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Oliver Bonas Home Accessories Haul!

Posted on November 29, 2015


Hi Guys!

I hope you’re having a great weekend?

I must admit I have gone a little bit crazy lately with buying home and photography accessories. I’ve been hitting my favourite online stores like a woman on a mission – and I haven’t left anywhere empty handed! I also still have most of my Christmas shopping to do too, oops!

I live not far from Norwich in a small town, and unfortunately we don’t have many decent shops at all, so I always do my shopping online. One of the first online stores I hit was the fantastic Oliver Bonas. I absolutely love this store, their aesthetic is just so me. They sell a massive range of products including home accessories, stationery, jewellery and even clothing.


So firstly, how could I resist these copper wire 3D letters, to spell out TSNC!? I thought these would make fantastic background accessories for my photos, I’m over the moon with them! And I know copper is everywhere at the moment, but I love it!


I also picked up a gold framed hanging glass terrarium, just because it was so pretty. I’m not gonna lie, I had to google what a terrarium was… so for those not in the know, it’s basically a glass container, traditionally used for displaying minature plants inside. One side of the terrarium has a space left free of glass so you have easy access inside. I wasn’t really sure what I’d put in it until I saw some copper string lights on the site – yes I know more copper! I thought I might play around with these as a photography accessory, putting them in the terrarium and wrapping them round things. I’ll see how it goes.





And you know how I feel about stationery… well I bought two more notebooks that I don’t really need. They’re just so awesome and bright! I also grabbed a lovely set of three coloured washi tapes – I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet but at least I have some now for when I’m feeling creative!


And lastly, I also picked up a multi coloured paper chain, this is such a simple yet effective idea for adding a bit of colour to a wall, shelves or anywhere you like really.

I’m over the moon with all my goodies, and if you haven’t heard of Oliver Bonas before, I suggest you check their site out now as they have a sale on 🙂

So what do you think? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

Katie Leamon Luxury Cards & Stationery + Discount Code

Posted on May 8, 2015


Hi Guys!

Stationery has always been one of my major loves, I actually used to have recurring dreams as a child about a fantasy stationery shop that had wall to ceiling pens and pencils, and I had to climb up a ladder to reach everything, it was amazing! I also remember as a child going to the supermarket with my parents on a Friday evening and I’d always pester for a treat, which would usually end up being some sort of eraser or gel pen set, this was just heaven to me! These days though, I like to think my taste is slightly more refined. I have a fancy Filofax leather organiser and I’m quite partial to a posh pen and notebook too, and now I’ve got my mitts on these gorgeous new goodies…


This is the new Monochrome collection from luxury card and stationery designer Katie Leamon, and it’s just gorgeous! I have a polkadot notebook, zig-zag gift wrap and tags, and a selection of greeting cards to share with you today.

The brand Katie Leamon launched in 2011, it’s a reflection of Katie’s love of typography, stationery and vintage curiosities, and it aims to deliver beautiful designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia. The products are simple yet stunning, and I love that they’re predominantly hand printed using individual rubber stamps on top quality papers and cards – this means each product is unique and you can really see the human touch in the finish that runs throughout the brand.

This beautiful new collection features gold-foiled typography designs, monochrome patterns and hand printed, original illustrations. I can’t tell you how much I love everything! The notebook is probably my favourite though (I must admit I do have a bit of a notebook fetish, but that’s normal right??) It’s just so simple and to the point, with such a high quality finish, I think anyone would love it. The greetings cards all come with simple phrases such as ‘Thank You’ or ‘Hello’ leaving you to personalise the inside of the card yourself. I’m also a fan of the recycled paper envelopes that contrast well with the monochrome patterns.


The Monochrome collection starts from £3.50 for a greetings card, and Katie Leamon have also kindly given me a discount code for you guys, you can get 10% off your order with code: TSNC10, this will run for one week from 08/05/15 – 15/05/15.

I’d love to hear what you think of this stationery? I hope you enjoyed my post xxx

This post contains press samples