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April Degustabox Review!

Posted on May 1, 2014
april degustabox review

Hi Guys!

So today I’m going to tell you about my April Degustabox! April’s box was pretty awesome I have to say, it included lots of snacks for when you’re on the go which is really handy, and some cooking chocolate which I know I’ll make good use of! I’ve already devoured the Lindor bars, mini rolls, crisps and rhubarb drink, I’m trying to hold back and save some of the other things! My favourite was definitely the Linor Chocolate Bars! 🙂

So here is a rundown of the goodies…

CRABBIE’S – Ginger Beer Drink

To give Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer its uniquely refreshing taste, we blend steeped ginger and the finest exotic spices for up to 6 weeks. And we’re just as creative with our other varieties. Our Strawberry & Lime flavour fuses zesty lime with scrumptious strawberries, and we use real Scottish raspberries in our raspberry flavoured alcoholic ginger beer.

LINDT – Lindor Treat Bar x3

Lovingly created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, Lindor allows you to melt away into a moment of pure bliss. Now you can enjoy blissful moments anywhere you go with the Lindor 38g Treat Bar.

CAWSTON PRESS – Rhubarb Drink

We think there might be room in your fridge for a better soft drink. One with better ingredients, without preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners. It’s time to love sparkles again.

CLEARSPRING – Miso Soup On The Go x2

Miso soup on the Go is as simple as just adding water. Rich in satisfying flavour, low in fat and full of concentrated goodness. Ideal for a quick and healthy lunch or a light but satisfying snack. Each miso block is freeze-dried, locking in all the nutritional benefits.Vegan friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone.

GO SPLASH – Go Splash water flavour

Go Splash™makes water exciting and helps you to create your favourite drink without adding sugar and lots of calories. Each pocket sized bottle flavours 6 litres of water and doesn’t need refrigeration. Wherever you are; simply squeeze the preferred amount of Go Splash™ in your water and enjoy it your way!

KEOGH’S – Atlantic Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar Crisps

Keogh’s Farm is a family owned and run potato growing and crisping business based in North County Dublin, an area famous for producing Ireland’s finest potatoes.

MCVITIE’S – Jaffa Cakes Mini Rolls

Grab some zesty mischief this summer with our scrummy new mini rolls! Individually wrapped, you can now pop our mini rolls in your freezer and enjoy frozen as a light, refreshing summer snack.

DR. OETKER – Fine Cooks Chocolate Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

The Dr. Oetker range of Fine Cooks’ Chocolate has been specially created for baking to ensure you achieve great results every time. Our Extra Dark Chocolate contains 72% Cocoa Solids which melts beautifully, and delivers an intense, rich flavour.

MORNFLAKE – Superfast Breakfast Pots x2

Enjoy a delicious bowl of cereal on the go, with new Mornflake Superfast Pots! Mornflake Superfast Pots become a ready-made bowl of cereal by adding a splash of cold water and come complete with a handy spoon.

What a fab box for only £12.99 including delivery hey!? If you want to sign up you can do so here and make sure you use code: RVUJE for a £3.00 discount! xxx