rough side to lightly dab on colours from the FX Wheel to add bruising effects to the face.


I then grabbed the tub of Kryolan Fresh Scratch, which is perfect for creating the look of old, clotted blood, as it’s a really deep red shade. It also has a really thick, gloopy consistency which is easy to work with. I applied this with a thin brush to the inside of the wounds. I then added some ‘fresh’ looking blood from the Bloody Marvellous Test Tube and let it drip down the face a bit for some added realism.


So here you go! I was pretty pleased with this for a first attempt! The finished effect isn’t perfect by any means, but I think it’s a good start, and it was actually really easy to do. If you’re a complete theatrical makeup novice like me I’d definitely recommend picking up these products as a good starting point.


I just wanted to show you what the silicone looks like after it’s been pulled off! I love that it dries like PVA glue, so you can just peel it off – so satisfying! Also, my model Sam has pretty sensitive skin so we were both pleased to see that she had no adverse effects to the silicone, blood or makeup.

Big thanks to my friend Sam for being my model / guinea pig! And all the products used are available now from Precious About Makeup.

I hope you enjoyed my post! I’d love to hear what you think?

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The Perfect Products for Halloween Nails & Lips

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Hi Guys!

Well Halloween is officially upon us, and luckily for me Fred has decided he wants to wear last year’s Spider Man outfit, so he’s sorted already! 🙂

For those of you not going for a full on blood and gore look this weekend, and are looking for something a bit more subtle, I thought I’d gather together a few beauty products together which would be the perfect addition to any halloween outfit…


First up we have the Morgan Taylor Rocky Horror Picture Show Mini Pack (£14.99)

This fab little set was created especially to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the greatest cult film and longest running theatrical release of all time – The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This pack of four mini 5ml polishes contains three top selling Morgan Taylor colours as well as a glow in the dark top coat. The colour shades are All White Now (bright white), Pretty Woman (red crème), and Little Black Dress (black crème).


The polishes are definitely some of the best I’ve ever used in terms of consistency. I nearly had full opacity with just one coat, with is unbelievably impressive for the white shade especially. I ended up using two coats for the above swatches, and (apart from the white, which I messed up a bit) they all have a gorgeous high gloss finish.


Next we have the Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection (£1.00 each or all five for £4.00)

Makeup Revolution are the perfect brand to go for if you need to pick up some crazy coloured cosmetics on a budget. The new Unicorns Unite lipstick collection contains five spooky lipstick shades –

  • Pink Myth – a bright coral pink with a creme finish.
  • Throne – a muted lavender shade with a pearlised finish.
  • Horn of Magic – a light sea green with a pearlised finish.
  • Legend – a muted grey toned lavender with a paralysed finish.
  • Magical – a bright blue toned purple with a slight pearlised sheen.


The lipsticks aren’t quite as pigmented as I’d hoped to be honest, but they still they do the job, and for only £1.00 each (or less if you buy them as a set) these could be just what you’re looking for to complete your Halloween look this weekend.


I’ve also selected a few of my favourite darker shades of nail polish –

  • Essie ‘for the twill of it’ – an iridescent pearl shade with pearl with pink, violet and green shimmer (£8.95)
  • Illamasqua ‘Element’ – a mid pearlised taupe grey (£14.50)
  • Essie ‘after school boy blazer ‘ – a deep midnight navy blue (£8.95)


All of these polishes are fabulous in terms of consistency as well as ease of application. I think Essie’s after school boy blazer has to be my favourite though, it’s a beautiful, almost black midnight blue shade.


I also have this awesome Halloween inspired transfer nail plate from Mo You (from £4.99)

If you haven’t heard of Mo You before, they offer a massive selection of nail products, including stamping and nail plate sets, nail tools, nail art products, and nail polishes. If you’re into nail art, you should definitely check these guys out!


And lastly I have these super cute glow in the dark Halloween nail wraps from Thumbs Up Nails (£7.99)

I hope some of these products have inspired you for this weekend! Do you have you’re halloween outfit planned yet? I hope you enjoyed my post!

This post contains press samples

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The Perfect Pumpkin Face Mask for Halloween…

Posted on October 30, 2014


Hi Guys!

I’ve got a brand new face mask to show you today! The Dermaquest Mini Pumpkin Mask promises to decongest and exfoliate in just two minutes and for no more than 50p per application – how great does that sound!?

This really is the perfect mask to try out for Halloween – It’s main ingredient is Pumpkin Pulp which apart from being totally relevant right now is also both anti-bacterial and rich in enzymes that actively digest excess skin cells. I just imagine it gobbling up all the dead skin! Kind of cool, kind of eww right! It also contains AHAs which gently decongest clogged pores, leaving you with a clean and polished complexion. This mask is advertised as being ideal for mild forms of acne and pigmentation too; rich in antioxidants, the mask is anti-inflammatory and prevents future breakouts by controlling the production of comedones – small black or white coloured spots that occur as part of acne breakouts. It’s also safe for sensitive skin – which is good news for me!

The Mini Pumpkin Mask formulation comprises 4% Mandelic Acid (which is anti-ageing, anti-acne and brightening) and 3% Lactic Acid (an effective pigment inhibitor that is intensely hydrating). These are the AHAs which gently clear out clogged pores leaving you with a polished complexion.

The product is a translucent orange with a lovely cinnamon scent, it just reminded me of christmas! I applied a 50p sized amount to cleansed skin and left it to work it’s magic for a couple of minutes. The instructions say 2-5 minutes but I prefer to err on the side of caution when trying new masks due to my sensitive skin. I felt a slight tingly sensation at first, I’m guessing it was doing it’s thing! this did concern me momentarily but I needn’t have worried, as soon as I washed off with cold water I could tell my skin was fine. It was left slightly red and blotchy (but definitely no signs of an allergic reaction, yay!) which calmed down after a short while. My face was also super silky and felt lovely the next day too!

The Mini Pumpkin Mask is £28 for 56.7g. It does sound pretty expensive, but you only need a tiny amour of product for a full mask, and Dermaquest say you can get 56 masks out of a tube, making them only 50p each. So when you put it like that it really is a bargain!

I also have a Dermaquest cleanser which I’ll be reviewing shortly, I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of their products?

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx