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Neoprene Warehouse Premium Floral Dress OOTD!

Posted on November 28, 2013

Hi Guys!

Today’s outfit is this gorgeous premium floral print dress from Warehouse! The dress is made of neoprene – if you haven’t heard of this you may recognise the term ‘scuba’ dress. It’s called this as the material is the same used for a scuba diver’s wet suit!

I love scuba dresses! Neoprene a thick material which holds its structure and shape which means the fabric falls well and is very flattering. Even though this is a floral dress I think it’s great for winter as the material is thick – I’ll also be pairing this dress with thick black tights on nights out!

warehouse floral dress

warehouse premium floral print dress

warehouse dress review ootd

Are you a fan of neoprene / scuba dresses?

I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx