First Look – MAC Pedro Lourenco Collection | Mini Haul & Swatches

First Look – MAC Pedro Lourenco Collection | Mini Haul & Swatches

mac pedro lourencomac pedro lourenco haul

Hi Guys!

I know I know, another MAC purchase, don’t judge me ok, I’m an emotional shopper. Plus, it’s not my fault if MAC keep bringing out new collections… every single freekin week at the moment! 🙂

Anyway, I absolutely loved the look of this collection, it looks so sleek and glamorous! The Pedro Lourenco collection includes a selection of nude shades contrasting with bold and daring reds. The packaging is matte black, incredibly chic and the casings have a very NARS-esque rubberised finish to them. Combine this with bold gold lettering, it creates a very upmarket, luxe feel to the products.

It was tough to keep my purchase to a minimum, but with the imminent arrival of the Osbournes Collection, I had to restrain my spending. In the end I went for two out of the four lipsticks and both lip glasses.

So first up lets take a look at the lipsticks…

MAC peach beige reviewmac true red reviewmac pedro lipstick swatches

The Pedro Lourenco lipstick collection includes four new, limited edition colours. The collection includes one nude and three shades of red, which were all very striking in their own right. All four shades have an amplified finish, meaning they are solid colours, opaque and with a creamy finish. These are definitely my kinda lipsticks!!

Peach Beige is described as a light pinky nude. It’s a very light nude beige, with a fantastic opaque coverage. This lipstick felt moisturising and creamy, and it was really comfortable to use and wear. I personally think the colour would be pretty tough to pull off, it is very light. I thought this might be the case before purchasing and it kind of is, but not to worry, I plan to mix this with other lipstick colours to lighten them – watch this space!

True Red is described as a vivid bright coral red. It’s an awesome bright red-orange with a fab creamy consistency – oh I do love an amplified finish! I’m really into bright lipsticks and this is just prefect for the summer!

Next up are the tinted lip glasses,in Gold Mirror and Mirror.

pedro lourenco lip glasspedro lourenco lip glossesmac pedro lourenco gloss swatches

This collection included two brand new and limited edition lip glasses, one gold toned and the other silver. Both have a high metallic sheen and are, in my opinion totally unique, I snapped these up as I haven’t seen glosses like this before!

Gold Mirror Lipglass is described simply as a neutral gold. It’s what I would call a darkish gold (it’s by no means bright) with a multi coloured shimmer. The shimmering sparkles in this gloss are fabulous, I’m sure MAC couldn’t fit more in if they tried! It gives an amazing reflective sheen.

Mirror Lipglass is described similarly as a neutral silver. It’s a mid silver with the same multi coloured shimmer as the gold gloss. Just like the gold version, this has a fantastic high-shine, almost reflective  finish, I love it!

So that’s about it! I’m really happy with my purchases and I can;’t wait to start playing with them!

Did you snap anything up from this collection? xx





  1. Just Jesss
    10 June, 2014 / 10:34 am

    The packaging is lovely!! True Red is stunning, although they could have come up with a more interesting shade name..!?

    Jess xo

  2. Vanessa Wilson
    12 June, 2014 / 11:08 pm

    Utterly kicking myself I didn’t get to this collection…. the packaging alone is just stunning. Both the lipsticks you choice are gorgeous. I wouldn’t have thought much of Peach Beige in the bullet, but the swatch is beautiful. I’m not a fan of Mac Lipglasses, at least it saves me a few pennies. How crazy are the amount of collections at the moment, it’s making me broke!!!!

    Happy birthday again beautiful! Hope you’ve had a lovely day.

    Vanessa xxx
    The Other VW

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