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NastyGal Sale Haul!

Posted on September 22, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today I have an awesome NastyGal sale haul to show you! These bits arrived a couple of weeks ago and I totally forgot to photograph everything to show you until now! NastyGal has to be one of my favourite stores, and when I say favourite, I mean I can happily waste away hours filling up my ‘tote’ with their awesome pieces. Unfortunately I never get to actually shop there as they are located in the US, I think the last time I bought from them online was a few years ago as shipping costs always put me off.

Then, last month they had a massive sale on, up to something like 90% off I think! So I thought it was about time I stocked up on some ‘essentials’ 🙂

I got some really good bargains – be warned though, I did receive a bill for import fees, luckily I made such good savings on the items to start with that I didn’t mind the fees so much. As I understand, you won’t always be charged fees, it just depends if your parcel is checked when it arrives in the country. I wasn’t aware of the fees as I’ve bought things internationally before and never been charged!

Anyway, here are the bits I bought! (I won’t link to everything as some items are sold out now)

trimmed cut out blouse

camilla tweed jacket

electric laced peplum top

infinite stud tote

This has to be my favourite item – the ‘Expensive Habits Clutch’ which is actually by Betsy Johnson, it was originally £56.42 down to £28.21.

expensive habits clutch

let it rock ring crystal plains necklace

sun spike necklace flash cat shades

Do you shop at NastyGal? I’d love to hear about your purchases!

I hope you enjoyed my post! 🙂 xxx

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