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Celebrities and Bloggers Without Makeup!

Posted on June 20, 2013

You may have seen this news article doing the rounds a couple of months ago, and this more recent one from the Daily Mail showing porn stars before and after makeup. Me, being a girl, thought this all looked pretty normal, and, you know, high five to the make up artist for doing such a good job. My other half on the other hand, was horrified.

‘What? You mean porn stars don’t actually look like that in real life? You mean they have spots and blemishes and greasy skin and stuff like normal people??’

…Yes dear, they do, because they are normal people…

The same goes for celebrities, I don’t know about you but I love nothing more than a papped photo of a pasty skinned-pizza faced film star to brighten my day.

Katie Perry No Makeup

Would you have recognised Katy Perry? I wouldn’t!

Mariah Carey No Makeup

Mariah Carey looks completely different.

Rihanna No Makeup

Rihanna still looks gorgeous without makeup.

Tyra Banks No Makeup

And Tyra Banks has uneven skin and a pretty big forehead going on!

I think it’s just so refreshing to see the proof that these gorgeous polished celebrities are real people too. They are not perfect, and I think a lot of people forget (especially men) that makeup these days covers a multitude of sins, it can completely transform a face into something new, and photos in magazines are pretty much always photoshopped.

So, just for a bit of fun, I asked other bloggers to feature in this post by sending me a picture of themselves before and after makeup. It’s interesting to see that some people really look similar, and some – like me, look completely different. Enjoy!


Kirstie from http://www.ayellowbrickblog.com / @KirstieLouiseS


Ayesha from http://misstinksbeauty.blogspot.com / @MissTinksBeauty


Emma from http://fabheadtotoe.blogspot.co.uk / @FABHead2Toe


Saffron from http://www.saffrontintedglasses.blogspot.co.uk / @saffy_duck


Angelica from http://www.angelicadiscovers.com / @BeautyBloggerA


Amy from http://amyjanealice.blogspot.com / @amyjanealice


Heather from http://heatherssway.blogspot.co.uk / @HeatherLeanne_x


Megan from http://emmiegee.blogspot.co.uk / @emmiegeeblog


Laura from http://fashionfor21.blogspot.co.uk / @FashionFor_21


Claire from http://stylingo.co.uk / @StylingoUK

Blogger makeup before and after

And finally me!  (I’m @tsncblog in case you wanted to follow me too! – I’ll also be blogging shortly to show you my makeup stage by stage let you know which products I used)

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear your thoughts! xx