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Christmas: The Net-A-Porter Ultimate Beauty Kit

Posted on November 18, 2016


Hi Guys!

I just happened to be browsing the Net-A-Porter site today and noticed this rather amazing set on sale. It’s not an advent calendar as such, in fact it’s much better as it contains 32 products rather than 24 or even 12.

The Ultimate Beauty Kit is described as an expertly curated set including 32 cult-favorite products covering makeup, skincare and hair, from top brands such as Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry Beauty, Sunday Riley and many more.

The kit contains 16 travel size and 16 full size products – now I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty amazing really. When you look at the price of other luxury advent calendars, and consider that the majority of the products included are travel size, they make this looks like an amazing deal. I’m currently waiting on confirmation of which products are full size, and the size of the travel sized ones too, so as soon as I find out I’ll update the info below.

Here’s a list of everything that’s included – I’ve also added links to the individual products in case you want to look at them in more detail:

Ok so I’ve now got all the prices and details of which are the full sized products, and I’ve worked out that you’ve got about £574.98 worth of beauty goodness here. I mean how amazing is that!!

If you missed out on a luxury advent calendar this year, I’d definitely recommend checking this set out. You can purchase the Ultimate Beauty Kit for £150 now at Net-a-Porter.

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

The Weekly Top 5 #5

Posted on May 10, 2015

the weekly top 5 no 5

Hi Guys!

I hope you’re having a great weekend? I went out for a very rare night on the town last night, and ended up sleeping in all morning, oops! I had the best time though, and it does make me wonder how I used to do it every weekend when I was younger, I’m knackered today! I really needed it as haven’t had the best week. My anxiety has flared up again, seemingly out of nowhere and I’ve been feeling pretty rotten, so last night was just what I needed to help me feel like me again! I also decided to cut my hair off before I went out, as you do – I’ll have a post on that later in the week! So here are the things I’ve been loving this week…

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (£85) I’ve been really really good and haven’t bought any beauty products for a while now, ok except for a couple of bits from MAC’s Wash and Dry collection, but apart from that, I really have been restrained. I then happened to notice that Sunday Riley’s Luna Night Oil was on pre-order at Space NK, now this really has been top of my wish list ever since I read Caroline Hirons rave review, so I decided to treat myself! If you haven’t heard of it, this oil is described as ‘A next-generation retinoid oil to reduce pore size, improve appearance of damaged skin and help fight wrinkles.’ It sounds AMAZING – I’ve only just started using it and I’m loving it so far, I’ll save the details for my full review which will be up in the next 2-3 weeks.

La Montana Candle in First Light (£35) This beautiful collection of candles are inspired by the founders’ new life in a Spanish mountain village – so if you’re a fan of the Mediterranean, you’ll be sure to like these scents. The First Light candle is described as ‘A unique, intoxicating blend of wild, aromatic mountain herbs: fennel, bergamot, rosemary, mountain pepper, and rockrose.’ This is La Montaña’s signature fragrance, representing the scent of their new mountain home. This candle has a beautiful scent that’s comforting yet fresh, I’ve been burning it all week and my house smells divine.

Skins. My latest Netflix obsession. I watched Skins when it originally aired on TV in 2007, and I guess I kind of forgot about it till I noticed it last weekend when it popped up on my Netflix recommendations. I’ve literally been watching it all week, it’s really additive! If you haven’t seen Skins, it’s basically a teen drama with lots of drugs and sex, and a good helping of comedy. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new series to get stuck into!

Dirty Works Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads (£4.00) These sweet little eye pads arrived only yesterday morning, and I’ve already used two sets! The box contains 10 sets of pads – which are printed to look like cucumber slices, and they’re infused with cucumber extract and aloe vera to soothe and cool the eye area. I popped mine in the fridge before using them so they felt amazingly cool and comforting on my troublesome puffy eyes. After 2-5 minutes you’re then left with a brighter and rejuvenated eye area!

ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (£32) I was actually surprised with now much I loved this product. I’m usually a medium to full coverage kinda gal, so tinted moisturisers are not something I would automatically reach for. I was sent a sample to try though, and even though you don’t get much coverage – as expected, this tinted moisturiser leaves your skin with a really healthy looking glow. I actually love it! If you’re after coverage then this product won’t be for you, but if you have decent skin and you’re just looking to even out your complexion and add radiance, this is definitely worth trying. I have the two lightest shades Nude and Blush, which both worked fantastically well on my fair skin tone.

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx

This post contains press samples

Ten Beauty Brands I Want To Try in 2015

Posted on December 28, 2014

beauty brands i want to try 2015

Hi Guys!

Well we’re now approaching the end of 2014 and I’ve been looking through all the amazing products (and some not so amazing) that I’ve tried out this year, and I realised there are still quite a few big brands I haven’t had the opportunity to try out yet. Whether it’s simply due to price, availability or any other reason I just haven’t got round to buying them. So I fought I’d put together a wish list of all the brands I’d really like to get my mitts on in 2015…

emma hardie

1. Emma Hardie. I’ve heard so many good things about Emma Hardie Skincare, it’s pretty expensive though so I’ve never gone ahead and bought anything. It turns out luckily I didn’t, as I was recently informed of a Grazia magazine subscription offer where they were giving away an amazing Emma Hardie set when you signed up, so of course I signed up straight away! I’m afraid this offer has ended now but it’s always worth keeping an eye out, some sub offers really are fantastic deals! I’ll write up the full details when the parcel arrives!

sunday riley

2. Sunday Riley – a not so well known, high end brand, which has recently been thrust into the limelight after Zoella’s mention of their Good Genes Treatment in her October Favourites Vlog. And I have to say Good Genes does really sound pretty amazing (as does their selection of face oils pictured above) but at £85.00 a bottle, ouch! This goes beyond the category of luxury skincare and firmly into the ‘probablyonlyifIwinthelottery’ category for me. That said, I would really like to try some Sunday Riley products out next year, so we’ll see… *reminder to self – must play lottery*

nyx cosmetics

3. NYX Cosmetics. Ahh finally an affordable brand I hear you cry! Well NYX has actually been on my radar for a while, but they don’t seem to be stocked in any chemist or department store or ANYWHERE near me! Arrgh! I know the predicts are really inexpensive, but I’d preferably like to try in store before I buy. Their Butter Glosses are top of my hit list so I need to find out where they’re stocked asap!

kiko water eyeshadow

4. Kiko Cosmetics. Ok so I do actually already own a Kiki Water Eyeshadow, pictured above, but I haven’t got round to using it yet – bad blogger! Kiko offer a massive range of affordable cosmetics that look and sound pretty special. I’m hoping to take a trip to their store next time I’n in London – fingers crossed this will early next year, so please let me know if you have any other recommendations for me!

trilogy products

5. Trilogy Products – this is another brand that I’ve been aware of for a long time, but I haven’t actually had a chance to try any products out yet. Trilogy is what I’d describe as ‘fairly expensive’ with prices starting from around £12.50 for a lip balm, up to £30+ for anti ageing products. I really like the sound of their Rosehip collection and their Replenishing Night Cream sound like it’s perfect for my dry and dehydrated skin. Again if you have any recommendations please let me know 🙂

zoeva brushes

6. Zoeva Brushes. Zoeva officially make the most beautiful brushes I’ve ever seen. With sleek black handles and rose gold finishing, what’s not to love!? I actually gave a set away last year, so I got to have a good look at them, and they really were the most amazing brushes I’ve ever seen. My mission for 2015 is to own my own set! (Zoeva has also recently released a new rose gold complete eye brush set… it will be mine!)

zoeva mixed metals palette_edited-1

7. Zoeva Cosmetics. On the subject of Zoeva, with their main focal point being the superior brushes they offer, their cosmetics often get over looked. They don’t have the biggest range of cosmetics on offer but they do sell some really lovely looking eyeshadow palettes, the Mixed Metals one above looks right up my street!

lorac pro palette

8. Lorac Cosmetics. Lorac are another brand famous for their fantastic eyeshadow palettes, namely the Pro Palette, and more recently the Mega Pro – which contains a massive 32 eyeshadow shades. Lorac is rarer than rocking horse poo in the UK, as there are no stockists here. It’s also not stocked at Sephora, and their US site doesn’t ship internationally – handy! You can however, purchase from Amazon, but it isn’t cheap. And when I say it isn’t cheap, I mean it’s crazy expensive!! I would really love a Lorac palette though, but only if I can somehow get one at a decent price.

marc jacobs beauty

9. Marc Jacobs Beauty. Another brand that we can’t get in the UK! Gah!! Marc Jacobs’ fairly new beauty line just looks amazing, the products look sleek and luxe in their glossy back and high shine silver packaging, and I just really can’t wait to try a few things out. I don’t even know what I want to try because all the products look so good! Marc Jacobs beauty is available from Sephora though, so I might treat myself for my birthday in June 🙂

bite beauty

10. Bite Beauty is another US brand available from Sephora. They sell a massive range of lip themed products, including lipsticks, glosses, lip liner, lip scrub and lip masks – everything your lips could ever want or need! Again I have no idea which product I’d actually like to try, except lipsticks of course! I may throw a couple in with my next Sephora order and see!


11. Kat Von D. (Ok so there’s actually eleven brands!!) I saw this Monarch Eyeshadow Palette on the Sephora site last year and was instantly attracted to the beautiful warm tones – it was love at first sight. Kat Von D is also famous for her foundation and lipstick ranges too, all of which are also on my wish list. The Monarch Eyeshadow Palette is currently $46.00 / £30.00 so it is on the expensive side… but it’s so pretty I really have to have it!

NB – a few of these brands, plus many others, are available at Roses Beauty Store, which is a UK importer of US cosmetics, I’ve used them before to purchase my Anastasia Contour Palette when it was out of stock everywhere, so I know they’re alright! They are expensive though, but if you’re desperately after something you can’t get your hands on in the UK, it’s worth checking out their site, and you can also make special product requests too 🙂

I’d love to hear which brands or products you’re hoping to try out in 2015?

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx