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NEW Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Posted on May 3, 2015


Hi Guys!

I know it’s been a while, but Makeup Revolution are back on the blog this week with a brand new collection of lipsticks. Following on from their Iconic Pro Palettes (my favourite of all of their eyeshadow palettes) Makeup Revolution have now launched an Iconic Pro range of lipsticks.

Makeup Revolution are promising – an outstanding collection of the most desired lipstick shades that give super-Intensive coverage and are comfortable to wear. The contemporary packaging is now lacquered to give you the ammunition you need all the time. Be Bold. Be Iconic. Be Revolutionary.

Sounds pretty good hey!


There are 20 shades to choose from in the collection, of which I have five to share with you today. The Iconic Pros also come in a rather nice re-vamped glossy black and metallic rose gold packaging, which definitely appeals to me. Above from left to right –

  • Propaganda Matte – a deep burgundy red with a matte finish.
  • We Were Lovers – a bright fuchsia pink with a satin finish.
  • Not in Love – a bright coral pink satin.
  • Somewhere Out There – an intense neon orange with a creamy satin finish.
  • Game of Mystery – a satin finish nude beige.


I wasn’t too sure what to expect with these lipsticks, being beyond impressed with the Iconic Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette and MUR’s new eyeshadow formula, I was excited for a possible new lipstick formula with these – and I have to say they didn’t disappoint! You can see above that these lipsticks are really well pigmented, especially Somewhere Out There (neon orange) this was easily the most intensely pigmented out of the ones I tried and had the creamiest finish. It’s actually pretty much a spot on dupe for MAC’s Morange shade. You can check out my review here and you’ll see just how similar they look. We all know Makeup Revolution love to offer affordable dupes for popular big brand products, so I’m guessing this is no accident!

This makes me think there will be quite a few MAC dupes to be had out of the Iconic Pro collection – I can also see that Not In Love is also a dead ringer for MAC’s Impassioned (check it out here) but I would say the finish isn’t quite up to the standard of MAC. For £2.49 each though, I won’t be complaining, and I definitely think the Iconic Pro lipsticks are worth a try.

The Iconic Pro Lipsticks are £2.49 each and available at Superdrug now.

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx

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NEW Kiss Cosmetics Lip Vinyl Liquid Lipstick

Posted on April 28, 2015


Hi Guys!

I’m really excited to say that I’ve got a brand new product from a brand new company to share with you today! Kiss Cosmetics are the new kids on the blog in the world of makeup – specifically lip products (at the moment anyway). They’ve recently launched with a selection of 10 KISStick lipsticks in a range of shades to suit every skin tone. Their second product, Locked Lips is launching tomorrow, and their Lip Vinyls which I’ll be reviewing today will be available at the beginning of May.


I can tell you that Kiss are a brand that listen to what people want. I’ve actually been aware of Kiss Cosmetics for quite a while – possibly since last summer if I remember rightly. They set up a secret Facebook group where bloggers and MUA’s could give honest feedback while they were developing their products. From the shape of the lipstick bullet to the colour of the packaging, Kiss wanted input from the people that would be using their products, and it looks like they listened!


So lets take a look at the Lip Vinyl. This is a liquid lipstick offering extreme pigmentation with a high coverage gloss finish. It’s basically a lipstick / gloss hybrid, giving you the best of both worlds – the pigmentation of a lipstick, with a non-drying formula and application of a gloss.

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere at the moment, and you probably know already that I’m a big fan of matte and velvet formulas from the likes of Jeffree Starr, Lime Crime and Too Faced, so it’s great to see that Kiss are offering something a little different.

The Lip Vinyls definitely have the feel of a gloss, though the formula is definitely thicker and creamier. First Kiss is a pretty bright candy pink shade, it’s not sheer at all like you would expect from a gloss though – the colour really packs an impressive punch which I wasn’t expecting! I’ve swatched on my hand for you below so you can see what I mean (Sorry I don’t have a picture of it on my lips guys, my lips are really dry at the moment so it just would’t do the product justice) I can tell you though this does feel hydrating to wear – which is good for my dry lips, but you will lose the glossy finish after a couple of hours – or earlier if you’re eating or drinking. My lips have kept some of the colour but could do with a re-application after about two hours.


