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Must Have Beauty Products From The 90’s!

Posted on February 12, 2014

Hi Guys!

Following on from my Girl Crushes of the 90’s post, I thought I’d continue the theme and reminisce about some 90’s beauty disasters of the must have beauty products of my early teenage years. So without further ado let’s start with the perfumes…


Ahh Charlie Red. Everyone wore Charlie Red. I remember my friend coming over to get ready before youth club, clutching her Safeway carrier bag full of her mums old makeup (orange lipstick and blue shimmer eyeshadows) so we could glam up and get ready. We covered ourselves in her Charlie Red, it was a must have in the mid 90’s!


Everyone had Charlie Red but really wanted CK One, if you actually had CK One though you were considered posh or stuck up because it was so expensive!! (But we still all wanted it) I asked for it for Christmas ’95 and ended up with…


…Fusion by Faberge. Not quite the same is it. I think this was classed as a unisex fragrance like CK One, but this smelled more like mens scent. My auntie bought me this from Woolies bless her 🙂

Next up – makeup!


You were no one, and I mean no one unless you wore Heather Shimmer by Rimmel. Nuff said.


Lip liner at least three shades darker than your lips was also very popular, a la Posh. Luckily I didn’t try this!


Nude lipstick was in too. But it either had to be full on shimmer as above, or seriously matte, preferably the same shade as your foundation or lighter so you couldn’t actually see your lips. I remember using concealer on my lips, it was a good idea at the time!!


Pale skin and dark lipstick in general were the looks to go for too. Another favourite lippy was Black Cherry by Rimmel, which looked very much like what Drew Barrymore is wearing above.


And I couldn’t forget – BODY GLITTER! We used to chuck this stuff on like there was no tomorrow before school discos! It started off as kind of a slimy gel with glitter in it, then I remember upgrading to a spray on glitter which was for hair too, woo hoo!


Blue mascara – it never looked as good as this though. The packaging would always imply a bright blue, but it was usually a dark / murky blue at best without much pigmentation. Also clear mascara for school, as makeup wasn’t allowed at all.


Speaking of mascara, who had hair mascara?? Own up! I did! A metallic blue one! It made you hair nice and colourful… and crusty.


Moving on to hair, everyone wanted to be a spice girl, and wanted Geri Halliwell hair. My friend and I thought bleaching our had was way too ‘mainstream’ and coz we were so much cooler than that and ‘individual’ we decided to dye the front of our hair purple. So kind of like Geri Halliwell, but better obv.


Hair crimping / curling / kinking. My friend had some crimpers, I actually loved using them as I have fine hair it always gave me good volume, plus it was totally in yeah?


The ‘Rachel’ cut. Everybody wanted the Rachel cut (note the hint of Geri Halliwell front highlights there too) but not many people could pull it off. I for one didn’t bother trying.


And lastly, Sun-In! This stuff was like magic in a bottle, you simply spray it on your hair before blow drying and the heat activates the bleach or whatever it was, to give you gorgeous, natural looking gradual highlights! Amazing! Except it made me a bit ginger. When people at school asked about my hair I insisted it was natural and just highlighted by the sun, and they were like ‘but it’s a different colour…?’ I still insisted my hair was natural…

What memories of the 90’s do you have? Any beauty disasters you’d like to share…? Also let me know if I’ve missed anything out! xxx

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