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The Weekly Top 5 #8

Posted on May 31, 2015

the weekly top 5 no 8_edited-1

Hi Guys!

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great weekend? Today’s weekly top 5 is a little different to usual, basically I was supposed to put together an outfit post showing you what I wore for the wedding I went to last Friday, but after a series of unfortunate events including forgetting my camera when we went to the wedding, then being really ill – which still hasn’t gone away properly, so I’m just not up to having my taken right now, I’ve decided to include my outfit in today’s post instead!

I’m a massive fan of vintage clothes (I actually used to run a vintage clothing store a few years ago) and my favourite eras are definitely the 50’s and 80’s. From the 50’s I love pretty prom style dresses with full circle skirts and petticoats, and I love anything loud and brash from the 80’s like bright prints and gold jewellery – I also collect 80’s jewellery too 🙂

So for the wedding I went with this beautiful Lindy Bop Ella dress from Lucy Loves Vintage. This style of dress really suits my shape as I have a larger bottom half, so it skims over that and emphasises my smaller waist which is ideal! The Ella dress comes in plus sizes too which is fantastic, and it’s also available in a range of different colours. I went for this gorgeous turquoise / teal shade (called slate) which I obviously have a thing for as my mum pointed out it’s the exact same shade as the vintage dress I wore for my wedding reception (you can check that out here)

I wore a plain black Short Sleeve Shrug (£15) over the top to cover my shoulders and arms, and for undies, I wore some big pants to suck everything in, and this super pretty Heidi Klum Intimates Amelia Underwired Bra, which is currently in the sale at House of Fraser. It was £38, and is now £30.40.

I’ve slightly embellished in this post because I don’t actually have the gorgeous shoes and bag I’ve included. I just wore some very non-exciting plain black shoes, and ended up taking a big ‘practical’ bag for all Fred’s necessities like wipes, toys and juice. If I had my way though I’d definitely wear these beautiful Lotus Isabelle Peep Toe Heels (was £59.99, now £41.99) partly because they’re so pretty and a great alternative to black shoes, but also because Lotus offer half sizes, which is perfect for me as I’m dead on a 5.5! I also included this stunning Phase Eight Rita Jewelled Box Clutch (was £79, now £63.20) just because it’s so pretty and finishes off the outfit really well!

I’d love to hear what you think of my outfit? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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Festival Fashion Inspiration with

Posted on April 25, 2015

lyst festival wishlist

Hi Guys!

I have to admit, I an officially the queen of procrastination. I can while away hours on Pinterest looking at pretty pictures and tutorials and pinning until the early hours, if you’ve used the site you’ll know the addiction is very real. But I’ve now discovered a brand new distraction site – It basically offers a unique shopping experience where you can create wish lists (or lysts) for anything and everything where it comes to fashion and accessories.

So how does it work? Well you might want to make a lyst to plan an outfit if you have something particular mind, so you just search for what you’re looking for and start adding the items you like to your lysts, it’s as simple as that! Or if you’re like me, you might just like looking at gorgeous clothes and accessories and creating wish lists! It’s also worth mentioning that the site coveres a whole range of brands, from high end designers like Burberry and Valentino, to easily accessible high street brands such as ASOS and Topshop.

I’ve been playing around with the site for a little while and used it to come up with a ‘Festival Fashion’ lyst. I’m in love with the beautiful Diane von Furstenberg Pink Ombre Silk Kaftan and the Madewell Arrow Flip Necklace especially, and both are included in the image above. DVF is a bit out of my price range unfortunately, but the Madewell necklace is well within what I can afford at only £36, and I never would have come across it if it wasn’t for this site!

What I love is that has made me aware of so many more brands and companies than I ever knew existed, and one of the best things is if you add something to one of your lysts and it’s out of stock, you will also be alerted via email when that item comes back in stock, or even if one of your choices goes on sale – which is super handy if you have your eye on something specific.

If you love fashion and discovering new things, I’d highly recommend you check out!

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

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It’s Norwich Fashion Week!

Posted on March 8, 2015

Hi Guys!

Forget London Fashion Week, it’s now Norwich Fashion Week!! 😀

The fun kicked off on Thursday evening with the opening Retailers catwalk show, where local companies sent the best of what they had to offer down the catwalk. I was very excited to have VIP tickets and hopped along to the show with my BFF Laura. In the VIP area an amazing thing happened, I tried a glass of wine and I ACTUALLY LIKED IT. The bar were serving coffee based alcoholic drinks, but I don’t like coffee, so I reluctantly went for a wine, knowing I wouldn’t like it either, but then some sort of magic happened and I drank the whole glass without grimacing! It was a revelation! I contacted the lovely guys at Grey Seal Coffee who kindly let me know the wine was Lynton White from local Mark Lynton, so I need to track it down now.

Anyway I digress, the show was fantastic as expected, and it was great to see a mixture of bigger and smaller companies represented on the catwalk. I’ve included some of my favourite looks below –



The boys all looked fabulous, of course. I loved the sleek suits from House of Fraser.


I just knew I’d love what House of Fraser had to offer for the ladies too – and I did! There were some fantastic floral prints coming down the catwalk, and the most beautiful pleated skirt.


And lastly Jarrold, I loved all of their looks, with lots of spring pastels, clashing prints and fun accessories – check out that holo clutch guys. I was really impressed.

…Fast forward to this afternoon (Sunday, in case you’re reading this later) I headed into the city again with Laura for the second scheduled show – the Vintage Show held at Norwich Puppet Theatre. The Puppet Theatre was a bit harder to find – thank God for google maps – but we got there in the end, and it was a complete contrast to the previous retailers venue. Hosted in a converted church, the Puppet Theatre was the perfect setting for the Vintage Show, we sat on an old style theatre, watching the models from the front row. I loved the intimate yet relaxed atmosphere, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the show… but we’re a bit surprised by the ending though!

Here are a few of my favourite looks and collections –


The Frock Spot showcased some amazing vintage wedding dresses – my favourite was the tea length satin number on the far right – beautiful!


I also fell in love with this exquisite 1950’s evening dress from Retreat Vintage. It was covered in the most beautiful intricate beading.


I should also mention that the Vintage Show had an oriental theme, there were some fantastic oriental style looks on show.


And there were undies! I loved the contrast of lace and rubber – very 50 shades! I’d never heard of Proudlock & Harry before, but they’re a boutique lingerie store on London Street, I’ll definitely be giving them a visit!


And the show ended (rather surprisingly) with a burlesque dancer. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite prepared for her. She was literally right in front of me, gyrating and spinning and she was just AMAZING. I was mesmerised! (She had some nice undies on too!) I’m afraid I don’t have the name of this burlesque beauty but I’ll add her link when I find out!

So far we’ve had a fantastic time, there are two more main shows to come next week so keep your eyes peeled for another post! xxx

Forgotten Fashion Brands of the 90’s…

Posted on December 15, 2014

Hi Guys!

Whilst chatting away on Twitter the other evening, I started talking about ASOS, and that I remember when it was originally As Seen On Screen – I wonder how many of you remember those days? They used to copy celebrity looks and you could search for clothing by celebrity. This is what their site looked like in 2000!

Screen shot 2009-10-19 at 23.35.35

This took the conversation onto other brands of our youth, and I also realised that next year it’ll have been 20 years since I started high school – arrrgh! I do love a bit of nostalgia, so on the back of this I thought I’d gather together some of the best forgotten brands and products of my youth.

If you grew up in the 90’s like I did, why don’t you take a little trip with me down memory lane…

Lets start with Global Hypercolor colour changing tshirts… these were simply magical. Who needed expensive gadgets and computer consoles when you could watch your hot and sweaty areas change hypercolor tshirt

School bags looked like this…  I managed to lose the key for the lock from my Head bag and had to cut it open with scissors, oops.

head bag 90s

They also looked like this…

nike 90s school bag

Or this… I had a bright orange World Dance record bag!

technics 90s record bag

And you carried your P.E kit in one of these… (or possibly an orange Jane Norman rope handle bag?) Anything else was not acceptable.