I’m very impressed with this product, and it really excites me to find out what Kiss will come up with next! There will be 10 shades of Lip Vinyls on offer which will match the already available KISStick lipsticks. The Lip Vinyl Liquid Lipsticks are £7 each from Kiss Cosmetics, and they will be available from 06/05/25.

I’d love to hear what you think? Will you be trying anything from Kiss? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Models Own Festival Collection

Posted on April 21, 2015



Hi Guys!

For those that know me, you’ll know I love anything bright, loud and as crazy as possible. I actually went out in a neon orange kimono to a Hen party on saturday night, and my ‘galaxy cats’ dress, it was immense! Anyway, as soon as I heard that Models Own latest collection had a festival theme and was based around the brightest colours you could imagine, I couldn’t wait to try some of these exciting new products out! The Festival Collection consists of four outrageously bright capsule collections, including nail polishes, coloured hair sprays, face paints and lipsticks, all in louder than life neon and dazzling metallic shades. They sound right up my street!



There are five Festival Lipsticks to choose from, which come in a range of bright reds, pinks, oranges and one light pink shade. I have Daisy Chain which is a super light baby pink shade and Gone Glamping, an intense bright pink. Daisy Chain is definitely the hardest shade to wear as it’s so light, it’s also very matte so you’ll need to make sure your lips are in tip top condition before applying this one. Gone Glamping is slightly more forgiving in terms of formula, it wasn’t quite as matte, but still had fantastic pigmentation. I love this colour! These shades are both highly pigmented and long lasting, and they’re only £4.99 each which is a complete bargain!


There are also five Festival Nail Polish shades in this collection including four ‘main’ colours (which are all neons) and one glitter top coat. I have Purple Bandana, which is a neon purple shade, and the Colour Explosion top coat. Purple Bandana is a gorgeous opaque neon purple, it applies like a dream and I just love the vibrancy of this colour. The Colour Explosion top coat has a clear base with yellow, orange, blue and holographic hexes suspended through the bottle. Again I love this, it works really well on top of Purple Bandana and I think it would look great on darker nail polish shades too.



The Festival Face Paints are just amazing. (I was going to insert some pictures here from Magaluf 2008 where my friends and I had lots of fun with neon body paints just like these, but I decided better of it – I’m sure you can imagine!) These body paints are a first for Models Own and come in neon pink, orange and yellow, and metallic silver and gold shades. They paints are packaged in handy little squeezy tubes so you can apply them direct to the face and body, and these really are the brightest colours ever. I can’t wait to use them when I go to Radio 1’s One Big Weekend in May!


And lastly there’s the Festival Coloured Hair Spray. Another first for Models Own, the coloured hair spray comes in four neon shades – pink, blue, orange and violet. It’s highly pigmented so you can create some super colourful looks, but don’t worry, they wash out so you can start all over again the next day 🙂

The Festival collection is available from £3.99 at Models Own and Superdrug stores.

I’d love to hear what you think of these products? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains press samples.

NEW Beauty Releases from Bourjois!

Posted on April 15, 2015



Hi Guys!

I’ve got some fantastic new products from one of my favourite brands to show you today – Bourjois! I’ve been a massive fan of their products ever since I can remember. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure my first ever purchase was the Coupe De Theatre Mascara if I remember rightly, which would have been around 2002 at a guess. Do you remember it? It was double ended, with one white end that thickened up your lashes, and the black end to coat them in black mascara, it was amazing! Since then Bourjois have been my go-to eyeliner brand, and they just keep coming up with fantastic products! I have the new Aqua Laque Liquid Lipsticks, La Laque Nail Polishes and some not quite as new eyeliners to show you today…


Less than a year ago you may remember Bourjois released their Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks, I have a couple of these and they’re fab for a day to day lip if you’re looking for a matte finish. Their latest edition to the Rouge Edition line are the new Aqua Laque Liquid Lipsticks (£8.99), these have been formulated to give a mirror like shine with intense colour, as well as being intensely hydrating for up to 10 hours. They have a non sticky finish and also promise not to run or feather into the edges of your lips, so there’s no need for a lip liner. They come in eight shades from easy to wear nudes to bright reds, and they sound pretty fantastic!


