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Little Known Box June 2016 Review

Posted on July 3, 2016


Hi Guys!

Little Known Box is the latest company to jump on the beauty box bandwagon, and you can probably tell by the name, but they’re all about offering beauty lovers little known, niche and emerging brands to discover. You can take a look at their first box here, and June’s box arrived a couple of weeks ago. Here’s what’s inside –

  • Oxynergy Power Infuse Cushion Foam, 180ml worth £23.50.
  • Manna Kadar Beauty 3-in-1 Eyeshadow in shade Fantasy, worth £13.12.
  • PHB Ethical Beauty Anti Ageing Serum, 15ml worth £5.95.
  • Lucy Annabella Organics Treatment Oil, 15ml worth £6.00
  • In The Buff Mineral Makeup Loose powder Highlighter, full size worth £14.00
  • Creme of Nature Conditioner & Argan Oil sample sachets.

Total value of box = £62.57.

Ok so there’s a great selection of skincare and makeup products here, with a couple of full sizes, a couple of luxury sample sizes and two bonus sample sachets. Also, I’ve never heard of any of these brands before, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

Starting with the Oxynergy Power Infuse Cushion Foam – this is a full sized bottle of cleanser, from French skin care brand Oxynergy. This is an ultra-smooth, mild yet rich foaming cleanser with amino acids and essential trace elements that’s suitable for all skin types – it also smells amazing! This is definitely a luxury product, and I’m really pleased to find it in this month’s box.

Next the Manna Kadar Beauty Eyeshadow in shade Fantasy – this is described as a 3-in-1 product, acting as a pearlized powder blush, highlighter and eyeshadow. The formula is just like a shimmer eyeshadow, and the shade, well I’ve just had a rather heated discussion with my other half as to what colour this product actually is. To me it’s a warm nude peachy beige – but it’s described as a Nude Blush Pink on the Manna Kadar site, and my other half said it’s pink too – of course they’re both wrong and I’m right 😀 This shade is perfect as an eyeshadow on my pale completion, it would be gorgeous as a highlighter on darker skin tones too.

Next is the PHB Ethical Beauty Anti Ageing Serum – as expected, this serum is designed to combat signs of ageing. It contains essential nutrients, antioxidants and omegas, as well as vitamin rich Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil & Rose to help rejuvenate skin, smooth wrinkles, reduce dark spots and promote a radiant complexion.

The Lucy Annabella Organics Treatment Oil in Orange & Marjoram – is a 100% organic oil that can be used as a daily body moisturiser, nightly on the face, or even as a hair treatment. It contains Juniper, Geranium, Orange and Camomile to create a serene scent designed to lull your senses and envelope you in tranquillity.  The exquisite aroma cocoons and supports you, encouraging mindfulness. The treatment Oil also utilises Argan, Avocado and Apricot Oils to infuse skin with antioxidant vitamins to deeply enrich and nourish without leaving a greasy residue.

And lastly the In The Buff Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Highlighter in Sunshine Glitz – now I must admit, the packaging doesn’t look too expensive and because of that I wasn’t expecting too much from this product – well that will teach me to judge a book by its cover. This was actually a really nice shimmery highlighter. Though powder formulas can be a bit messy and the shade Sunshine Glitz was a bit too yellow for my liking – I still really liked the product, and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a golden / yellowy highlighter.

Overall I think this is a great second box. The brands included are all new to me, the products are all interesting as well as being of a really good quality, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next box!

You can buy a one off box for £14.99 or subscribe to save money at Little Known Box.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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The New Beauty Subscription Box – Little Known Box

Posted on June 6, 2016


Hi Guys!

Have you heard, there’s a brand new beauty box on the scene! Little Known Box is bringing something slightly different to the table though – they specifically offer lesser known, niche and emerging beauty brands in their boxes.

In a world where beauty boxes seem to be offering many of the same brands time and time again (I’m not going to name names but if you subscribe to any beauty boxes you’ll probably know what I’m talking about!) it’s great to see a beauty box offering something new and different to beauty lovers.

Little Known Box will also offer products from niche beauty fields such as natural/organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free and free-from brands, which is great to hear.

When you sign up for a Little-Known Box subscription, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected luxurious beauty products and gifts. We are passionate about featuring ‘little-known’ products, from independent, niche, upcoming and emerging brands. Chosen with ethics and wellness in mind.

You can expect to see a massive range of beauty products in these boxes too, including skincare, makeup, hair, body and grooming products, nail care, nail art, lifestyle and beauty accessories (with the occasional surprise thrown in). You may also see some well known brands, but we’ve been promised the products will always be either little-known or brand new launches.

The first ever Little Known Box contains the following products –

  • Flint + Flint Moisturiser 3x, full size 50ml, worth £42.00.
  • The Vintage Cosmetics Company Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers, full size, worth £7.00.
  • Medusa’s Makeup Lip Gloss in Bite Me, full size, worth £6.25.
  • Dirtea Tea Scrub, single bag worth £2.15.
  • Thumbs up Designer Nail Wraps, 1 set, worth £7.99.

Total value of box = £65.39.

On first glance this is a nice collection of products – I must admit though, if it wasn’t for the Flint + Flint Moisturiser, this box would be of fairly low value. There are some nice products in there though and it’s great to see brands such as Medusa’s Makeup and Thumbs Up that are most definitely ‘lesser known’ in the beauty world.

Each month LKB promises to include 5-6 beauty products in their boxes. Their monthly subscription is £14.95 per month including shipping if you pay per month, and there are also options for 3 month, 6 month and 12 month single payment subscriptions where you save money the longer the term. In addition to their monthly subscriptions, they will also be offering one-off boxes and gift subscriptions too.


I think this is a great first box, though I must admit I’m not overly wowed by it, I’m definitely excited to see which brands and products will be included in the coming months. I think this is definitely one to watch.

The first Little Known Box is available now at Little Known Box – I’d love to hear what you think of this?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains press samples