Chrysler Ypsilon Vice vs Virtue Cinema Challenge!

Chrysler Ypsilon Vice vs Virtue Cinema Challenge!

Hi Guys!

I had the most lovely day on Sunday, the weather was fabulous, which I totally wasn’t prepared for (I was wearing a cardigan and Ugg boots, oops!) and met up with my friend Claire in the fine city of Norwich for lunch, drinks, and some fun at the cinema!



I lured her out with the promise of fine food and drink and a special surprise cinema trip. We sat in the sun eating our lunch, having a few drinks and catching up – it was complete bliss! Claire asked me a couple of times what we were seeing at the cinema and what time we had to be there. I dodged her questions like a skilled politician. Little did she know we were actually taking part in the Chrysler Ypsilon & Stylist Vice or Virtue Challenge! Ha ha!

Chrysler have planned this fantastic campaign for the launch of their Ypsilon stylish 5-door city car. For those that don’t know – Ypsilon is actually the greek letter Y. The story goes that the trunk of the letter Y represents our youth and as we reach adulthood we make the choice of taking the path of either vice or virtue… and this is where the idea of the challenges originated from! Research by Chrysler Ypsilon has found that a number of us would love to take the route of vice, but life pressures and fears of what others may think is preventing us from being more daring. Chrysler Ypsilon has partnered with to launch the Vice vs Virtue campaign to encourage women to step out of their daily routine and Dare to be different!


  • Singing in public / karaoke (done it)
  • Asking for a pay rise (done it)
  • Travel or holiday alone (not done this one but it’s not something I’d be interested in)
  • Do a naked photo-shoot (noooo!!!)
  • Get a tattoo (done it)
  • Have a bikini wax (how very personal! not telling 😉
  • Getting a very short hair cut (I’d love to do this but I’m too scared!)
  • Ask someone out on a date (not done this)
  • Quit their job (not possible!)
  • Have cosmetic surgery (maybe one day!)

Everyone can join in the fun, so make sure you check out the challenges yourself!

So, back to the story. For the last time Claire asked me about the cinema – When did we need to leave? What were we seeing? Let’s just go I said, it’s time.

We arrived at the cinema and went to the counter. I asked for two tickets. Which film? The cashier asked. Whatever’s starting next! I replied. Oh yeah, we’re living life on the edge! 😀

Ok I know this is pretty tame, but it’s actually really fun just turning up like that as asking for the next available film. I loved stringing Claire along too as she had no idea what I was up to!

It turns out we got tickets for Godzilla. Now this would not have been my first choice if I’d had one. Probably not any choice actually. But we bought the tickets and went into the viewing. And the film was totally awesome! Edge-of-your-seat, pee-your-pants awesome! It was only a 12 rating but we were hiding our eyes and jumping at the scary parts, we had so much fun!

So that was my first challenge, there will be more to come!  Make sure you check out the challenges yourself and use the hashtag #Ypsilonvice or #Ypsilonvirtue on Twitter if you decide to take part as there are loads of prizes to be won too!

Keep an eye out for my next challenge coming up soon! xxx





  1. Josie
    22 May, 2014 / 3:44 pm

    That burger looks immense! I actually really want to see Godzilla haha x

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