The shades above from left to right are – 01 Appechissant, 08 Babe Idole, 07 Fuchsia Perche, and 06 Feeling Reddy.

You can see they’re super glossy, I’d actually say they look and feel more like a highly pigmented gloss than a lipstick. The formula is really silky feeling and hydrating on the lips – this definitely gets top marks from me, but the colour doesn’t seem to last too long though, so you will need to keep reapplying these throughout the day. Even though the staying power isn’t amazing, I still really like these products, I love the way they make my lips feel and the shade selection is just gorgeous too.


Next up we have the The La Laque Nail Polishes (£6.49). The shades above from left to right are 11 Only Bluuuue, 2 Chair et Tendre, 6 Fuchsiao Bella, and 1 White Spirit.

The La Laque collection combines brilliant colour and concentrated enamel pigments to give full coverage and shine from the first coat. Apart from the newly shaped bottles, these polishes also come with a precision brush for accurate application with only one swipe to cover the nail, and a no-drip stem to prevent mistakes and mess.

I am in love with these polishes! The brighter colours are right up my street, and just perfect for the coming summer months. Also, the precision brush really does work, you only need one swipe and you’re done! The pigmentation is just fantastic, there’s nothing sheer or watery about these polishes at all. I’ll definitely be getting some use out of these in the coming months!


And finally I wanted to also include some of their newer eyeliners too. These aren’t brand new like the above products but they are fairly new so I just wanted to share them with you. Bourjois eyeliners are (I’m my opinion) some of the best on the high street, and they’re really well priced too. I usually go for the Contour Clubbing pencil eyeliners, but I’ve recently been trying out a few other their other styles –

  • The Liner Pinceau Ultra Black Liquid Eyeliner (£6.99) is the most intensely pigmented out of the three above, I’m not usually a fan of liquid liners but this one really is excellent, apart from the fact that it’s the blackest black, you can easily get a really fine line with the thin and flexible brush.
  • The Liner Stylo Ultra Black Eyeliner (£5.99) is clearly not the most pigmented eyeliner ever, but I find this great for an every day look where you want a black liner that’s not too intense.
  • And lastly the Ultra Black Mega Liner (£7.49) This is my favourite of the three, it has a calligraphy pen style tip, so you can easily get a very fine line or a thicker line, and I just find this so easy to use. I’m a big fan of the pen style, and it’s also a really intense black shade, perfect for creating a nice big flick!


I’m really impressed with all of these products, and I can’t wait to find out what Bourjois have up their sleeves for their next new release!

I’d love to hear which Bourjois products you love? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains press samples

My MAC Lipstick Collection – The Brights

Posted on April 11, 2015



Hi Guys!

Following on from my MAC Lipstick Collection post last week, I said I was going to gather together the lipsticks into smaller (more manageable) groups to show you and swatch for you. I’m starting this week with the brights – this includes the brighter pink and coral shades, as well as the oranges and my one and only red MAC lipstick, I’m not sure how I only own one red! Ok well there is a very dark shade of red I own too, which was one of the ones I missed out of the original post, but I don’t class it as a bright at all, so I’ll be adding it to another group.

I think the brights are actually one of my favourite groups, just looking at them makes me happy! I don’t know about you but I love a bright pink lippie to cheer me up – they’re also a good distraction from a bad hair day! 🙂 Ok so let’s take a look at the shades…



Pinkfringe (Satin) This is a limited edition lipstick from the beautifully packaged Proenza Schouler collection. It’s a bright coral pink shade and it comes out lighter than you’d expect due to the satin finish. This is perfect to brighten the complexion without full on opaque colour. It has a semi sheer finish with a sheen.

