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Paper Themes Wedding Planner Review

Posted on July 4, 2013

The lovely guys at Bloggers Needed sent me this beautiful Wedding Planner book by Paper Themes Bespoke Stationary to review. Boy do I need a wedding planner! Ideally an actual person, a nice lady, to tell me what to do, what needs paying for, arrange things, book things, organise my wedding, organise my life, and then fetch me a large G&T at the end of the day.

Alas this is just a book, without beverage fetching capabilities, but it’s the next best thing to an actual person running around after me! I am so disorganised. (notice the ‘so’ is in italics there emphasising the fact that I really mean it?) I really am so disorganised, I’m getting married in September and I’ve only just sent the invites out, they should have been sent out months ago, oops!

Anyway back to the wedding planner! Firstly, it comes in a lovely glossy black gift box, it would make a lovely gift for a newly engaged friend.

Paper Themes Wedding Planner Box

The planner itself is a cream and taupe coloured hardback binder. It has a pretty heart design on the front, it has a quality, textured feel to the cover and fabric along the spine.

Paper Themes Wedding Planner Review


Wedding Planner

The planner is then separated into sections – Getting Started, Guests and Stationary, Wardrobe, Wedding Day, Gifts, Contacts and Notes.

Wedding planner Getting Started

Looking through the planner, and thinking of everything I have actually planned, and yet to do, I can’t see there’s anything missing! I like the fact that there are notes and prompts throughout to point you in the right direction, they’ve also included some plastic pockets to put bits and pieces in.

Wedding Organiser Review

I think this is a lovely, pretty and useful planner, I’m definitely going to make good use of it!

I hope you guys enjoyed my review! More wedding updates to come shortly!! xx

This post contains a sample provided for review