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Wantable November Makeup Box | Review

Posted on November 26, 2014


Hi Guys!

This month’s Wantable box arrived in record time, and I was excited to find a brand I’d never heard of before inside – Surratt Beauty. After looking into this company the products look rather good – they’re stocked in Liberty and have a high price point, so now I have high hopes and I really hope I’m not going to be disappointed!



First up is the Surratt Beauty Smokey Eye Baton in Mauve, $35.00

This is supposed to be a creamy liner with a smudger at the other end to create a smokey eye look. The liner is great but there’s no smudger! I’m not sure what happened there – the description includes mention of a smudger, as does other online descriptions but there’s definitely not one in sight!

Good points – The product has a creamy, smooth texture that’s easily blendable. I love the shade I received, Mauve. It’s a beautiful deep purple that’s easily build able and a great alternative to black.

Not so good points – There’s no smudger! Boo!



Next is another Surratt product, this is the Concealer in Fair, $50.00

Surratt’s concealer stick adheres to skin perfectly and wears beautifully for flawless, long-lasting, full coverage.

Good points – This definitely feels like a premium product, it has a matte finish that blends well and easily covered my dark circles.

Not so good points – Depending on your skin tone, this shade could be too light for you. Luckily I’m white as a ghost so it’s perfect for me, and if you’d like to try the concealer there are plenty of other shades available. Also it’s worth mentioning that the product is only a tiny 1.9g which really is super small for the $50.00 price tag.



Next is the Yourminerals Loose Eyeshadow in Lime, $22.00

Good points – I love love LOVE this shade, it’s such a beautiful pale olive green that’s super finely milled with gold sparkles. It catches the light beautifully and has a lovely soft consistency.

Not so good points – There’s nothing wrong with the actual product, but there’s nothing to stop the powder going everywhere inside the pot. There are four square holes that you tip the shadow out of and nothing to close them off so it just all comes out inside the lid. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re careful when unscrewing the lid.


And finally a Vincent Longo Deluxe Blush Brush, $24.00

Good points – I’ve had some Vincent Longo brushes in previous boxes and I’m never disappointed. This is a premium synthetic brush with long flexible bristles. It’s super soft and lovely to use.

Bad points – None!

Overall this little box included products valuing a massive $131.00 (£83.11) I’m pretty sure it’s the highest value box I’ve had so far! I’m really impressed with the selection of products included and hoping to see more of Surratt Beauty in future boxes!

You can check out Wantable and sign up here.

I hope you enjoyed my review! xxx

Pink Parcel Subscription Box | Review

Posted on September 18, 2014


Hi Guys!

Having been put off subscription boxes a while back, I’ve recently been pleasantly been surprised by a couple of new kids on the block, one of them being Pink Parcel. If you haven’t heard of Pink Parcel they offer you a stash of your preferred sanitary product, be it tampons or towels (you choose) and surprise beauty treats in a handy monthly subscription. Your first box is £5.95 and further boxes are £9.95 with delivery included.


When the box arrived, it was larger than I was expecting. I guess this is because I’m used to the standard subscription box sizes. The outer box is dark grey with the Pink Parcel logo, it appears of good quality, and on opening, it was split into three sections – For Now, For Later and For You, with each section having its own individual packaging. I love the presentation, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting, and felt like I was about to open a lovely gift!


The For Now pouch, included five tampons. I’m guessing this is so you can just throw it in your bag and be on your way – super handy!


The For Later section held two flat boxes with ten tampons in each.


And lastly For You – this was favourite box. Described as ‘A little something to cheer you up’. Inside there were a few lovely treats –

  • Teapigs Caffiene Free Super Fruit single tea bag
  • Doisy & Dam 40g chocolate bar
  • Witch Anti Blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser 30ml (rrp £6.79)
  • Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara in Black 01 (rrp £13.00)
  • Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Primer 30ml (rep £9.99)
  • Voucher for a free glass of wine with a purchased meal at Cafe Rouge


Roughly, the value of the box is just over £30 – on the basis that the tampons cost a couple of pounds. I think this is a fantastic deal for under a tenner a month – with shipping included! Obviously everyone is different, 25 tampons might be perfect for some, too little for others or to many. Pink Parcel say on their FAQ page if 25 is too little then please let them know, so I’m assuming they can be flexible with numbers which is nice.

Overall I’m really impressed with this box, from the packaging, to the thought process behind each of the sections, this is well thought out as well as being good value for money.

What do you think? Will you be signing up to Pink Parcel?? xxx

This post contains a sample provided for review

Wantable Accessories Subscription Box Review

Posted on February 6, 2014

Hi Guys!

Have you heard? Wantable.com is coming to the UK! If you haven’t heard of Wantable, they are a monthly subscription box service offering makeup, accessories and intimates boxes based in the US.

How does it work? With Wantable you firstly choose your category (makeup, accessories or intimates) then answer some questions so they know what styles you like, and what you don’t like. You can then subscribe for $36 (£22.08) a month or $40 (£34.53) for a one off box – it’s also handy to know you can skip a box or cancel your subscription at any time. So here is my first accessory box!

wantable jewellery box

Firstly I’d like to point out, the box only took about a week and a half from the date of order to arrive, I thought this was fantastic as it came from the US! When I opened the box there was a big banner across the foam insert saying ‘Hello, Beautiful’. This made me smile and I thought it was a lovely touch.


Inside there was an invoice showing the items that were picked for me and their values, and a list of the categories I said I loved and liked (I hadn’t disliked any)

wantable jewellery

So first up, I received a black pair of sunglasses in a pouch, they’re a good style to suit most face shapes, I’m definitely happy with these 🙂 These sunglasses feature a subtle cat eye shape for a classic meets modern look (Barb Sunglasses, $15)

wantable review

Next up are two pretty awesome statement rings!

wantable rings

The Gertie Ring features a unique geometric design in distressed gunmetal (Gertie Ring $16)

wantable statement ring

The Donatella Ring features a unique, spiked design in a brushed gold tone finish for a look of a multi-finger ring without the discomfort (Donatella Ring $20)

wantable box review

And finally a lovely necklace – When you want to add a little something extra to your ensemble, the Vieira Necklace is the perfect choice! This silvery necklace features faceted chevron elements in a chic smokey grey (Vieira Necklace $28)

wantable necklace

Overall I’m really happy with my box, these are all pieces I will wear! The total value came to $79 (£48.08) The cost of the box was $36 (£22.08), so I think I’ve got a pretty good deal!! 🙂 I think it’s also worth mentioning that shipping to the UK is $7 and tax is 20% making the total cost of a monthly subscription box $50.20 (£30.79) Before you’re put off by this, firstly $7 shipping from the US is really cheap, and the 20% tax is because you’re purchasing outside the EU, this upfront fee is to save you paying on receipt of your box. I hope that all makes sense!

You can sign up with Wantable here! xxx