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Get Summer Ready Feet With Scholl!

Posted on August 3, 2014


Hi Guys!

When the lovely peeps at Scholl offered me this amazing School Foot Spa to try out and tell you all about, I literally jumped at the chance! I’ve always fancied a foot spa but never actually bought or tried one, so I was so excited when this arrived! Apart from the lovely foot spa the box also includes everything you need to get gorgeous summer ready feet!


The foot spa itself comes in white and bright pink, it has bumps in its floor so you can rub and massage your feet, and a bumpy roller in the centre with a section where you can clip in a pumice stone that’s provided if you wish.

Scholl recommends to ‘remove any old nail polish and soak and exfoliate using the Pedicure Foot Spa’ – pretty straight forward! This amazing spa completely relaxes the body, softens skin and also prevent cracked heels and calluses too.


Scholl have also included a handy pedicure kit, so you can preen your toes to perfection!

  • Pumice Stone – to keep feet soft
  • Mechanical Rolling Massage – to revive tired feet
  • Nail Brush – to brush away dirt and impurities
  • Nail Cleaner & Cuticle Stick – to eemove dirt from under the nails
  • Bamboo Cuticle Pushers (x2) – to push down your cuticles
  • Cuticle Scissors – to trim cuticles with
  • Toe Separators (x2) – to give yourself the perfect pedicure


Ahh look at the bubbles! This spa also has a built in function to keep the water warm, so you don’t have to keep getting your feet out and changing the water. This was such a lovely treat for my tired feet, I can’t recommend this enough if you’re partial to a spot of relaxation and love pampering yourself!

The Scholl Pedicure Foot Spa is £29.99, and available from stockists nationwide including Argos and Boots.

Scholl also offer loads of other goodies for keeping your toes fresh and pretty including a Nail Beauty Set and even an Manicure & Pedicure Centre for professional salon results, so make sure you check them out!

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx