BassBuds Candy Fashion Headphones

BassBuds Candy Fashion Headphones

Hi Guys!

I don’t know about you but I absolutely can not travel without my iPod. On the rare occasion I forget it I just feel completely lost – music on the go is always a must for me! In the mornings on the way back from taking Fred to nursery I always play my flavour of the week song(s) really loud on my drive to work. Currently this is Chase & Status’ first album – More Than A Lot, and I seem to forget that people around me can hear me coming, I’m pretty sure they look around expecting a teenage gary boy in an overly-polished suped up car, and there I am bopping along in my knackered old Peugeot! Ha ha! And on that note – today’s post is a review of some awesome BassBuds Fashion In-Ear-Headphones in Candy which I have recently been trying out with my iPod!


If you haven’t heard of Bassbuds, here’s a bit more info about the company –

Luxurious aesthetics and noteworthy sound are the key elements that define BassBuds™. Created to deliver stylish music devices whilst maintaining tomorrow’s sound technology for today’s consumers; BassBuds™ has quickly cemented itself as a brand where form and function are both executed to the highest standards.

A partnership with luxury industry leader Swarovski and their ELEMENTS® collection adds the sparkling hallmark to these elegant earphones. Embedded into the back of the sound chamber the crystals add a touch of class to the BassBuds™ in earphones which are available in over 20 different colour combinations. Research and development continues to yield revolutionary initiatives such as the BassBoomz portable Bluetooth speaker, set to dominate the luxury travel accessories market.

bassbuds earphones

My Bassbuds earphones arrived well packaged in a surprisingly small box (considering everything that was inside it) Kind of like when you buy a new phone, you race to get it out of the box with all the accessories and paperwork, then wonder how on earth you’re meant to get everything back in! The headphones look fantastic and sound fantastic – sorry for my lack of technical knowledge here, I’ve only ever used the standard earphones that come with an iPod, so these are my only point of comparison I’m afraid. The Bassbuds earphones are definitely as good if not better than my iPod ones, and they come with a range of accessories so they fit like a glove. Bassbuds also come in a large range of colours to suit everyone’s tastes!

bassbuds pink earphones

I love that mine are metallic pink with some serious bling! 😀

I’d love to hear if you use Bassbuds? xxx




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