World Mental Health Day 10th October 2013

World Mental Health Day 10th October 2013

Hi Guys!

As you may have heard, today is Mental Health Day. The point of this day is to raise awarenss of mental health issues. There has always been a stigma around mental health problems, this is why it’s so important to discuss mental health and raise awareness.

As a sufferer of mental health problems myself, I fully support open discussion. I’ve suffered on and off with a bit of everything, including depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I think one of the hardest things is to firstly make sense of it yourself, then you have the second hurdle of trying to explain it to others. I could talk for a very long time about this, about my problems and how this has affected me and others. Instead though I would like to forward you to one of my favourite blogs – Hyperbole and a Half buy Allie. Allie has the most amazing way of creating cartoons, usually with herself as the main character. A couple of her cartoons explain her problems with depression. What amazes me is how they are written an illustrated so anyone and everyone can understand her feelings of depression.

depression xalt

Last weekend I actually wrote a rather long warts and all post about my problems, it felt good to get it all out and write everything down. I don’t really feel ready to blog about it yet, but I will tell you I’ve now finally managed to face my problems. I went to the doctors on Tuesday and explained everything. I’ve now started medication and I also had a blood test to find out why my hair is falling out. The cause could be anxiety or could be something physical such as my thyroid. So I actually feel a bit more positive now I’ve taken a step in the right direction ­čÖé

For those with mental health issues, and for those without, I highly recommend reading Hyperbole. Firstly┬áAdventures in Depression┬áand then┬áDepression Part Two. (images are all by Allie, sorry for borrowing them, I hope you don’t mind) Also make sure you check out her other awesome cartoons!

Happy mental health day everyone ­čÖé xxx




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