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Hard Candy Beetle Nail Polish Review

Posted on November 20, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today I have a review for you of the awesome ‘Beetle’ nail polish by Hard Candy*. I haven’t actually used Hard Candy polishes for years, I remember going into Boots to check out their Hard Candy and Urban Decay makeup many moons ago in the late 90’s (I think!) when they were pretty new indie brands. I did treat myself to a Hard Candy polish and lipstick which were very expensive, and I loved them!

Beetle is a gorgeous metallic polychrome polish that flashes different colours when it catches the light. You get hints of bronze, deep reddish purple and flashes of green.  

hard candy beetle review

I love this polish, it has the most gorgeous iridescent effect to it! The effect really does remind me of the way a dogbane beetle catches the light! (though it is a different colour :))

dogbane beetle

This polish took three layers to reach the desired opacity. When I applied the first coat I was a bit worried the polish would be too sheer, but after the third coat I was very satisfied. The brush isn’t amazing, it could do with being slightly bigger but it was fine to use. (Sorry my nails aren’t in the best condition, after having professional gel polish done for my wedding they’ve been in really bad shape and keep splitting, hence the odd shape of my thumb nail as both of them have split across the middle!)

metallic nail polish

If you’re not familiar with Hard Candy, one of the best things about this brand is with every bottle of nail polish you receive a ring! It’s just a plastic novelty ring over the bottle top but I think it’s a lovely touch and such a fun idea! Each ring matches the colour of the polish too 🙂

hard candy beetle nail polish

If you love this colour or are interested in other Hard Candy polishes, they are super cheap now and can be purchased from Xtras Accessories here.

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx