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Cosmetic Surgery… do you dare?

Posted on October 31, 2013

Hi Guys!

If you’re like most people there’s bound to be some part of your body you don’t like. I can literally name things from head to toe on my body that I’m not happy with. Would I ever go under the knife though? Absolutely not. Firstly I’m completely terrified of hospitals. When my little boy was poorly lasy year and I found out we had to take him straight to the hospital I pretty much had a panic attack there and then! If that wasn’t bad enough I’m also petrified of needles. Give me spiders, give me creepy crawlies, snakes, rats, bats, ghosts and ghoulies, but mention the phrase ‘blood test’ and I’ll pass out at your feet.

So for these reasons alone, the thought of major surgery out of choice does not appeal to me. Maybe I’ll change my mind, maybe I’ll reach 50 or 60 and everything will have gone south, I’ll be tucking my boobs into my waistband and I’ll feel brave enough for a bit of a nip and tuck. As well as that, seeing scary surgery pictures and horror stories on the internet does not exactly inspire me!

In the spirit of halloween (see what I did there?) here are some people with fabulously scary masks! …Yes I’m being sarcastic! Ha ha!






(Seriously though, these are pretty scary! I imagine these pictures are a lot scarier than anything you’ll see out on Halloween tonight!) 😀

In the mean time though, the only thing I would actually really like to have done is thread vein removal. This is a non-surgical (less scary) procedure. It’s not a major operation at all, I know this because my mum had terrible varicose and thread veins and she had them removed a few years ago. I’ve inherited a few unsightly veins from her that I would really like removed, SK:N Clinics offer straight forward removal of these by laser or injection. I would really love to have this done but in the mean time I’ll just have to cover them up with thick tights or makeup!

SK:N Clinics also offer many other non invasive procedures such as Microdermabrasion, Skin Peels and Laser Hair Removal. I’d be interested to hear if any readers have experienced their services?

Today’s post is brought to you in collaboration with SK:N Clinics. I hope you enjoyed it, happy Halloween!! xxx