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Skittles Vodka – Taste The Rainbow!

Posted on May 19, 2014

skittles vodka

Hi Guys!

As you can tell I’ve got something a little different for you today, I’v been making my own Skittles Vodka! If you haven’t heard of it before, just look at the picture above, it literally is as simple as chucking a load of skittles in some bottles and topping up with vodka, simples! 🙂

skittles vodka ingredients

All you need is:

  • Four large bags of Skittles
  • One litre bottle of cheap vodka
  • Five clear bottles with lids
  • A pair of tights (these will be disposed of at the end)
  • A funnel and a jug

separated skittles

Firstly, you need to separate all the Skittles into different colours,

how to make skittles vodka

Put each colour into each bottle and top up with vodka. The fact that this cheap vodka smells and tastes like nail polish remover is irrelevant, when you’re done no-one will ever know!

flavoured vodka

Give the bottles a shake and you’ll see the Skittles instantly start to dissolve. Basically the vodka breaks down the Skittles and strips out the flavour, this process also leaves a by-product, of which I have named ‘scuzz’. The scuzz will float to the top of the bottle as it is essentially the vegetable fats (hydrogenated palm kernel oil) and whatever else the skittles are made of. You’ll need to give the bottles a vigorous shake at least once a day to help the Skittles dissolve fully.

skittles rainbow vodka

After a few days the Skittles will be completely gone and you’ll have a nice layer of coloured scuzz floating on top of your vodka. You need to get rid of this, the easiest way is just to stretch some tights ove a funnel and use this as a sieve. Try not to touch the scuzz if possible as this stuff is completely gross, it might look fun and smell nice but it has the consistency of lard, and will stick to your skin like grease. Actually go on, touch it, I dare you. You’ll see what I mean!! Ewww.

skittles scuzz

(FYI – close up scuzz) Looks harmless enough right? Do not be deceived! This stuff is evil!

rainbow vodka

So that’s it! Once you’ve removed the scuzzy Skittle lard you have five gloriously flavoured vodka drinks ready for consumption! Drink with a mixer though, oviously, like lemonade. You can see a bit of the scuzz did slip through in some of mine, especially the red – I’d recommend doubling up the tights when straining to prevent this. Lesson learned for next time hey! I’m also going to get some more vodka to dilute these down a bit so they’ll last longer I think. Just be warned though, this will make you realise the type of ingredients sweets are made out of, and may possibly put you off them for life. But on the plus side you will literally taste the rainbow with these amaze drinks – what could be better than Skittle flavour alcohol!? I’m saving these for a friends party where she will no doubt be wowed and amazed by my beverage inventiveness! 😀

I hope you enjoyed my post xxx