Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 | Fragrance Review

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 | Fragrance Review


Hi Guys!

As part of my little Liberty order the other week, I purchased the Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 30ml fragrance. Molecule 01 has been on my wish list for quite some time, I found the whole concept of the fragrance rather intriguing so when the opportunity came up to try it, I couldn’t resist!

Molecule 01 consists of one single ingredient, ‘Iso E Super’. If you know even the slightest bit about perfume, you’ll know that every other perfume in the world is made up of multiple ingredients or ‘notes’, so Molecule 01 is really unusual to only have one ingredient. On its own it is described as less of an aroma than an effect – the wearer may notice a pleasant, subtle velvety-woody note which will vanish, then re-surface after some time, but more than this, she or he will notice the impact it has on other people. Well how awesome and unusual does that sound!?

“Molecule 01 lends an indefinable radiance to the wearer,” says it’s creator Geza Schoen. In fact, its effect is almost pheromonic.

Well there you go, PHEROMONIC. So basically I’m going to be covered in pheromones then within mere seconds dripping with men? Sounds great! (don’t tell my husband…)

So what did it actually smell like? Well as it’s supposed to smell different on everyone I can only tell you the effect it had on me. At first sniff it came across as quite masculine, but not in a bad way. I wouldn’t say I loved it, or hated it, but it was definitely very different to any other scent I own. I did notice it kept re-appearing throughout the day though, whereas your usual perfumes fade, this would suddenly pop up out of nowhere and I’d be reminded again that I was wearing it, which was kind of a weird but fun effect! Unfortunately I wasn’t a man magnet though but I guess you can’t have it all… 🙂

Molecule 01 can be purchased from Liberty for £38.00 for a 30ml bottle. OR I have seen on ebay that you can get exactly the same fragrance – as it’s only made of one ingredient – but without the brand name. And it’s super cheap, £6.99 for 50ml anyone? It’s definitely worth a look for that price! Take a look here. This seller also has other options and sizes available if you take a look at their store.

So what do you think? Have you tried Molecule 01? I’d love to hear what you thoughts if you have!

I hope you enjoyed my review xxx




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  1. anoushkaloves
    26 September, 2014 / 10:01 pm

    This was on my need to buy list over last winter and I still haven’t got it. I obviously didn’t want it that badly!!

    Anoushka xx

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