Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel Fake Tan Review

Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel Fake Tan Review

Hi Guys!

This week I’ve been trialling *Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel from John and Ginger. I love a nice tan in the summer, I work in an office though so I always fake it. If you’re looking for a new fake tan product this summer hopefully you will find this review useful!

So here is some info on the product – The Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel is ‘a revolutionary Magic Tan – apply this clear, silky tanning gel and see your tan develop into a deep golden colour within 3 hours. Skin is left intensely moisturised with a luminous sparkly finish thanks to flecks of gold shimmer that sit on the skin. Xen-Tan’s fastest drying, longest lasting formula yet and with no guide colour means you can slip into your little black (or white) dress instantly. With a simply amazing colour, Luminous Gold is one of the best products yet.’

‘How to apply: For best results, apply Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel with a Xen-Tan Luxury Tanning Mitt. Apply to clean dry skin and for best results, exfoliate prior to tanning with Xen-Tan Body Scrub.’


  • First clear self-tan gel with fastest drying formula yet
  • Deep golden colour for a truly WOW tan
  • Non-sticky, silky formula is so easy to apply
  • Iridescent sparkle gives skin a dewy finish
  • Longest-lasting weekly tan in the range
  • Light tropical scent smells amazing
  • Paraben-free – ideal for face and body
  • Suitable for all skins types’

Xen Tan Luminous Gold Gel Review

So it all sounds pretty good hey! The only hesitation I had was the sparkle. I did have a slight concern that I would end up looking like a disco ball! – How wrong I was!

The Application… To start with, I applied the gel with my hands (rather than a mitt, as I don’t have one) and I was really surprised how quickly it dried! I was ready with the electric fan but didn’t need it at all! Also the smell is lovely, kind of tropical with a hint of coconut, and only the vaguest fake tan scent. The gel is clear, so you need to make sure you rub it in well and evenly, as it’s hard to tell where you’ve already applied except for seeing a bit of sparkle.

The packaging said the tan would develop over three hours, I think it actually took a bit longer for me as I applied around 8.30pm and didn’t notice a difference that night, I actually thought it hadn’t worked at first, I then woke up the next day and was like ‘WOW I’M BROWN!’ There was a hint of sparkle but it actually looked really nice! Here is a close up of my arm – (you will notice I’ve hidden my thumb… this is because I accidentally got it wet, so the tan went streaky – oops)

Xen Tan Review

The Results… The tan came out really nice and even except for my thumbs! I think this was when I was eating an apple and some juice dripped on my hands so I wiped them without thinking. If you check out my latest OOTD post here you can see the rest of me with a lovely golden tan! I have to say I’m so happy with the colour, it’s really natural and healthy looking. I have pale skin so it’s always a worry that I’m going to look too dark! I actually had people commenting at work saying I look well and asking where I’ve been out in the sun! Woo hoo!

I’d love to hear what tanning products you use? xxx




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