90s river island bag

We had Pod and Kickers school shoes. Those rubber soles didn’t last long though!

pod and kickers 90s shoes

Spliffy jeans and Jackets… The baggier the jeans the better, preferably black. Must have the little spiffy figure embroidered on the bum or don’t bother.

spliffy logo

Naf Naf and The Sweater Shop we the most coveted labels of the early nineties… I never owned either!

naf naf

the sweater shop

Adidas Poppers… Say no more.

adidas poppers

Jeffrey Rogers and Bay Trading were the shops to go to on a Saturday…

bay trading

As were these…

90s fashion logos

Chipie Trainers… These were the first ‘fashion’ trainers, that I can recall not being from a sport brand. I remember it like it was yesterday, seeing the beautiful silver leather pair in my mums Freemans catalogue. Of course I wasn’t allowed them 🙁

chipie 90s trainers

Kangol accessories… Hats, shoes, scarves, bags. I had a Kangol pencil tin. You needed that kangaroo logo on your outfit somewhere.

kangol oasis hat

Massive Fila American style basketball trainers… I had white Fila trainers and a blue and black Fila coat 😀

fila 90s basketball trainers

On that note, did anyone have a pair of these?? (Fila has had a bit of a resurgence lately, check them out on ASOS)

90s fila heels

This brings me on to Spice Girls style Buffalo platform trainers…

spice girls platform boots

Back to ‘normal’ trainers now… Hi Tec’s or Nicks if you were not so well off or if your parents hated you (mine did) and Reebok Pumps or Nike Air Max if you were A GOD.

nike air max

reebok pumps

Tommy Hilfiger was everywhere… That red, white and blue logo was instantly recognisable. The only Hilfiger that the kids round my way wore came from the Sunday market though. Not quite the same thing!

tommy hilfiger 90s

Kappa tracksuits… Those two thoughtful looking silhouettes sitting back to back became the emblem of a generation – and ‘ Kappa slappers’ across the country. I love the Vicky Pollard parody!

kappa vicky pollard

Massive Helly Hansen coats that made you look five times bigger than you really were… They also cost a fortune.

helly hansen coat

Helter Skelter bomber jackets and record bags… All the cool kids were into happy hardcore in the early to mid nineties; Helter Skelter, Dreamscape and World Dance were the names to wear. Somehow this branded clothing was the height of cool… even though it all came from the Sunday market.

helter skelter bomber jacket

(I had this Dreamscape poster in my bedroom)

dreamscape poster

I’ll leave it there for now, I could go on! Other brands worth a mention though were Joe Bloggs, Pepe jeans, Stussy, and Paul Frank. Let me know if you think of any more!

We didn’t have mobile phones, or internet (except in school) and we definitely didnt have social media. God I loved the nineties. I wouldn’t change a thing!

If you liked this, you might also like my Must Have Beauty Products From The 90’s post! I hope this brought back some memories! xxx

My Favourite Prom Dress!

Posted on July 28, 2014

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Hi Guys!

Today New Look have asked me to talk about prom dresses! I didn’t even hesitate when they asked me, I love prom dresses! The last prom (we called it a ‘Leaving Do’) I attended was when I left sixth form, many years ago. Ok it was 12 years ago, eek! I couldn’t find any photos (phew!) but I remember I wore a floor length strapless fitted gown made of shimmery peach coloured taffeta. It was amazing – at the time! Hey it was 2002, don’t judge me! 😀

There weren’t and still aren’t many options for posh frocks where I live, the basic idea was you were expected to wear a full length gown, so I went to my local frock shop and I remember hating everything. When I saw the peach dress I thought it was ok, then I had a seamstress fit it properly for me and I loved it!

My latest prom dress experience was at my wedding last year. I had an amazing Justin Alexander wedding dress but was concerned about ruining it by either dropping food down it or ripping the train at the evening reception with everyone drinking and things getting a bit lary! So I hunted for what seemed like forever to find the perfect vintage prom dress. I looked everywhere I could find online, ebay, etsy, you name it. I was even looking at US sites and considering importing one. Then I just happened to be wandering round my local town and strolled into a shop I’d never been in before, it had a small selection of vintage clothes at the back, and there it was – the dress! It was an original 1950’s turquoise blue calf length prom dress, with a fitted body, circle skirt and sequinned netting. It was perfect, and obviously meant to be! I bought it straight away wore this for the evening party with a pair of ASOS holographic shoes to jazz it up a bit 🙂 I loved wearing this dress so much, it’s perfect for dancing in!