Impassioned (Amplified) This is a gorgeous bright summery pink with a slight sheen. Amplified is such a fantastic finish as you get the pigmentation on a Matte lipstick, but without the drying effect.

Good Kisser (Matte) This is from the A Novel Romance collection, it’s a mid deep toned fuchsia with a matte finish, and it’s gorgeous! The matte finish means it lasts for hours on end and it doesn’t transfer onto your teeth – which I’m always paranoid about with brighter shades!

Embrace Me (Matte) This is a gorgeous cool bright pink shade, even though it has a matte finish, it’s really comfortable to wear and has almost a slight sheen to it. This shade is perfect for a statement bright lip if you’re looking for an alternative to red.

Kelly Yum Yum (Satin) This is from the Osbournes collection, it’s a really similar shade to Embrace me, but this has a satin finish rather than matte. Even though it’s a satin shade, it’s still super highly pigmented and one of my favourite pinks.



And the two oranges and single red shade –

Saigon Summer (Creme Sheen) If you fancy flirting with orange shades for summer, but don’t want to go too full on, Saigon Summer would be perfect because its Cream Sheen finish means you get a lovely sheer colour, with a super hydrating and creamy finish.

Morange (Amplified) Possibly the brightest orange lipstick I’ve ever seen, this is definitely not for the faint hearted! Morange is almost neon and completely in your face, I love it!

True Red (Amplified) This is the most perfect brightest red a girl could ask for, it’s from the Pedro Lourenco collection and also comes in limited edition rubberised casing. I’d easily choose this over Lady Danger any day due to it’s Amplified finish. I used to own Lady Danger but sold it in the end as I found that particular shade to be too drying.

I have to say it’s been so lovely to sort through my collection and try all these shades out again! With MAC lipsticks being in the same style cases (except the limited editions) it’s easy to forget which colours I have and don’t have, I think that’s how I’ve ended up with so many similar nude shades! Look out for these coming up on the blog this time next week and you’ll see what I mean!

I’d love to hear what your favourite bright MAC lipstick is? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

My MAC Lipstick Collection & A Guide to MAC Lipstick Finishes

Posted on April 2, 2015


Hi Guys!

I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been turning my spare room into an office / blogging and beauty mecca. Well I’m nearly there – I have all the furniture in, so I just need to put a mirror up and get some pretty things on the walls then I can show you the amazing room transformation, it’ll be like Changing Rooms but better! As soon as I fixed my sexy Ikea Alex drawers together, the first thing I did was fill them up with all my beauty products, and it wasn’t till I started organising all the drawers that I realised how much I actually had… (oops)

Ok so I have exactly 51 MAC lipsticks. I’m not sure if this should be celebrated or if I have a problem! My MAC lippies alone are worth more than my car – ok my car is pretty much a tip but even so! So I’m now officially calling myself a ‘collector’, as this gives me a good excuse for having enough makeup to start my own Boot’s store, and I must admit some of it is getting a bit old too. I should point out that I don’t use all of it, some of the oldies are so lovely though I just can’t bear to let go of them. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce my MAC lipstick collection…


For the eagle-eyed among you, you’ll have noticed there are actually 49 lippies in the picture. YES I MANAGED TO LEAVE TWO OUT. What an idiot. It took forever and a day to arrange them all and put them in some sort of order, and it wasn’t till I’d packed up that I’d noticed two little buggers had sneaked off (I’ll blame the lipsticks) so I missed them out of the photos. FML.


Starting from the top left I’ve grouped the brights together, this includes pinks, oranges and my favourite bright red. Moving across you’ll see all the purples, then jump down a row to the lightest nudes, then pinks, mauves and browns. Then on the bottom row you’ll see the rest of the nudes. I had no idea I owned so many nude lipsticks that are alike!!

