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Six Products for Glowing Skin This Summer!

Posted on July 29, 2014


Hi Guys!

It’s the summer! How do I know this? I’m currently sweating whilst not moving a muscle and just sitting in my car for 5 minutes makes my blood literally boil – I have no air con, arrrgh! Anyway I was saying, It’s the summer! Everyone wants to glow, we want to be tanned and look healthy and gorgeous and natural, and ideally like we’ve just stepped off the beach at St Tropez (beach body and all)! I thought I’d put together a post of all my favourite products to give you a gorgeous glow, whether it’s just to highlight, or a full body glow, check these little beauties out!

1. Benefit High Beam / Moon Beam. This is the perfect liquid highlighter for adding emphasis to any part of your face (or body for that matter) I like to dab a spot on my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, a thin line down my nose and a spot on my cupids bow, and blend. This has a lovely light sparkle and catches the light perfectly. I’ve always used High Beam, which is slightly pinkish, but if you have an olive complexion you should definitely try Moon Beam with has more of an apricot tone.

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I’m so in love with this palette, it is on the pricey side at £56 but I have no regrets at all. You get three gorgeous shades to highlight, illuminate and make your skin look like it’s glowing from within. Seriously these powders are like magic! You know when someone just looks really well and healthy and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? That’s what this palette does! Magic!!

3. Topshop Glow Highlighter in Gleam. This is a gorgeous rose gold cream highlighter with a high metallic finish. This highlighter is a lovely light cream formula that’s really well pigmented and easy to blend into the skin. If you’re a fan of cream products I’d definitely recommend this.

4. Bourjois Delice De Poudre Gold Bronzing Powder. This is a brand new addition to my makeup bag and I love it! This highlighting powder is a true gold colour with a high shimmer finish, match it perfectly with you Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder for all you need to highlight and contour like a pro!

5. Scott Barnes Body BlingThis is a handy little product for after you’ve tanned. If you want a bit of extra shimmer and dimension to your look after tanning, just rub this into your skin to add some sparkle, it’s perfect for a night out!

6. Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel. This is another new addition to my makeup bag which I bought this from Space NK in the recent sale. I’m glad I nabbed it up quick for £15.50, as it’s now gone back up to full price which is £26.00! Anyway I’m so glad I bought this, again I’d seen good reviews but never purchased due to the price. It really is worth it’s weight in gold though! This is basically a bronzing body gel, there is a pinkish tint to the gel-cream which creates a lovely warm tan colour, and it has a fine shimmer finish. You just cover your body in it wherever you want to be tanned and shimmery and you instantly turn into a bronzed goddess! (It also washes off too which is really handy.)

I’ve included some swatches below so you can see what the products look like compared to one another…

First is the powder products, I’ve added one picture in normal light and one in sunlight so you can see the sparkles!



And next up are the creams, gels and liquids –



So there you have it! I’d love to hear if you have any of these products? And what your favourite product is to glow this summer? xxx

Monu Exfoliator & Self Tan Foam | Review

Posted on July 23, 2014


Hi Guys!

It’s the that time of year again, the heat turns up, everyone starts baring a bit of skin.. and we all want a tan! Well I do anyway! I do like a good fake tan, I’m not a dedicated constant tanner by any means but when the sun comes out I do love to sport a golden glow! My skin is pretty much neon white though so it’s also always a concern to me that I’ll end up too dark and not be able to do anything about it except hide away for a week until it wears off. Anyway, the lovely guys at Monu have kindly sent me their Exfoliating Body Cream and Self Tan Foam to try out and let you know what I think! They assured me their Self Tanning Foam in Fair to Medium would be the perfect colour for me so I put it to the test!


All most people will know, it’s really important to prep your skin before tanning, otherwise the tan colour will cling to even slightly dry skin and you’ll be left looking patchy. The best form of prep is simply to exfoliate and then moisturise, taking care to especially moisturise the places where skin is naturally dryer, such as the knees, elbows and the back of the ankles.

So, I started off by showering and using the Exfoliator Cream –

    • The gentle, effective action of TANWORX Exfoliating Body Cream works to polish rough, dry areas to refine and balance skin texture prior to tanning.
    • A cool, refreshing body exfoliator that promises to smooth and rejuvenate the skin for an instant boost of radiance and vitality.
    • Invigorates and enhances skin tone and texture, this is the perfect pre-tanning exfoliant.
    • Use in the bath or shower prior to application of any of the TANWORX self tanning products.
    • Wet the skin and massage the product all over, paying special attention to any rough, dry areas to ensure an even and long-lasting self tan.

I then moisturised all over and applied the Self Tan Foam –

    • An easy to apply, streak-free Self Tan Foam provides an instant colour that develops and deepens into a healthy, bronzed glow.
    • This tinted formula ensures you can see exactly where you have applied your tan, for an even, long lasting colour.
    • A quick-drying, natural-looking, salon quality tan that leaves no residue.
    • Available in two colours.
    • Exfoliate before application and apply moisturiser to any dry areas of skin, but not to the entire body.
    • Apply the lotion with a TANWORX application mitt to ensure a streak free result.
    • Colour is instant and will intensify over a period of 3 hours.
    • Wait 8 hours before bathing or showering.
    • Moisturise daily to maintain.


So here are the results… I’m not crazy, honest! I only tanned onle leg for two reasons – one being to show you what the colour looks like compared to my very white other leg, and the other because I was slightly nervous about it being too dark! The mousse itself was a very dark brown colour, hence my nervousness! I didn’t have a mitt to apply it with either as recommended so I just used my hand. It applied really easily and even though it did look a bit streaky on application, this is washed off after 8 hours and I was left with a lovely even tan.


I think the tan actually came out a really nice colour! For those that tan regularly you may feel the colour is a bit light, but for milky and mysterious types like me this colour was perfect. I didn’t look like I had a tan as such, my leg just looked a nice healthy colour. The tan lasted about five days and luckily I had no issues with at all with it. Sometimes tan can leave you looking patchy as it wears of, so it’s important to keep moisturising to keep your skin in top condition. I remembered to moisturise a couple of times nd the tan seemed to wear of nice and evenly. This definitely get’s a thumbs up from me!

So what do you think? I’d love to hear what your favourite tan is?