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Beauty: Illamasqua May Queen Collection

Posted on May 17, 2017

Hi Guys!

Illamasqua’s brand new collection May Queen has just launched, and it includes an edited selection of colour products for eyes, lips and face, in pretty muted hues, as well as a couple of popping bright shades which are perfect for Spring. I have the lowdown on some of the products for you today…

Hark back to beauty’s folklore, with Illamasqua’s new Spring collection. Beckoning the start of a new season, the May Queen captures the spirit of transformation. Leading the May Day procession away from Winter’s grasp into the rebirth of Spring, her floral crown is the embodiment of hope and prosperity. Use this annual renaissance to excite the imagination. Reincarnate your look. Become your own May Queen.

For the eyes, Illamasqua have included a new Pure Pigment to this collection in shade Muse (£17.50) – this is a beautiful light peach shade with an intense metallic shimmer finish. Due to both the shade and the high shine finish, this product can easily be used as a highlighter on fair to medium skin tones too. I’m looking forward to trying this on my cheekbones!

There are also three new Powder Eyeshadows (£17.00) in this collection. They all have a shimmer finish which looks pretty similar to the finish of the Pure Pigment; it’s a high-shine metallic that catches the sun beautifully. I have shade Invoke, which is described as a ‘zinc bronze shimmer’ and I’m completely in love with it. It’s a taupe bronze that’s easy to wear and will look gorgeous on tanned skin in the summer. The shades available are –

  • Ritual – a pink shimmer.
  • Invoke – a taupe bronze shimmer.
  • Maiden – a soft gold shimmer.

And lastly, I have two new Antimatter Lipsticks (£20.00) – this is my first experience with Illamasqua’s Antimatter lipsticks, and I’m definitely not disappointed. They offer long lasting intense colour, with a comfortable finish that’s a cross between a satin and a matte. The two new shades are Binary, a warm coral, and Charge, a hot pink. Charge feels slightly more satin to me, with Binary having more of a matte finish. Both are creamy and comfortable on the lips, and last for a good few hours before you need to re-apply.

There’s also a new Beyond Powder highlighter in this collection too, in shade Deity (£34.00). Unfortunately I don’t have this but you can Google it if you want to check out swatches. Deity looks like a stunning golden green, and if you like more unusual highlighters I definitely recommend you check it out.

The May Queen collection is available now at Illamasqua.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Beauty News & Gossip 20/02/2017: Illamasqua, Z Palette, Maybelline & More!

Posted on February 20, 2017

Hi Guys!

It’s been at least a couple of weeks since my last Beauty News update and literally SO much has happened since then. Read on to find out my highlights of the latest beauty news and gossip…

So first up, Illamasqua have taken a stand against Trump and fascism – and I’m not surprised at all. If any brand was going to do it, I think most would have predicted it to be Illamasaqua. Their ‘Anti-Fascism Pledge’ states that they ‘will never knowingly sell products to people who support President Trump’s values’ – and though I know many people will take the side of ‘this is just makeup, Illamasqua should be neutral’, I personally disagree and I love that Illamasqua are standing up publicly for what they believe in. What do you think?

In other news, you’ve probably heard by now about the recent Z Palette drama. If not, to cut a long story short, basically Z Palette have brought out a new electronic device for de-potting product, which people questioned and criticised on Instagram, and rather than replying politely and dealing with their potential customers concerns, whoever was looking after Z Palette’s Instagram went a little bit completely crazy and started spewing out insults like they were going out of fashion, leaving a lot of people very unhappy. It seems obvious that a brand should always deal with any criticism, not matter how harsh, constructively, carefully, and always treat people with respect on social sites. I think they’ve just managed to lose a LOT of customers.

Ok so let’s take a look at some exciting new and upcoming launches now. This MAC Rolerwheel Liquid Eyeliner really caught my eye this week, and I think the idea could actually be amazing if it actually works. The little roller wheel is in the style of a pizza cutter, with the wheel applying a continuous line of eyeliner. I can’t wait to try these when it launches – I think it’s either going to end up being a massive hit or a complete flop.

And following from the L’Oreal X Beauty & The Beast collaboration, it looks like Lorac will be collaborating with the upcoming Pirates of the Carribean movie. The packaging looks pretty awesome and I’m looking forward to finding out about the products, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Jeffree Star has also recently launched his latest palette – the Androgyny palette has been in the works for a long time now, and Jeffree has been hinting about it for months. Now it’s been revealed though, I I have to say feel a bit underwhelmed. I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly but I just feel this is a bit ‘meh’. What do you think?

And on that note Jeffree has also hinted on Twitter that a highlighter palette is also in the works – now this does excite me and I can’t wait to see what that looks like!

It also looks like metallic lip finishes are going to be a big thing this year. After what seems like an eternity of matte liquid lipsticks being at the forefront of trends, there’s now a load of brands coming up with intensely pigmented metallic finish lip products. Smashbox have now launched their Be Legendary Liquid Pigments across the pond, and I think the silver and blue shades look pretty awesome.

And for those on more of a budget, Maybelline will also be launching a Metallic Lipsticks collection in July. I’m not overly wowed by the look of these swatches, but maybe they’re fab in real life? I’m looking forward to finding out.

And of course MAC had to get in on the game with their own Metallic Lipsticks – and I have to say these look pretty stunning – I hope they look as good on the lips as they do on the bullet.

Anastasia are also bringing out new glow kit with Nicole Guerriero – the shades look really pretty, but I think most of them would be too dark for my super fair skin unfortunately.

Too Faced has some amazing looking products coming out in March too. There’s a massive Natural Love eyeshadow palette, three high shine Love Light Highlighters, and five new shades of Melted Matte lipsticks. I need to get my hands on those highlighters!

There’s also buzz that Too Faced will be launching some sort of holographic collection. Owner Jerrod shared some metallic pastel swatches recently which look so pretty!

On the same note, I also had to mention the upcoming BH Cosmetics BackLight Highlighter Palette. We don’t really hear much of BH Cosmetics in the UK (but they are available at Beauty Bay in case you were wondering) These swatches just look so beautiful – very much like the Kat Von D highlighter palette but with a larger range of shades. This is something I’ll definitely be picking up when I can get my hands on it.

Trendmood have also hinted at a collaboration between Pat Mcgrath and Kim Kardashian – I wonder what they could be up to?

And lastly, I was thrilled to hear that some of my favourite beauty bloggers have teamed up with L’Oreal Paris to launch a range brand new Matte Addition lipsticks. What’s especially awesome about this is that most of these aren’t your typical ‘big bloggers’ that are pretty much household names these days. These girls are ‘micro bloggers’ and just as amazing in their own right as some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s makes me so happy that smaller bloggers are now being recognised – well done girls!

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

Beauty: Illamasqua Extinct Collection

Posted on September 22, 2016


Hi Guys!

I have Illamasqua’s brand new Extinct collection to share with you today – and it’s probably one of my favourites yet. The Extinct collection has been inspired by the natural beauty of insects, the reality of climate change and the fearlessness of punk. It includes iridescent beetle tones, dark glittering purples and fantastic reflective finishes which can be use to create makeup looks that really go outside the box.

The Extinct visual focuses on brave, unique shapes that emphasise the eyes, lips and nails to inspire creativity and push boundaries. This powerful collection provides you with the tools and expertise to create your own kind of beauty that challenges the expected.



Starting with the Demise Palette (£34.00) – I love the name of this palette, it’s so dark and dramatic! This eyeshadow quad contains four intense autumnal shades, perfect for creating a striking smoky eye. Illamasqua have brought back previous shade Gimp, a deep black-blue to include in this palette, but I have to say I’m in love with Interitus, a rich burgundy that’s perfect for this season.

