Awesome Novelty Christmas Jumpers!

Awesome Novelty Christmas Jumpers!

Hi Guys!

I remember the day when Christmas jumpers WERE NOT COOL. They were something your granny knitted you every year, and you had to pretend you were really pleased when you opened the parcel, saying ‘oh, thaaanks…’ through gritted teath. Then you had to wear said horrid jumper for the whole of christmas day to keep Granny happy. The offesive item would then be stashed in the back of your wardrobe until the next Christmas when you would receive a brand new one!

Oh how times have changed! These awesome, and sometimes ugly, novelty, knitted and comedy christmas jumpers are soo in! I’ve actually secretly loved them since being an adult 🙂 Now there are so many to choose from on the high street I’m spoilt for choice!

I’ve put together a wish list of some of my favourite Christmas jumpers from New Look’s massive selection!

christmas jumpersClockwise from top left –

  1. Black Sequin Christmas Tree Sweater
  2. Brave Soul Blue Ice Skating Robin Christmas Jumper
  3. Pale Blue Polka Dot Pudding Christmas Jumper
  4. Black Reindeer Light Up Christmas Jumper
  5. Grey Penguin Christmas Jumper
  6. Mela Red Reindeer Christmas Jumper

Do you love or loathe Christmas jumpers?? I hope you enjoyed my post! xxx




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