My Amazing Wedding Day!

Hi Guys!

So here I am on the other side! The wedding has finally happened! After a whole year of planning and build up, and stress and craziness it’s now over! Now back to reality for me as Mrs Kenyon!

We had the most amazing day though, it was so much fun! I’ve collected a load of my friends photos so I can talk you through the day 🙂

I stayed at Bluebell Barn the night before the wedding in their amazing Elysium Suite which had gorgeous French furniture, a chaise and a roll top bath, it was lovely! Unfortuantely I didn’t get a chance to use the bath, and I don’t have any pictures but you can see what the room looks like on their site. My bridesmaids met me there on the morning of the wedding to get ready and my dad then picked us up to go to the ceremony room!

The wedding ceremony was just outside Banham Zoo, in a lovely oak beamed ceremony room. We decorated the room with multi coloured paper pompoms and origami flowers. The ceremony room was on the first floor so I had to go up a flight of stairs to get there, I was so nervous about tripping over my dress going up the stairs! (Luckily I made it up in one piece!)

Here’s my dad walking me up the aisle 🙂


Ollie and I posing for photos!


We decorated the ceremony room with coloured paper pompoms.


We then had photos outside the ceremony room and the Zoo train picked us up for a ride around the Zoo!



Check out the origami paper flowers – I’m so glad it didn’t rain!!

Justin Alexander 9690 and origami paper flowers

Nosey Llamas!!


After more photos in the Zoo, we went over to the hall for fun and games! The entertainment was awesome, we had hula hooping, balloon animals, limbo and donkey space hoppers!


This is the amazing cake my auntie made!


Ollie and I cutting to cake – nobody knew it was a rainbow cake except me so it was a lovely surprise for everyone!

Rainbow wedding cake

My friend Sam (a prize wining cake baker don’t you know!) made some amazing macaroons and cakeage goodies too, we provided goody bags and told guests to help themselves!

Pastel rainbow macaroons



Our lovely rings! My engagement ring is vintage and was actually originally from ebay, I since had it adjusted to fit. My wedding ring was from a local store and Ollie’s was from Aurum Design in Norwich (I’d highly recommend them for reasonably priced wedding rings). If you’re looking for vintage diamond engagement rings make sure you check out too.


I then changed into a 1950’s blue sequinned prom dress for our first dance. I’ll link the Youtube video to our first dance song below.


And this one kind of sums up the end of the night! My necklace was from Sugar and Vice.


So it’s all over and done now, I am sad as it was such a fun day, and I totally felt like a princess!! But I’m also glad it’s over in a way as I found wedding planning really stressfu! The professional photos should hopefully be with me in the next couple of weeks so expect another blog post with these in soon! In the mean time I’ll also be blogging specifically about my dresses and accessories with some more detailed pictures! And one last thing… I’m selling pretty much everything from the wedding, so please get in touch if you interested in anything or would like to make an enquiry! 🙂 xxx

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14 thoughts on “My Amazing Wedding Day!

  1. Donna

    Michelle, you looked stunning! So glad you had an amazing day – and that the rain didn’t arrive to ruin your lovely paper flowers! Loved your dress…well, both of them, actually! The reception/party looks like it was lots of fun! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kenyon! 🙂 xx

  2. kirsty

    You look beautiful and I love all the different elements you had to your day. I got married last year and it just whizzes by. your flowers were lovely x

  3. hannacornish

    Absolutely loved reading this post, you look gorgeous! The dress is beautiful, I hope you had a lovely day. The song is beautiful, it’s sending shivers down my spine as I write this! Such a fun theme for a wedding too, wish you all the best xxx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  4. Stacey

    OMG your dress, your flowers, your cake (inset like a million heart shaped emojis)-it looks like such a fun and perfect day!!


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