  • Wilt – Red Gold
  • Gimp – Black Blue
  • Lost – White Gold
  • Interitus – Burgundy


There’s also a Pure Pigment (£17.50) – this is a finally milled pigment that can be worn alone to softly reflect a translucent blue or layered over a deeper product to give it a 3-D punch. This shade is called Axolotl and though it’s describe as holographic, I wouldn’t say it is. It’s very similar to MAC’s Reflects Teal pigment.



The collection also includes two Powder Eyeshadows (£16.50) – Jubilance first caught my eye, this is a wonderful light copper shade, almost like a shiny penny. It has the most amazing high shine finish, and it’s incredibly soft and easy to apply.

The other shade, Cascade, I thought was just an average white when I first saw it. How wrong I was though! Cascade though innocent looking actually has a luminous blue frost finish that looks pretty awesome when you catch it in the light!


Here’s some swatches starting with Jubilance at the top, then Cascade, then Axolotl.


And lastly, I have two Nail Varnishes (£14.50 each) – the Extinct collection offers two exciting shades with high shine finish. Shade Remains is a deep merlot injected with glitter particles and Quagga is a two-toned green that mimics iridescent beetle wings. Illamasqua recommend to wear these over a black polish to intensify the colour, which I’m going to try myself very soon.

The collection also includes a Matte Lip Liquid (£18.50) in shade Exoskeleton – a dusky Plum, and a Gel Liner (£20.00) in shade Quixotic, a deep emerald green.


The Illamasqua Extinct Collection is available now at Illamasqua.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Illamasqua Limited Edition Vanitas Collection – Rose Gold Palette

Posted on July 11, 2016


Hi Guys!

Now you know how much I love a limited edition collection, and Illamasqua definitely haven’t disappointed with their latest limited range – the Vanitas collection.

This capsule collection includes the Rose Gold 12 pan eyeshadow palette and a range of five matte finish lipsticks, with the shade range inspired by the dark romance of 17th century still-life paintings. The colours focus on washed out rose tones blended with purple and warm browns, for a dark and romantic colour palette.

The gorgeous Rose Gold Palette (£44.00) includes some of Illamasqua’s current best-selling eyeshadow shades as well as a couple of new additions. The shadows are mostly mattes, with a couple of shimmer finishes in there too.



Top Row –

  • Slink – a champagne shimmer.
  • Stealth – a buttermilk matte.
  • Servant – a nude eggshell matte.
  • Vernau – a yellow ochre matte.
  • Bronx – a bronze gold shimmer.
  • Wolf – a chocolate brown matte.

Bottom Row –

  • Forgiveness – a chocolate plum matte.
  • Fist – a deep plum matte.
  • Rim – a black coffee matte.
  • Tango – a rich copper bronze shimmer.
  • Terra – an earth clay red matte.
  • Obsidian – a rich black satin matte.


Ok so I must ask you to forgive my poor quality swatch photo above – the clouds decided to come out just at the wrong time! The first row was actually really good – the second shade Stealth is a good example of the quality of the matte shadow formula. I’m pasty white and most whitish eyeshadows barely show up on my skin if at all. This one shows up really well though so I’m rather impressed! Bronx is a also gorgeous, it’s a wonderful golden bronze shimmer that’s perfect for summer.


But the second row really is rather fabulous – all except one shade gets top marks from me – can you guess which one!? Yes it’s Obsidian, unfortunately this ‘rich black’ just wasn’t as well pigmented as it could have been. The rest however, really were excellent, both in terms of pigmentation and ease of application. I’m particularly in love with Tango and Terra – both are buttery soft and just beautiful colours.

Looking at the cost, yes £44.00 is a lot for an eyeshadow palette, when you break it down though the shadows work out at only £3.66 each, which really is good value considering the quality.


I also want to touch on the Matte Lipsticks (£22.50) – I don’t have these but I wanted to mention them because the colours look gorgeous. The Vanitas lipsticks contain a selection of nude, rose, plum and brown lip hues that offer a creamy texture for a smooth matte finish – I rather like the look of Resist and Wanton!


The Illamasqua Vanitas collection is available now at Selfridges and Illamasqua.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Illamasqua Hypnotica Summer Collection

Posted on June 15, 2016


Hi Guys!