Rather than swatch each and every one of them – God knows how long that would take! I’m going to treat this post as a kind of overview – I’ll include all the shade names and finishes for reference, and I’ll also explain what the finishes all mean at the end as it’s handy to know, especially if you’re new to MAC lippies. I’m aiming to put the lipsticks into groups and swatch them for you once a week, so look out for the brights this time next week!


Top Row:

  • Pinkfringe (Proenza Schouler) – Satin
  • Kelly Yum Yum (Osbournes) – Satin
  • Saigon Summer – Cremesheen
  • Morange – Amplified Creme
  • True Red (Pedro Lourenco) – Amplified
  • Good Kisser – Matte
  • Embrace Me – Matte
  • Impassioned – Amplified


  • Outrageously Fun (Glamour Daze) – Cremesheen
  • Dodgy Girl (Osbournes) – Matte
  • Hellraiser – Dazzle
  • Violetta – Amplified
  • Up The Amp – Amplified
  • Feel My Pulse (Temperature Rising) – Cremesheen
  • Go For It – Cremesheen
  • Cyber – Satin
  • Riri Boy (Rihanna) – Retro Matte
  • Courting Lilac – Glaze


Middle Row:

  • Tanarama – Frost
  • Siren Song (Alluring Aquatic) – Lustre
  • Peach Beige (Pedro Lourenco) – Amplified
  • Secret Lover – Lustre
  • Double Spin (Glitter & Ice) – Cremesheen
  • Beauty (Glamour Daze) – Glaze
  • Viva Glam Gaga – Lustre
  • Angel – Frost

mac mauves_edited-1

  • Steady Going – Matte
  • Sweet Experience – Amplified
  • Chatter Box – Amplified
  • A Novel Romance – Cremesheen
  • Please Me – Matte
  • Fast Play – Amplified
  • Twig – Satin
  • Viva Glam V – Lustre
  • Brave – Satin
  • Velvet Teddy – Matte

mac nudes 1

Bottom Row:

  • Pretty Please – Lustre
  • Flair For Finery – Lustre
  • Gel – Frost
  • Altered Beige (Temperatures Rising) – Lustre
  • Strip Poker (Osbournes) – Matte
  • Hue – Glaze
  • Honeylove – Matte

mac nudes 2

  • Myth – Satin
  • Woodrose (Prroenza Schouler) – Lustre
  • High Tea – Lustre
  • Lush Amber – Lustre
  • Blankety – Amplified
  • Creme Cup – Cremesheen

Ok so standard MAC lipsticks come in nine different finishes, here’s what they’re all about –

1. & 2. Amplified / Amplified Creme: Ultra-creamy. Quietly shiny. Colour-packed! Hi-res: hi-impact. I’ve put Amplified and Amplified Creme together because they are so alike. Amplified gives super high pigmentation, but without the drying effect of a Matte, and Amplified Cream is just that much creamier – this is easily one of my favourite finishes, being comfortable to wear, as well as highly pigmented with a slight sheen.

3. Cremesheen: These lipsticks have less pigmentation than Mattes or Amplifieds and give more of a glossy finish. They’re not the longest wearing lipsticks but are again one of my favourite finishes due to my constantly dry lips!

4. Frost: Excellent colour payoff with medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish. Frost is probably my least favourite finish (apart from Retro Matte) it kind of reminds me of the 90’s – Heather Shimmer anyone? And can be quite hard to pull off. Saying that, it’s important to remember that not all Frost shades have a shimmer finish. I have Angel which is a lovely pink shade and if I hadn’t checked the label I’d never have guessed it was classed as a Frost!

5.. Glaze: Low-colour impact with sheen-style finish. Glazes the lips, makes them shine! If you’re looking for a sheer wash of colour, Glaze is the finish you need. with a high sheen finish that’s hydrating and sheer, this is the compete opposite to a Matte.

6.. Lustre: Demi-sheer with wet-look lustre finish. Very slick. Makes lips look soft, smooth, ultra-moist.  I have three Glaze lipsticks and ten Lustre ones and I really can’t tell the difference between the finishes. I think Lustre shades over all have slightly more pigmentation but the same glossy finish.

