Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask Review

Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask Review

The Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask* sounds to be exactly what I need right now. It’s recommended for stressed, fragile or sensitised skin types – and I can currently check all of these boxes!

Here is a little bit about the mask –

‘This innovative mask is designed to rapidly target redness, dehydration, loss of firmness and signs of premature ageing.

Experience a Dr Bragi treatment from home with this fabric mask, delivering the highest concentration of patented marine enzymes, ensuring outstanding results in an instant. The skin appears plumper, smoother and brighter ideal for a pre-party rejuvenating boost.’

Click here to find out more about the science behind Dr Bragi’s patented Marine Enzymes.

Dr Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask

How to use –

Use once or twice a week on cleansed skin. Open out the mask and, using your fingertips, place the mask onto the eye contour, carefully smoothing it down to fit the rest of the face. Relax for 10-15 minutes, then remove. Wipe any excess with a tissue. Use before bedtime for optimal results.

So this is what it looks like!

Dr Bragi Mask

Scary I know – you should have seen me with it on! My other half said I should go outside and scare the neighbours! I will save you the trauma of seeing me in the mask and just tell you a bit about it instead –

It was really easy to unfold and put on, you just place it on your face and start patting it out from around the eyes. It is unscented and is pretty wet with the enzyme ingerdients. Then just leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes and relax – which I did!

I took the mask off and my skin definitely felt softer. There was a slight residue left from the mask which was easy to wash off. I felt pampered and my skin felt clean and fresher. This is definitely a great product to use at home for instant skin hydration! xx

You can buy the mask from the Dr Bragi site here xx





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