Illamasqua are back on the blog today with their brand new summer makeup collection! Hypnotica is all about freedom of expression, diversity and fearless experimentation…

An explosion of colour, creativity and fearless self expression. Illamasqua’s spirited new collection celebrates the diverse ways of expressing out individuality by being bright, bold and fearless while conjuring feelings of fun, freedom and unity.


Starting with the rather exciting Lava Lips Lipstick in Activist (£19.50) – this amazing looking marbled lipstick contains vivid sky blue and bright intense pink lipsticks, swirled together to give a marbled finish. The colours blend together on application to create a new vibrant lip colour with a smooth, satin-matte finish.

I had a feeling this might a apply streaky, because well it seem likely doesn’t it! But it really doesnt. The formula is creamy and smooth, and feels great on the lips, even though it’s a matte. It’s not what I’d call a full on matte, if you know what I mean, which can also be very drying, this is more of a satiny formula and lovely to wear.


Next we have the Sketch Sticks (£15.00) – these are multi-use crayons with powerful pigment pay off. The Sketch Sticks come in seven bright and bold shades, and I love that you can literally use them anywhere you like! The creamy formula means they blend easily too, so wether you want to apply them to face or body, wear them as makeup, or draw silly pictures on yourself, you can do what you like with them! I think these sticks really are perfect for festival season. The shades available are –

  • Fly – hot pink.
  • Free – cornflower blue.
  • Trace – bright orange.
  • Higher – bright yellow.
  • Spirit – pure white.
  • Haze – jet black.
  • Trip – acid green.


And the Lip Slick Stick in Dream (£18.50) – this is an intensely pigmented, retractable lip crayon, perfect for creating long-lasting definition. This creamy, water-resistant liner glides over lips effortlessly and once set it does not shift. This only comes in one shade Dream which is a gorgeous nude brown – this is perfect for lining the lips to enhance their shape, as well as preventing colour bleed or of course you can apply over the entire lip for intense matte colour.


And lastly the False Eyelashes in Dolly (£11.00) – at first I thought these were a little small and boring for a brand like Illamasqua – then I realised these are bottom lashes for the lower lash line, and suddenly they made complete sense! These lower lashes are perfect to create a fun 60’s Twiggy / dolly look.


And of course some swatches. Left to right –

  • Lava Lipstick in Activist
  • Sketch Stick in Fly
  • Sketch Stick in Higher
  • Lip Slick Stick in Dream


Ok so I’m completely in love with these products, and everything they stand for. To me, makeup should be fun, experimental and colourful, and that’s just what this collection is about, and that’s also why I love Illamasqua as a brand. If you’re wanting to experiment with colour and looking for a product that packs a punch, I’d highly recommend the Sketch Sticks!

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Illamasqua Metamorph Collection Beyond Powders

Posted on April 28, 2016


Hi Guys!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen my little teaser post yesterday after an exciting looking package arrived from Illamasqua. Well I can now reveal that inside the box were two of their brand new Beyond Powders! Seriously – how gorgeous are these highlighters though?

The Beyond powders are part of the brand new Metamorph collection (I’ve also reviewed the Vital Eyeshadow Palette from this collection here) and they are most definitely the stand out products from this range. Metamorph is all about emphasising your natural features – eyes are subtle, with neutral shades of matte eyeshadow, lips are nude (the are no lip products in this collection) and the complexion is dewy, radiant and glowing.


So the Beyond Powders come in two shades – the lighter shade OMG is shown above, and Epic, which is slightly darker, is shown below. OMG is the most wonderful pearlescent highlighter for fair skin tones. It’s kind of a light peachy champagne shade – and it’s SO wearable. It’s perfect for highlighting the cheek bone, brow bone, and cupids bow.


And look at Epic! This shade is just stunning – it seems to catch the light better in the pan than OMG but this may just be due to how it’s been pressed. Epic is a warm pinkish copper shade – it’s too dark a colour to use as a highlight on my fair complexion – but this could be the perfect golden highlight for those with darker skin tones.