To celebrate how prom dresses, styles and looks have evolved over the decades. New Look have put together a mini interactive graphic…

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

Pre-Summer All Weather Look

Posted on May 14, 2014

la redoute jacket outfit

Hi Guys!

I thought I’d put a little outfit look together for you today – and yes I know what you’re thinking, there’s nothing on the bottom half. I didn’t forget! My leg-wear of choice for this look would be a simple pair of black leggings. I did add them to the pictures but it just didn’t look right in the photos, so you’ll have to visualise they’re there!

I was trying to put together a look that suits the weather at the moment, I don’t know where you are but it’s been raining one minute here, then sunny the next. So the point of this outfit is a kind of all weather, pre-summer look.

la ferdoute jacket primark

I’m completely in love with this La Redoute Biker Style Blouson Jacket in Navy. It’s made of top quality faux leather, but really looks the part, and the best thing is it’s on sale at the moment and only £38.50, what a bargain!

The blouse underneath is my Nasty Gal Nude Sheer Blouse, purchased last summer. This top is so chic with it’s floaty volume and mini gold pyramid buttons. It also has a cut out section on the back which you can’t see. I’m yet to wear this but I’m hoping to bust it out this summer!

Of course no outfit would be complete without accessories! I’ve added a gold tone Primark Necklace, with some of my favourite Vita Fede Titan bracelets, and a stunning transparent bracelet with a gold tone lock I was gifted by a friend.

vintagde bag

My bag, I’ve had for years. This gorgeous cream quilted leather chain bag is vintage and was purchased from a local charity shop many moons ago.

ting ting boots

And finally these Ting Ting Fashion Mid Calf Buckle Detail Boots finish the look off – I know the buckles are silver and I did question them matching the rest of the outfit, but I quite like the contrast of the two different metals 🙂

I hope you like my look! I’d love to hear your thoughts xxx

OOTD – Vintage Dress Up

Posted on May 6, 2013

I’ve been feeling a bit ill lately with a cold, so what better way to cheer myself up that dressing up! I love dressing up, it instantly makes me feel better! This is a red vintage dress from the 1980’s with a sheer mesh panel on the chest and gold studs on the arms, with a vintage gold tone necklace. (p.s my new camera is on charge, better pics will be coming soon!)



OOTD and Competition Win!

Posted on March 24, 2013

Last week I was so excited to find out I’d won £130 of makeup in a competition from RVB Cosmetics, an Italian cosmetics company. I won the RVB Color Therapy New Classic Lip and Nail collection, which consists of 5 lipsticks and 5 nail polishes.


The lipsticks are numbered 1-5 (in order above) I haven’t tested them yet but number 5 is definitely my favourite at the moment. The cases feel of good quality, fingers crossed the lipsticks will be good quality too!


I love the nail polish colours, again numbered 1 – 5, I though as I was going out last night I’d give the polishes a test!


I was in a rush so only had time to do one coat, you can see the colours are very pigmented and opaque, I would have preferred two coats but think I just got away with one!


(also note to self, paint nails after putting on jewellery!)


I wore my new River Island (ebay) aztec jacket, vintage quilted bag and lots of jewellery!



Hope everyone has had a great weekend! xxx

Amazing Charity Shop Haul!!!

Posted on March 14, 2013

Ok so to start with I was already having a pretty good day, firstly Thursday’s are my day off work, and secondly I had an email this morning saying I’ve won £130 of makeup in a competition! Yippee! I’ll do a post all about it when the parcel arrives. So as it’s my day off I usually take a stroll into town and browse through the masses of charity shops where I live. I’ll often come home with something I like, and just as often I’ll come home empty handed. But today, today was exceptional. Take a look at the gems I found…

This printed silk shirt is very similar to the pink one I bought last week, and came from the same shop.



A gorgeous maroon mini dress with cute button details.


A bright neon pink Topshop cardigan.


A pretty beaded top.


A lovely grey jumper with an iridescent green sequin peter pan collar.


A large white envelope clutch.


New jewellery, 50p each, what a bargain!


And this most amazing digital print dress! It’s an H&M Trend dress from last year, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s all mine!!!


This little lot cost me about £25, what a bargain! 😀

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