7.. Matte: Pigment rich with intense colour pay-off. No-shine, all matte finish.  I do love a matte finish! There’s no shine, shimmer or sparkle, nada. Matte lipsticks are super highly pigmented and are also quite drying. I suffer with dry lips so as long as I make sure they’re in good condition before applying there’s no problem at all. Also Mattes don’t budge = no lipstick on teeth 😀 Heroine is definitely my favourite matte shade.

8.. Retro Matte: How do you get matter than matte? With Retro Matte! I’ve tried a couple of RM finish lipsticks and I hated them, they were both from the Rihanna collection and they had the most drying formula ever, they dragged on my lips and were pretty uncomfortable. Very different from the standard Matte formula. If you want the mattest lips in the land, make sure your lips are in tip top to condition before applying.

9. Satin: Colour-rich. Soft satin, semi-matte finish. Conditions while adding intense colour.  The Satin finish is a cross between a Matte and Amplified finish. It’s basically like a matte with a bit of sheen. It doesn’t have any hydrating qualities like an Amplified but it does offer great pigmentation.

Sorry that was quite a long post in the end! I hope it’s been useful? Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a closer look including comparisons and swatches of all my MAC lipsticks xxx

Coloured Raine: Marshmallow, Soul & Sugar Matte Lip Paints

Posted on March 9, 2015


Hi Guys!

Following on from my Jeffree Star post, I’ve got some more fabulous liquid lipsticks to share with you today! This is the Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint Nude Bundle Pack, including three nude shades (top to bottom) Soul, Marshmallow and Sugar.


I first came across Coloured Raine on Instagram. You know how it is when you’re looking at someone’s profile, click on a picture, then form there click on someone else, and next thing you’re looking at your ex boyfriend’s divorced aunt’s, friends’ cat pictures…

Anyway I randomly came across Coloured Raine and I liked what I saw. Lot’s of matte liquid lipsticks in fantabulous colours, as well as normal lipsticks and a few other bits. I was instantly drawn to these shades though as I love nudes. I can’t get enough of them, and these shades are really unusual. Also I’ve got a zillion bright purples and pinks going on already (i.e the Jeffree Star ones) so I went for the Nude set.

The Nude Bundle Pack cost $45.99 plus $9.99 shipping to the UK. I didn’t get charged for customs or taxes (YES!) so they ended up costing $55.98 / £37.23 in total, so about £12.41 each which I think is really reasonable considering Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks are £13 each and Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipsticks work out at £13.30 each before considering shipping and potential charges.



Left to right – Soul, Marshmallow and Sugar.

I love that the shades are such unusual colours. They all have a muted, grey tone to them, which I decided on purchasing would either look totally awesome on, or maybe just make me look a bit dead… It was 50 – 50 so of course I bought them anyway!


Soul is dark, very very dark. I really liked it on some of the Instagram pictures I saw but I think it’s too dark for my pale skin. It’s kind of a muted deep purple, that’s been mixed with a dab of grey. Definitely goth’s dream!


Marshmallow is lovely though, it’s a mid tone mauve / purple / grey mix and I’m really happy with it. This is definitely the most easy to wear shade of the three and I just can’t get enough of it at the moment!


Initially I thought Sugar might be a bit light for me, but actually it’s fine, it just gives a light nude lip look, in a nice muted beige shade. Time permitting, I’ll hopefully be doing some makeup looks with these shortly so you can see what they look like with a full face of makeup on too.

I’m super impressed with these Matte Lip Paints. Once they’re on, they. are on. They don’t budge at all. You can eat, drink, or do whatever else you might like to do with your lips… and the lip paint isn’t going anywhere. Also, I still have the remains of the arm swatches on my arm – because I couldn’t get them off. Just so you know!

So what do you think of these shades? Have you tried any Coloured Raine products before? I’m definitely going to grab some more of these when my funds allow it – the shade Mars looks gorgeous – and maybe some normal lipsticks too 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

*UPDATE* Coloured Raine products are now available at Beauty Bay*