I thought I’d also hold both in the light so you can see how the sun catches them – they’re just so pretty!

I also wanted to mention that even though these powders are technically classed as highlighters, you can really use them however you please. OMG works fantastically well in the inner corner of the eye as a highlight, and epic worn over the lids is SO pretty. Both can also be lightly dusted over the body for a luminous or golden glow, or applied more heavily to emphasise pretty much any area you like.


And lastly, of course the swatches. Now I have to tell you, these swatches really don’t do the products justice at all – I tried taking them outside in direct sunlight and my camera just wasn’t playing. This shot was taken inside in my kitchen, there was sunlight coming in but not directly on my arm as you can tell. I was in two minds wether to include these swatches or not, I decided I would but I’m also going to take some more photos tomorrow. I’ll tweet when I’ve added them to the post 🙂 Both shades really do look amazing when they catch the light! (If you want to see better swatches, there are some on both light and dark skin on the Illamasqua site – linked below)


Ok here’s a better photo I’ve just took – look how they catch the light!


So what do you think? I’m officially in love! I’m using OMG to highlight my face at the moment, and can’t wait to get my tan on in the summer and cover myself with Epic too 😀

The Beyond Powders are £32 each and available from Illamasqua now.

I’d love to hear which highlighters are your favourite? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Illamasqua Metamorph Collection – Vital Palette Review

Posted on April 5, 2016


Hi Guys!

It’s been quite a while since Illamasqua have been on the blog, but as soon as I head of their next soon-to-be-launched collection, I had to gather up as much info as I could to share with you guys…

Illamasqua’s Metamorph Collection looks just stunning. It’s quite a slap in the face to today’s Instagram / Youtube culture of heavy bases and over contouring – and that’s exactly what I love about it. I kind of miss seeing ‘real’ fresh looking skin in makeup imagery, and Illamasqua have just reminded me that makeup can be subtle and still very beautiful with this collection.

I love that Illamasqua aren’t afraid to go against the grain of popularity, and challenge the current ‘norm’ in beauty standards. As you can see by the above image, the Metamorph Collection is all about fresh, glowing skin, defined brows, and an all over natural looking, radiant complexion.


The Metamorph Collection includes: 

  • Beyond Powders (£32) – these are gorgeous looking baked highlighting powders created to subtly add a warm hue to the complexion for a natural, radiant glow. The lightweight texture promises to glide onto skin effortlessly creating an illuminated, flawless finish. Available in two shade -OMG (champagne) and Epic (warm bronze).
  • Brow Build (£18.50) – to boost brows and add instant definition. Brow Build offers a long lasting formula with built in fibres to define and enhance existing brows, whilst promoting healthy hair growth to achieve a natural shape. Available in four shades – Amplify (deep slate grey), Thrive (medium brown), Flow (warm brown) and Rise (soft beige).
  • Masquara Gain (£20) – to volumise, lengthen and define lashes with Illamasqua’s innovative colour building formula. Masquara Gain contains an active derived from Walnut to naturally tint lashes, building up the colour intensity building up over two weeks, so even when you’re not wearing Masquara Gain, your lashes will still be blacker than black.
  • Vital Palette (£34) – a combination of four pigmented matte powder eyeshadows, in both warm and cool shades Bubbles (warm peach), Envision (warm brown), Drop (deep mid brown) and Trace (cool grey brown).
  • Nail Veil (£14.50) – a fast-drying, oxygen and water permeable translucent gloss finish varnish, to keep nails healthy and strong. In shades Breathe (pale pink) and Bamboo (pale peach).


The Vital Palette is a stunning palette of four matte neutral shade eyeshadows. The matte shadow formula is wonderful as expected from Illamasqua, and the shades are perfect for creating subtle, natural looks –

  • Bubbles – Light matte warm peach.
  • Envision – Warm matte bronze.
  • Drop – Deep mid brown matte.
  • Trace – Cool grey brown matte.


The Metamorph collection will be available at Illamasqua from 21st April.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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